October 10, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– Hello, there.
We have some freezer cooking going down.
Little bit, c’mon there, pause music.
Freezer cooking, definitely going down.
What I am sharing with you is
my Feeding My Freezer
Freezer Cooking Challenge.
I am leading this challenge
live in this video.
Whenever this video comes out,
the live part of the challenge,
as far as the Facebook group
and me cheering the
ladies on and all of that,
sharing all the pictures and everything,
will not be happening.
However, I’m making the
challenge evergreen.
So you can still sign up for it now.
The link for that’ll be down
in the description below,
and what it does is it gently,
I mean, there’s a word, Jamerrill.
Let’s use that word.
It gently leads you through
five days of freezer cooking,
and by the time you’re
done, you’ll have 10 to 14,
depending on how you swing
it, meals in your freezer.
So you’re not doing it in
four hours or eight hours
or full day or two days.
It’s a little bit every day.
So on day one, we’re doing double dinners.
Now I gotta tell ya, I’ve got
a little over 4,000 ladies
who are doing this
challenge with me this week.
And yes, many of them stuck
to the Quick Start Guide
that you get when you sign up,
and they made double dinners,
which was just two lasagnas.
Several ladies have been so inspired,
they’ve been doing
lasagna and shepherd’s pie
and vegetable lasagna.
I mean, we’ve got all kinds
of different meals going down
because all I did was I
just gave ’em a little nudge
and they’re going to town.
There’s even been a couple ladies,
they’ve already done all five days.
They just started this
morning, they’re like,
“We’re just gonna do it all, yay!”
So it’s so fun to see all
their pictures and everything.
And I will share some of those.
You can go look over on my
Instagram as well for that.
But anyway, day one.
Double dinners, it’s lasagna.
Now for added fun, what
has happened to my oven?
The fuse blew.
Third time this has happened to me.
So all day I was thinking
I won’t put anything
in the slow cooker, won’t
get anything else planned out
because we will put, I’ll
do double dinners tonight.
We’ll have one lasagna.
I’ll put the other one in the freezer.
Wah wah wah, I forgot the other
day, fuse blew in the oven.
We have to order it, so I’m
gonna basically not have an oven
for a week while I’m doing this.
But I’ll remember now.
Tomorrow we will set out
something for the slow cooker.
So I had a bag of pot
stickers from Costco.
I’ll show you what those look like.
We had just picked ’em
up a month or two ago.
Yes, pulling stuff out of the trash there.
So I’ve put those on the stove just for,
gonna throw some odds and
ends together for dinner,
and then I’m going to
make two pans of lasagna.
I’m gonna show you that process now.
And so here’s what the Quick Start Guide,
whenever you sign up, you
get this Feeding My Freezer
Five-Day Freezer Challenge Guide.
It’s got the directions,
it’s got the recipes.
I’m scrolling through
quickly, it’s super cute.
And then if you look, down here,
it’s also got the grocery list.
So I have directions in there
for adapting or tweaking it
to adjust it for your family’s
size and dietary needs.
Got several ladies who signed up
who can’t do it live with me this week
and they’re planning to just
do it on their own next week.
So gonna be lots of fun.
Okay, so now we pause,
although the meat’s cooking,
there’s freezer cooking,
to work on appliances.
So appliance repair shop going down.
Okay, so Mr. Travis in
action, Benjamin’s back.
You had a nice walk?
You having your crackers?
Okay, I’ve gotta do my job.
Look at this, we’ve
got a stool holding it.
And now I’m going to use
this wonderful ground beef masher
that someone sent me.
You can also use a potato masher.
I usually just use my spatula,
but since someone took the
time to mail this to me,
I use it now.
Thank you, ’cause I would’ve
never done that for myself.
Okay, so we are preheating,
and look at that.
We have heat on the inside.
I’m probably gonna end
up making three lasagnas.
I can’t just make two, it’s hard for me,
but if you’re just starting
out doubling dinners,
just double your dinners.
Probably make two, and we’ll
do those for dinner tonight
and then I’ll put one in the freezer.
That will be sensible.
Pot stickers are done, and Gabriel’s like,
“Oh boy, lasagna and pot stickers.”
So that might be how it
really works out, we’ll see.
Okay, so I just went
live in my Facebook group
and also lots of you are
asking on the Facebook group,
that is just something I’m doing
for the challenge right now.
I cannot commit to running
a Facebook group long term.
I’ve had Facebook groups before
with a whole lot of people,
you can come in, it’s fine,
with a whole lot of
people and I always end up
having to, like right now,
one of the sweet ladies
who works for me who does various things,
big thing on her to do list this week
is she’s gotta help
moderate that Facebook group
and approve people.
And so Facebook groups,
they’re just one more thing,
kinda like, here I am
with my podcast equipment.
I think I’ve recorded six episodes so far.
I’ve started my podcast,
two different attempts.
And then something changes
or I wanna change something.
I have not got it off the ground yet
and honestly, I might never get it done.
I might have to do the 50
things I’m already doing
and do those well and just
not add another thing in.
What in the world is happening to me?
I’m 40 now, I’m thinking those thoughts.
Come on, Jamerrill.
So this meat is done.
We’re gonna add in our tomato sauce,
but I just wanted to say, I did it.
I went live in the Facebook group,
but I can’t keep it live the whole time.
I’m kinda checking in and out,
but let’s get this sauce in.
And I will say, I totally regret
getting rid of my old,
funky, 20-year-old can opener
because this can opener
now, I just gotta fight it
every time I go to use it.
It is not my idea of fun.
That’s for sure.
I don’t know if I said
this to you yet or not
’cause I’ve been going back on my phone
doing Facebook and Instagram,
but there’s the directions that I have
that people have followed
in the Quick Start Guide
and then there’s some of
us mamas who are just like,
2 1/2 pounds of meat, I don’t think so.
Here’s six, let’s just
quadruple this thing up.
So the directions to
make the two nine by 13s
call for 2 1/2 pounds of meat.
Oh, look, can opener
just worked on its own.
It must have heard me talking about it.
So I used seven pounds of meat.
I use a three-pound roll
of sausage I had, and then I used
four pounds of lean,
like 90, 10 ground beef.
And no, I have not bought
another cow yet, but I’m due.
I need to email my farm friends back.
They said they were gonna
have cows in September,
and I may have needed to sign up in July.
I need to do that.
I would love to get another
full cow in the freezer.
Just convenient, and it ends up being
the same price as getting
it from the grocery store,
only it’s a pure and holy cow.
And the cow we got last year
was grass fed and grass finished.
I did not taste anything.
I know some people have said
they do grass fed, corn finished
because there can be a taste difference.
Tasted like excellent
ground beef and steaks
and all kinds of wonderful
cuts of meat to me.
So maybe it’s just our grass
here in Shenandoah Valley,
I don’t know.
I think I’m out of oregano.
How can that be?
Okay, well, we’ll put some basil in there.
I won’t tell.
Yes, that will do, that will do.
That’s my Jamerrill measuring.
Get my ricotta and my eggs (mumbles) here.
Now some ladies are using
ricotta, some are omitting it
if it’s just something their
family doesn’t care for.
Some ladies are replacing
ricotta with cottage cheese.
I’ve even used sour
cream before if I had to
and mixed it up with the eggs,
threw some mozzarella in there.
No one knew, it all worked out okay.
(pleasant music)
You should never fill your
pans as high as I fill mine,
but I still do it and it still
works out fine at the end.
Okay, so here’s our two
lasagnas for dinner out.
Now we’re gonna serve these up.
Welcome back now to day two
of the Feeding My Freezer
Freezer Cooking Challenge.
You can see, I’m getting
my whole assembly line
set up over there.
So in the Quick Start Guide,
there are directions today
to make some egg bakes for the freezer,
and also blueberry pancakes.
Again, some of these
ladies have gone all out
and are doing additional breakfast items.
Some ladies already cooked for today
and some ladies aren’t starting
’til tomorrow or the next day.
It’s all gonna work out great in the end.
What I’m doing today, we are getting ready
to have five other family members
come and visit with us
for about five days.
So instead of feeding
nine, three meals a day,
we’ll be feeding 14 three
meals a day for five days.
So I’m going to use this as an opportunity
to get a bunch of breakfast
items prepped ahead.
We’ll probably use a lot of
this over the next several days.
So I don’t think they’re gonna
stay in the freezer too long.
What I’m doing is I’m mixing
up a big batch of pancakes.
I’m also gonna do waffles
and a bunch of french toast.
And tomorrow, I’ll be
out for most of the day.
I have two meetings to go
to and just some errands.
You know how it goes for
me, over an hour away,
over the river and through the woods.
So tomorrow, for the
Freezer Cooking Challenge,
is supposed to be freezer sandwiches.
I’m going to try to get those
freezer sandwiches done today.
What I’m working with here in front of me
is I have seven loaves of bread.
So I’m gonna make four loaves
into peanut butter and jellies.
That’ll give us 100
peanut butter and jellies
for the freezer, and then
I’m gonna make three loaves
into french toast, so lots of good things
going in the freezer today.
Here’s how my work area’s
getting all set up.
I got both the waffle irons
out, two griddles set up.
This griddle my mom had passed onto me,
and I’ve never actually used it.
That’s why it’s so sparkling clean,
but we will get that done.
So far today, Travis has our four
new Ikea chairs put together.
He’s working on his to do list.
And then over here, this new faucet
that we bought about a month ago.
He’s gonna try to get that on, too.
So we’re all getting stuff done.
(cheerful music)
So I’m thinking I might
actually scratch my waffle idea.
I was hoping to get my
waffle irons and stuff
set up over here, only
whenever I did that,
it flipped my breaker for
this side of the kitchen.
I mean, what, can I not have two griddles
and two waffle irons
and a fish tank and a TV
and all these things over here?
So moved my waffle irons over there,
only you know what’s happening
is I’m not able to hop to
that side of my kitchen
as quickly as I thought.
So I’ve lost a waffle
already, and I may just,
these pancakes are going quick.
So I may just give in
and just do pancakes.
Look at all of our pretty
happy pancakes here cooling off
and our two waffles.
So now I’m on to french toast.
French toast has been going really fast,
faster than pancakes.
Actually, I forgot to even
get my camera turned back on.
So I’m gonna get these
off, get ’em cooling.
Pancakes are completely cool,
and I need to get those bagged next.
This griddle’s been working great.
Again, this is one my mom had given us
and it just fit kinda
awkwardly in my cabinet,
so I’ve never taken it out
since she gave it to me and used it.
And so on my other griddle,
we can do eight pieces of
french toast at a time,
but on this one, I could do 12.
So that is nice.
I did not realize it was actually bigger.
Okay, so there was a loud buzzing outside.
Went and checked.
Our alarm is going off on our septic.
Country living.
We have our septic serviced every year.
It is fine, it has been fine,
even with a large family in the house,
but Travis went and checked on it
and the motor is apparently burnt up,
hot to the touch.
(child screams)
– Shh.
– Woo!
And apparently that’s
what you need happening
when you’re gonna have some
extra people at your house, too.
So I called the septic
company and hopefully,
they’ll be able to just get out here,
fast, quick, in a hurry,
get a new motor on there.
But if I’m out of breath,
that’s also what’s happening.
Say daddy.
– No daddy.
– No daddy.
Do you wanna say french toast?
– No toast.
– No toast.
Most things start with no.
Okay, get ready for amazingness.
I wanted to tell you
what you’re about to see
so you don’t think that my hands
just grew 10 times in size.
Travis is sitting down,
we’re gonna film him
making 75 peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches.
We’re using strawberry jam this time.
Here we go.
(gentle music)
So we are back today, it is Thursday.
Yesterday, on Wednesday, I did nothing
because Travis did those freezer
peanut butter and jellies
the night before.
I’ve got a bunch of fun kid cousins here,
so the noise level at our
house is even more than normal.
So if you hear an extra squeal,
that’s what’s happening there.
Right now, well, Daniel and
Benjamin have dinosaurs.
In the Quick Start Guide
directions for today,
it was to do two, three
to four-pound roasts
and to also do two bags of
the cilantro and lime chicken.
Four meals total.
I’m actually doing six.
I have my two roasts.
One of my roasts I have in my slow cooker
for dinner later tonight,
and then I did four bags of
the cilantro lime chicken,
one bag of the roast.
I could not find
(child screaming)
three to four-pound roasts.
Whoo, whoo, whoo!
Couldn’t find the three-pound roast
at Walmart this go ’round.
I think when I was doing
that recipe, it was based on
the fact that I had a
whole cow in my freezer.
So what I could find at Walmart now
were the one to two-pound roasts.
So I bought two two-pound
roasts, two one-pound roasts.
I’ve put ’em together in the bags.
So here are the four bags of
the lime and cilantro chicken.
And then here’s the one bag of the roast,
I’m gonna label all these
and get ’em sealed up,
and then these are our roasts for tonight,
and they’re just gonna cook
on high for many hours.
If you can get ’em in even earlier,
they can slow cook on low all day,
but I didn’t get ’em in
until about 11 or so.
Also for dinner tonight, I’m gonna do
a big thing of buttered green beans
and we’ll do macaroni because
kids, they won’t complain.
And then for lunch today, we’ve
got some beef taco leftovers
and I got a bunch of celery
in my Misfits Market box this week.
I already cut it and washed it.
The chickens loved my celery tops,
but I’m gonna do some cream
cheese celery for the kids, too.
Okay, future Jamerrill here.
You see what happened is,
I just shared with you the
Freezer Cooking Challenge
and everything we did
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
even though we did Wednesday’s
cooking on Tuesday,
and Thursday then my oven,
mm-hmm, yes, that one.
Same oven that totally died on me Monday
that Travis fixed for the fourth time
and we were able to get the lasagnas done,
that oven then died
again for a fifth time.
So I was like, okay, we’ve
been here over three years now.
Travis has fixed up this
oven multiple times.
Sometimes he can fix it himself.
Sometimes we have to order
a fuse, which takes a week.
I need an oven, you all know this.
We need working ovens, we
need what we need, okay.
So with the oven, I juts could not finish
what was cooking on Friday.
I also had the oven dying and
stuff happened with my septic
and family coming that week.
I had a lot of things collide.
The awesome thing is, though,
and you can click the
hashtag over on Instagram.
And just, moms from all over.
We had over 5,000 moms doing
this freezer cooking challenge.
There’s even some videos up on YouTube
of the different ways that these mamas
swung this freezer cooking challenge
and made it work for them,
got their freezers filled.
It was a lot of fun.
I’m gonna show you this oven now
and let you know my little appliance saga.
So here’s the oven.
We went with this oven, it’s a Frigidaire.
I wanted to do stainless steel
because it was the same price
for a white or black oven.
We’ve slowly been switching out
to stainless steel appliances.
I went into Lowe’s to buy an oven
to have ’em put in my
van and buy it that day.
Guess what, they had
no wall ovens in stock.
I mean, talking hand is jumping.
And so then whenever I went
online to order from Lowe’s,
they could not deliver me a wall oven
until like mid to end of September.
I would’ve waited two to three weeks
for my oven to get here.
Went on Home Depot.
Home Depot got me a wall oven here,
a stainless steel, didn’t care
about the brand, wall oven
within a week.
Still felt like it was
longer than it needed to be,
but it’s like, I wanna buy an appliance.
Do you sell that, appliance store?
So that’s why I went with this oven.
I’ve used it, I’ve splattered
stuff on the bottom.
It’s been wonderful thus far.
Then, hello, we thought, well,
if we did the stainless steel oven,
the other thing I could upgrade was,
I got a stainless steel range hood.
Also my stove top, it had been cracked.
I’m telling you, one thing after another.
So now this stove top is upgraded.
All my bananas from Costco.
No cracks in it, I’m gonna
try to be nicer to it
and not stack stuff on it.
You know I’m rough on things.
So anyway, more kitchen upgrades.
So we bought this faucet
about six weeks ago
when we upgraded the dishwasher.
So we are now fully upgraded,
about as upgraded as
I’m gonna be right now.
Of course, I want the farmhouse sink,
and a million other things going on,
but it has been nice to
fill pots with this faucet
like a regular person, yeah.
Finally, finally.
I have released today, this is the day,
packs seven, eight, and nine
form my Large Family
Freezer Meal collection.
I have a bundle where I have
my Large Family Freezer Meals
pack one, two, three, four, five, and six
for a discounted rate because
they’re all bundled together.
Now, this is what I’ve been asked for.
Jamerrill, will you please
do low carb and sugar free
and even some dairy-free Large
Family Freezer Meals pack?
This is it.
So packs seven and eight are low carb.
Pack nine is dairy free.
I’m so excited.
I just did the grocery shopping,
so you will see the grocery
haul coming out for this.
I’m going to cook one
of the packs each day.
Now this is gonna make
over 75 freezer meals
if I do all three, and I do
have a gluten-free friend
who I’m going to split the meals with.
It’s gonna fill her freezer
and it’s gonna fill my freezer
with all kinds of good meals.
Awesome to share.
So in each Large Family Freezer Meal pack,
there is a grocery list that
gives you a detailed list
for everything you need for each meal.
There is a batch cooking guide,
which guides you through.
So let’s say you need to cook
20 pounds of chicken ahead.
Well, that’s gonna hold your
hand and guide you through it.
There’s the recipes for each of the meals
and these packs are so beautiful.
The lady who has helped me with them
to do all the graphics and such,
she has just done a beautiful job.
Love the sunflowers.
Anywho, there’s the
recipes, there’s printables,
freezer inventory sheet, printable labels.
As a special bonus, there is
the Single Recipe Edition.
So what this means is, if you
don’t wanna make four pans
of low carb cabbage lasagna,
then in the Single Recipe Guide,
it’ll just guide you through making one.
So if you do the full pack,
you’ll have over 25 low
carb, healthy freezer meals.
If you do the Single Recipe Edition,
you would just end up
with about eight to 10
if you wanna be more sensible.
So you get the whole thing in each pack.
Each pack is valued at 14.99.
Of course, when I bundle ’em
together, there’s a savings.
And right now, today,
since I am doing this for a limited time,
you can get the entire one
through nine bundle for 60% off.
That means you are getting
each of the nine packs
for only six bucks each
when they’re regularly 14.99.
You can get all nine packs for $54.
The whole entire bundle is valued at $134.
So many meals, and I have had
mamas all over the country
who are cooking these Large
Family Freezer Meal packs.
They love them, love them, love them.
One of my good friends,
Trisha Goyer, mom of 10,
her and some of her girls
recently cooked all these packs as well.
And Trisha’s coming to my house soon,
so you’ll get to meet her on video.
That’s gonna be lots of fun.
And if you’ve already bought
the one through six bundle collection,
you can add on packs seven,
eight, and nine for 30% off.
All of the sale and super discounted links
will be down in the description below.
So if you love freezer cooking
and if you love low carb freezer cooking,
I know you’re gonna love these new packs.
I’ll chat with you in
those comments below,
and I’ll see you again real soon.
Bye bye.