Easy Keto Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

September 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Hey guys, welcome back
to Low Carb With Jennifer.
I’m Jennifer Banz, today
were gonna make my keto
beef and broccoli and I
think you’re wondering,
hey, what is the difference between
regular beef and broccoli,
that I would get at
a Chinese restaurant and
keto beef and broccoli.
Well, usually beef and broccoli
has a lot of sugar in it,
so we’re gonna use, of
course, a low carb sweetener
and it also usually uses cornstarch,
so I’m gonna show you how we replace that.
So, let’s get started.
(mellow music)
So, for our keto beef and broccoli,
first thing we’re gonna do,
is heat up some avocado oil
in a hot skillet, you
want it to be pretty hot.
I’ve actually got this
skillet on high here
and we’re going to cook our steak.
This is, of course, you need steak
for your beef and broccoli.
So, we’re gonna cook this
in a very hot skillet,
this is thinly sliced sirloin steak.
You could use, pretty
much any steak you want,
but, of course, cheaper steaks
are going to be tougher.
We cut these into this
slices, against the grain.
(meat sizzling)
And I’m gonna do this in two batches.
I’m gonna cook these until
they’re brown on both sides
and then I’ll do the second batch.
Okay, we’ve got both of our
batches of steak nice and brown,
so I’m gonna remove them
from the pan, onto this plate
and then we can start
cooking our broccoli.
So, we’ve got some broccoli
florets here and you know,
the smaller you make the florets,
the easier they’re gonna be,
or the faster they will cook.
So, we’re gonna cook these,
until they are fork tender.
It’s gonna take about ten minutes or so.
And if you wanted, you could
use frozen broccoli florets
and they will cook a lot
faster than the fresh.
Either way would work.
Okay, we got our broccoli nice and tender,
we browned it first.
Just because charred broccoli
tastes so much better
with a little bit of color on it.
And then we made sure
and got them fork tender.
I had to put a little
bit of water in the pan
and I put a lid on it, just
so they could get cooked
a little bit faster.
So, now, I’m gonna put
the steak back in the pan
and bring this all together.
So, we’ve got, with
our steak and broccoli,
our beef and broccoli here, oh.
I’m gonna add in some beef broth.
I’m gonna turn my heat back up.
I’m also gonna add in
some low carb sweetener.
This is Lakanto, it’s my
new favorite sweetener.
I like this better than
Swerve, it doesn’t have
much of that cooling
effect that Swerve has
and I really like it.
So, we’re gonna add, also, some soy sauce
and some garlic
and some ginger paste, you could make,
I mean, you could use fresh
ginger if you wanted to,
but I like shortcuts and
I like to use the paste.
So much easier.
So, now, we’re gonna thicken this.
Oh, it looks so good and
it smells so good already.
I’ve got my heat up, so we
want this to start to simmer
and I’m gonna add in some
Xanthan gum and we use that
in place of the corn starch
that would be used in
traditional keto beef,
I mean, not keto beef and broccoli,
traditional beef and broccoli.
So, we’re gonna add in our Xanthan gum
and this is one of my
favorite keto ingredient,
just it thickens so nicely,
you don’t have to use very much.
You can find it at Walmart,
in the baking isle,
but I bought a package of it a while ago
and it’s barely any missing,
because you only have
to use like, a teaspoon.
So, now, we’re just gonna let
this simmer and thicken up.
That looks really good.
Okay guys, look at this beef and broccoli,
it looks amazing, it’s super thick
and nice and coated with sauce.
It’s so nice.
I’m definitely gonna sneak a bite.
Let me get a little piece of
this broccoli and the beef.
It’s gonna be hot.
Let me get a quick bite here.
That is so good.
Okay guys, you can find
the recipe for this
keto beef and broccoli on my
website, Jennifer Banz dot com,
just go to, Jennifer Banz dot com.
And search for keto beef and broccoli,
or you could just click the
link in the description below
and I hope you guys make this
recipe, I think it’s a winner,
of course, since I made it.
And I will see you guys later, bye.
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