Endomorph Female On Keto (What I Eat)  + Upper Body Day!

Endomorph Female On Keto (What I Eat) + Upper Body Day!

October 6, 2019 5 By William Morgan

Hello my beautiful YouTube Family so
y’all we are about to go to Zumba class
I’m not gonna record like a whole bunch
for Zumba class just gonna show you how
like a little bit of it but um yeah um
so ah dang I don’t want second y’all I
forgot my water in the freezer yeah my
mom got to go to Bible study she told me
she expects me to attend after Zumba
so after Zuma class y’all I guess I’ll
be going Bible study oh yeah love you
know I love you more alright y’all so
yeah let’s go ahead and go to Zumba Class
good morning y’all so today we must
start off with some tea I’m gonna have
the bright mint storehouse tea organic
green tea y’all and so yeah I’ll talk to
y’all after I get my tea to family so
we’re about to start meditating I don’t
know if y’all can hear me because my
neighbor is boy in his yard but we’re
just gonna go with it so um yeah I have
my head that says good vibes it’s not
really my hat but y’all were just
friggin like it is okay
okay YouTube family so we are here
outside of the gym I have not lifted
weights consistently in a while a couple
of weeks because um well I’m a slacker
but y’all I’m really try my best to like
start like when I say I’m gonna do
something like actually do it and not
just talk about it oh yeah I could just
apply that to all areas in my life if
we’re gonna be honest but yeah we’re not
gonna go into that y’all but oh yeah so
we’re about to go into the gym today
it’s going to be my upper body day yeah
excited about that cuz I just don’t feel
my lower body cuz I’m having kicking my
butt y’all yeah
yeah I got my workout in I’m so proud of
myself boom y’all I’m literally starving
I need food in my system so we about to
go home and eat some food because food
is life food is important food is
everything like what are we without food
nothing alright y’all so first meal of
the day so I have two boiled chickens
y’all never made bored chickens before
so I mean
nor have I eaten them in a while so this
will be interesting um yeah I have some
hot sauce over there because how folks
just makes everything good I have two
scrambled eggs and I have some green
beans with salt and pepper because I
just want to show you all the good
amount of vegetable that I have going on
over here because sometimes I do eat
vegetables you know I mean shocker I’ve
been slacking all my vegetables lately
y’all so we go have to stop that eating
veggies that’s important hashtag health
today I am drinking water y’all but I’m
also drinking my sparkling ice cherry
limeade zero sugar drink it’s so good
this is my favorite flavor from them
y’all alright YouTube family so we are
in the car about to go to church and
then I’m gonna go to Zumba class yeah as
you can see I just got out of the shower
well yeah so um I really don’t know what
this thing is we’re having at church but
I’m only gonna save like 20 minutes
maybe 15 to 20 minutes and then after
that I’m gonna leaving hitch to Zumba
class but I mean if I record anything
I’ll show y’all like we both are going
to be walking in this like shocked
I guess our confused cuz
I don’t know what I’m doing I need to
family so when I got to charge y’all I I
guess I’m like running a little behind
so I mean I say my 15 20 minute show
they had to write badly sorry to leave
so I’m on my way to do the last alright
y’all so after Zumba class I still
haven’t liked the little church thing so
I went to that as you can see it was
very nice I enjoyed myself and the only
thing I had was watermelon there was
like pizza yo and all that stuff and
candy and all that greatness but only
had one piece of watermelon yeah so I
found myself well yah so we have made it
back here at home finally so if you are
new to the channel welcome to the fam
I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss journey
your girl is sharing everything we are
combining strict keto and lazy keto so
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week so you can’t expect a video from me
on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays to my
fantastic beautiful amazing YouTube
family thank you so much for us in this
video as always if you don’t hear it
from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next
video which will be Monday alright y’all
please have a safe weekend and yeah I
will see you on Monday I love you so
much byeeeeee : )