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October 22, 2019 0 By William Morgan

No matter what you do, are you not losing weight? If so, keep watching.
Hello friends,
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If you are new to this channel, a quick introduction about me.
This is how I looked 7 years ago with 95 kgs of body weight.
I created my own diet plan, followed it and lost 30 kgs of body fat.
When I got to 72 kgs, my weight plateaued for years.
Last year, I was able to get to 65 kgs after breaking the weight loss plateau.
Over the last 2 months, I further lost 2 kgs and I am now at 63 kgs.
Should I more and reach my target of 59 kgs? Comment and let me know.
Today’s topic is 2 things that can sabotage your weight loss effort.
No.1 mistake is crash dieting.
When I am reading your comments, I see that some people hardly eat anything and are crash dieting.
How will it help with fulfilling your calorie requirements?
You may think that 400 or 500 calories is sufficient and you can reach your weight loss goal quickly.
Believe me, it never works.
I have tried that several times.
Even recently, over the last 2 weeks, when I was in keto, my hunger decreased and I went way below my daily calorie limit.
I lost some weight, but fell sick immediately.
Please do not do that mistake.
It is from experience I am telling you that if you do not pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat, you will end up undereating or overeating.
When you eat way less calories, your body will compensate by slowing the metabolism down.
It may work for the first time. The more you do it over and over, the less and less will it work to a point that it will stop working.
Even some celebrities have tried and advised against crash dieting.
The second mistake is not tracking/counting your calories and macro nutrients.
Approximation never works.
I have made that mistake and entered quantity incorrectly.
Use cups and measuring spoons or a digital weighing scale to accurately measure your calories.
Enter the measured details in a calorie tracker such as myfitnesspal.
Then there are good chances of the tracking being accurate.
Either you use your own cups and spoons and measure in the digital weighing scale, or measure using the standard cups and spoons.
Basic concept of any diet is calorie deficit.
Calorie in should be less than calorie out. Only then weight loss will happen.
Approximation never worked. Hence, I invested in these.
It helps to learn from my mistakes.
Try this before you comment stating that weight loss is not happening.
Track your calories and macros – fat, protein, and carbs.
Some say you can lose 10 kgs in 10 days; lose 1 kg a day of fat, that is a lie.
It is impossible to lose more than 1 kg of fat a week.
You can lose 5 kgs of water weight a week, but not more than 1 kg of body fat a week.
Let’s look at fat cells. If you cut calories, there is no dramatic effect on the fat cells.
Fat cell is regulated by insulin.
If you lower insulin by cutting sugar out, you will lose weight.
Starve your body not of calories, but of sugar to drop the insulin which forces your body to burn fat.
So, if you eat less, it does not mean you will necessarily lose weight in the long term.
I have provided links to relevant videos in the description box.
Keep carbs super low, protein minimum as well, but keep your fat high.
Keto and IF will work wonders.
This is how weight loss happens.
Do not go more than 1200 or 1500 calories and keep your meals lower than these total calories.
Today, we discussed about crash dieting/under eating and overeating.
We need to track our calories to know if we are overeating or under eating.
Another good to have product is a body scale.
All links are provided in the description box.
Nowadays, you get smart scale which measures water weight, fat and muscle percentages as well. They are a great investment.
I have both a normal scale and a smart scale.
I am sharing what I have used and what products are helpful in my journey.
We need to track food, fat lost and almost everything when it comes to weight loss.
I was sick, so was unable to post videos. I am back in action now.
Comment and let us know how your diet and workout went for the day. See you soon, take care, bye.