Easy Vegan Custard Sauce with Rose Water

October 10, 2019 0 By William Morgan

With a little variation from the classic vanilla
custard sauce, there is so much to love about
this simple eggless vegan version.
It is rich, creamy and delightful – enlivened
by the delicate aroma of rose water.
A good dollop of this crème anglaise, as
it is also known in French, will add a touch
of coziness, or glamour even, to your desserts.
We’ll be using this sauce in a few of our
future recipes, so we thought of featuring
it separately so that we can refer back to
this video when need be.
Start by mixing the cornstarch with a little
of the non-dairy milk in a small jug.
I am using soy milk today but coconut or almond
milk will also work.
Stir and mix well.
A pinch of turmeric is just enough to
add a golden hue to the sauce.
You won’t taste the turmeric at all.
Do not add too much though, as the colour
will intensify with the heat.
Keep this mixture aside for now.
In a saucepan, pour the rest of the milk.
Add the maple syrup or other sweetener of
choice to taste.
Add in the cornstarch and milk mixture.
Stir and mix well.
Turn the heat on low-medium.
Continuously stir to avoid the cornstarch
from making lumps.
The process is fairly simple.
However, the sauce requires constant stirring
on low-medium heat to avoid lumps.
Patience is key to making good custard sauce.
As the mixture heats up, it will start to
Keep stirring until you reach a rich smooth
Add the rose water and continue to simmer
while stirring for a few more minutes.
You can find rose water at a lot of major
grocery stores nowadays or you can also check
in Asian or Indian stores.
Rose water adds in a lovely floral note but
you can substitute with vanilla bean
or vanilla extract if you wish.
If you want a thicker sauce at this stage,
dilute a little more cornstarch in some cold
water first, then add it into the saucepan
while stirring constantly.
Never add cornstarch powder
directly into the hot sauce,
it will instantly turn intolumps.
Do not allow this mixture to boil.
The sauce is ready when it nicely coats the
spoon while still being of a pouring consistency.
Remove from heat and pour into a pitcher.
There are so many ways to serve this sauce,
warm or chilled.
Like you’ve seen in one of our previous
videos, this sauce is wonderful poured over
pancakes and crepes like these buckwheat crepes
with peach filling.
We also enjoy this custard over thick slices
of cake, something I’ve come to grow fond
of while living in the UK where pudding, which
denotes dessert in Britain, are almost always
savoured with lashings of custard sauce.
In any case, this sauce is very versatile
and you can simply serve it on its own or
over fruits for a quick dessert.
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