July 21, 2019 100 By William Morgan

hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another video today’s a little bit
special it’s my first meal prep video on
my channel leave me comments down below
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I stress so so much that the success of
my weight loss journey I’ve lost about
37 pounds so far it’s been accredited to
mill prepping and I show you guys what I
eat on when I do fast-food but I wanted
to show you what I usually eat during
the week I do have a traditional 8 to 5
job so I don’t have the luxury of
cooking on my mill so I wanted to show
you how simple and easy mill prepping on
keto can be so if you’re interested in
seeing this video and if you want more
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well as let me know the next meal that
you want me to make let’s go ahead and
get into the video so first prep this my
bottle for breakfast is just keep it
I usually either have coffee with some
cream so I can get some fat into my diet
or I just do some old bacon and eggs
I don’t usually change what I eat it’s
either bacon our eggs or sausage and egg
next I’m gonna be showing you how I make
my chicken for this week I’m going to be
doing buffalo chicken this week but you
can definitely do any flavor that you
like I personally love barbecued chicken
as well so I alternate between those
it’s super simple I love adding garlic
to any type of meal because I feel like
garlic adds flavor and makes it feel
like it’s more homemade and my sis news
of choice if you are someone that loves
buffalo wings like myself I would
suggest roasting the chicken first and
then brushing on the buffalo sauce that
will adhere to the chicken more for me I
didn’t really mind because I wanted it
to be really fast and I knew dumping all
the ingredients in the beginning and
just letting it go in the oven was
perfect because I wouldn’t have to worry
about it next is the cauliflower mac and
cheese now I do have a separate video
specifically on this recipe I will link
it here as well as put it in the
description box below I’m not gonna go
too deep into it in this video but I
usually like to have a protein and a
nice fatty side so my fatty side I mean
some broccoli or cauliflower or some
kind of good vegetable with either
butter or not fredo sauce or in this
case I’m making a cheese sauce I love to
make sure I cook my mill so that way
they’ll be done around the same time so
that’s why I went ahead and cooked my
chicken and threw my cauliflower mac and
cheese in the oven first because this
next meal is super easy it’s vegetarian
and most of the gradients come from HR
now I do love to make my homemade
alfredo sauce and I generally do
whenever I have time but I wanted to
show you that you can still buy jarred
pasta sauce or alfredo sauce and still
incorporate it in your diet and make it
super easy so that leave
have to worry about your meals for the
week this I’m just using some alfredo
sauce it’s about four five servings of
alfredo sauce and about two servings of
pesto sauce
I combined those together in a saucepan
and I’m basically just heating it up
this particular alfredo sauce was not my
favorite so I did want to go ahead and
finish it up so I did doctor it up a
little bit I added a little bit of salt
and pepper and some garlic powder and
that’s perfect to add it a little bit of
burst of flavor so it feels like it said
my homemade and next we’re going to be
spiraling zucchini I have in all-time
craving for pasta and this is my first
time trying the spiralized zucchini now
I tried eating it both raw and cooked I
prefer it cooked up with a little bit of
butter and garlic and add some salt and
pepper to it it just adds so much flavor
and I feel like I usually do that with
regular pasta so I wanted to treat the
zucchini as if it was regular pasta once
you cook up the zucchini and shrinks
basically half in size so what I did I
did end up adding some broccoli with
this meal just to add a little bit more
volume to this next is my dessert now I
am a big believer of having something
sweet sometimes at the end of the night
it really does curb my cravings this is
just some strawberries sometimes I have
it in the morning for breakfast too if I
want a little bit of sweetness with my
bacon and eggs but I decided to do
dessert with this one I just chopped
them up into small pieces now I will say
when I was chopping this up I did have
it for the whole family
so if you are mo prepping for just you
you only really need one container of
strawberries and I like to top my
strawberries with a little bit of heavy
whipping cream
sometimes I’m too lazy and I just like
pour a little bit of heavy whipping
cream on the actual strawberries if I
want to get a little bit fancy I have a
little bit of sugar-free vanilla syrup
that I put in my coffee I put a little
bit in my heavy whipping cream and I
whip it up but I know
got time for that so if you are a fan of
quick desserts strawberries and cream or
heaven pop it with a little bit of
cinnamon you’re good to go I didn’t show
you guys but I do have snacks I usually
have nuts and some kind of chocolate
I’ve probably been into the Lily’s
chocolate I have their caramel one right
now they’re caramel salted caramel it’s
definitely check them out I found them
at Whole Foods I believe they’re at
sprouts as well but don’t hold me to it
that is all for this video I hope you
enjoyed this meal prep series if you do
and want more of these videos on my
channel please let me know by giving me
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