November 7, 2019 100 By William Morgan

Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATIONS channel!
Here we will upload compilations and give more background information about these videos.
Check our MAIN channel for our latest videos: YOUTUBE.COM/KLUNATIK
We filled these mini balloons with helium
But because they are so small, they didnt really float that well
We made these sound effects ourselves, ofcourse we didnt really eat the balloons to record this
But we tought the sounds where really nice on this video!
We have a lot of people watching our videos because of the sounds, also people who are into ASMR
Hmmm dipping the balloon in white paint
And after that in the sprickles, it almost looks like an icecream
It took about 5 days to create this video
First we come up with an idea and write it in a script
After that we draw the storyboard
After that we build the set and create the picture in photoshop
We had to watch a lot of youtube tutorials on how to make these foods with balloons
We started our Klunatik channel on May 2014.
We wanted to make funny weird and surreal videos in first person perspective.
We came up with the name klunatik because it refers to Lunatic: a person who is considered as mentally ill, foolish, unpredictable, or crazy.
We also wanted to create a channel with no language so everyone could understand our videos without translation needed.
The main character behind the camera is unknown, we never revealed its gender or age, it gives the channel a more mysterious vibe.
We get so many comments from subscribers want us to do a face reveal, or discussion on what gender Klunatik is, we think that’s really fun.
When we started our channel we had 2 videos concepts: person eating inedible items and feeding a Venus flytrap plant real food.
Because the first video with balloons was to popular we wanted to make some more
Our first upload ever was a video where we prepared and ate pencils, Charlie was not in the video yet.
It took a lot of time to make these eating videos, and because we could not live from YouTube
we decided to create shorter and simpler videos starring Charlie the Venus flytrap
eating random food or putting funny objects in its mouth.
We uploaded Charlie videos every week, and some videos whent viral!
This video was created on June 2018 and has been watched almost 9 million times
After two years of Charlie videos we had some extra time and decided to make some more klunatik eating videos.
We made a video where we pretended to eat soap and a video where we ate hair products.
The Klunatik eating videos got a lot more views than our old Venus Flytrap videos, so started to make as many as possible.
Yes, we have some sauce!
We uploaded a video called ‘eating a living mermaid’ on march 2016 that went viral and was the moment we could live from YouTube.
Because the fake eating videos where getting so popular we quit the Charlie videos.
The idea for this video came from a comment from one of our subscribers!
We thought it was sush a creative idea to eat an invisible meal
As you can imagine, the sounds are very important in this video
Do you know what we are eating?
Because of our older videos we still had a lot of Charlie fans so that’s the reason why Charlie is still in the background of our videos.
There was also a downside to our channel getting popular, there are a lot of people stealing and copying our content..
It is very demotivating if people stealing your videos or ideas you worked so hard on.
People where reuploading compilations of our videos, they where really popular!
People really wanted to see longer Klunatik videos in a compilated style, so that why we created this channel!
We also did some special effects to make it seem like the picture is eating