Easy Keto Sheet Pan Pancakes  | Keto Recipes

Easy Keto Sheet Pan Pancakes | Keto Recipes

August 6, 2019 5 By William Morgan

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. Today
I’m delighted to show you how to make these fluffy delicious and extremely easy keto sheet pan pancakes
The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is four point four to one with nine point five grams of total carbs
But don’t worry. Zero point nine grams is soluble fiber, three point eight grams is insoluble fiber,
resulting in four point eight grams of net carbs
Also, this version will include the strawberries and the cream cheese
topping as well as the maple flavored buttery syrup. To make these pan pancakes begin by preheating your oven to
170 degrees Celsius or
340 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need two separate bowls, one for the egg whites and one for the yolks.
Into the bowl with the egg yolks put a fine mesh sieve on top and then add your almond flour, coconut flour,
whey protein isolate, salt.
Then stir or whisk to combine the ingredients so that they will pass through the sieve and
be clump free
remove your sieve and stir the ingredients into the egg yolks and
add your melted room-temperature butter.
Stir to combine all the ingredients.
Add the heavy whipping cream and stir until the batter mixture is smooth and lump free.
Set the batter aside while you prepare the egg whites. This will allow the dry ingredients to fully absorb the liquids and
for the taste to infuse into the batter. If you’re using a stand mixer,
attach the bowl with the egg whites onto your stand mixer
then add the lemon juice and
then whip at high speed until the soft peak stage.
Then add the sweetener one tablespoon at a time until the egg whites are at a medium stiff stage.
Then retrieve your first bowl and add about one cup of whipped egg whites.
Stir these together to combine really well.
Next add half of the batter mixture into the bowl with the egg whites and fold
carefully for your pancakes to rise well and to maintain a fluffy texture.
Do not over whip or break the air bubbles in your egg whites. Once
this is blended, add the rest of the batter and fold into the whites.
For this recipe, I used a nine by nine inch or 23 centimeter square silicone pan,
But you can use a rectangular pen or whatever pan you have on hand
instead. Just a quick note though:
the pan you use should be relatively small. The bigger the pan, in other words the greater the surface area, the
flatter your pancakes will be. I have found that the nine by nine inch or twenty-three centimeters square pen gives me the nicest results.
Now that everything in the batter has been combined,
I poured the batter into the pan and dropped it a couple times to allow the batter to level off. Then I place the
strawberry wedges in rows, as shown. In a small bowl
I combined the room-temperature cream cheese with the whipping cream and sweetener.
I stirred well to form a thick creamy mixture, and after placing the strawberries on top of the batter I
spooned about one half teaspoon of this cream cheese mixture between the rows of strawberries. This
combination of strawberries and cream cheese mixture taste very treaty.
But what you add to the top is up to you. Other topping suggestions for your consideration are
things such as
raspberries, blueberries, or
even pieces of your favorite sugar-free chocolate bar, or even cacao nibs, or
mix-and-match any combination of these toppings. Be creative.
But remember that each topping will add its own set of carbs. On the other hand, you may prefer to enjoy these sheet pan
pancakes naked, with just the drizzle of the buttery maple flavored syrup. To make the syrup,
you simply melt the unsalted butter and, while the butter is relatively warm, add the maple extract
and sweetener. Stir to combine, and then use it as a regular syrup.
Even though I’m using a silicone pan for these pan pancakes,
I found it very helpful to line my pan with a strip of parchment paper
I simply measured the width and then cut a piece of parchment
so that it will extend over the two sides and fit snugly on the bottom. I
crease the bottom so that it will stay in position and fit snugly.
This makes for a nice crisp edge and a better looking finished product when everything is set.
Place the pan into the middle position of your oven and set the timer for 20 minutes. After the first 20 minutes of baking,
check by inserting a toothpick into the pancake.
If the toothpick does not come out clean set the timer for five more minutes
then test again, and if needed repeat one more time.
What you’re looking for is for the top to be a rich golden color and when you insert your toothpick that it comes out clean.
It took 30 minutes for my pancakes to be just perfect, however timing will be
dependent on the surface area of your pan and your specific oven. When the sheet pan pancakes are done,
take them out of the oven. Place them on your counter or
cooling rack and allow them to cool to room temperature in the pan. If you’re not going to use them right away
refrigerate overnight.
Leaving the sheet pan pancakes to rest overnight will bring out all the subtle flavors.
But if you can’t wait just allow them to get to room temperature, cut three rows along the length and three rows along the width.
Take a slice or two, pour the syrup on top, and enjoy!
Thank you for watching.
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