Dr. Stephen Phinney: Are there benefits of fasting, including autophagy and apoptosis?

November 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

these are hot hot buzzwords right now in
the research community there’s a lot of
research been done with basically animal
models and what we what people talk
about autophagy and apoptosis is
basically changing either you know
regenerating cells from aging cells
regenerating with with yeah it’s good
plate replacement cells and also the
cleaning system a cleaning system but
also cleaning up internal cellular
machinery particularly involving things
called mitochondria and mitochondria are
those little furnaces inside cells that
actually do the oxidative energy
generation that’s where oxygen is
consumed along with either fat or
carbohydrate to replace the high energy
phosphate ATP and creatine phosphate and
so that machinery constantly has to be
repaired and there was evidence that
periods of fasting can can enhance that
process there’s been less research with
well formulated ketogenic diets done
long enough to actually look at that and
again the turnover of cells and the
turnover of mitochondria that is how
frequently replaced is measured in weeks
or months not in a day or two and so
particularly for human you know to have
human specific results it takes
rigorously done studies and there aren’t
that many groups who have been able to
sustain ketogenic diets long enough to
really look at that and again stay tuned
because that’s an area where dr. Bullock
and his team are on the forefront of
doing that research yeah I think I’m
certainly not an expert in this area but
I think Otto Fei Jie can be stimulated
by reduced insulin and increased
glucagon inhibition of mTOR so it would
I know a lot of the research is in
and ketogenic diets tend to mimic that
from a metabolism standpoint in a lot of
ways so I would assume that you would be
able to get some similar benefits out of
doing it for a long time