DIY Twix Bars

October 10, 2019 0 By William Morgan

[Music] hello and welcome back to my ridiculous candy shop in a while today I’m going to show you how to make quick homemade DIY stupid easy what is the slips a Twix is a finger of milk chocolate covering shortbread and gooey gooey caramel first be sure the shortbread needs to be rich and crumbly and for that reason we need lots of cold butter diced up and rubbed into two types of flour plain flour and falls out and stir through the sugar every Scottish person will tell you a pinch of salt in your shortbread is essential and we’re going for a drop of vanilla to squeeze the whole thing into a dough and roll it out between two sheets of greaseproof paper roll out to a thickness of about a pound coin that’s just less than a centimeter thick before you try and cut this chill it in the fridge for at least half an hour that way you can get nice fine fingers you’ll also want to make a nice rich caramel and that will need to cool so next up place the sugar the liquid glucose the butter the dota leche and a pinch of salt into a saucepan and heat it’ll bubble you wanted to go to 112 degrees Celsius and pretty precise you’ll need one of these when your gorgeous caramel has reached 112 degrees Celsius take it off the heat and you do want to work with it when it’s hot the lips are cool to room temperature typically Twix is milk chocolate and ideally we want to temper it to get a decent shine so in a pan over boiling water or a microwave know your chocolate filling which is 46 degrees doses take the chocolate off the heat just before it all melts because the residual heat will get rid of the lumps you just want anything just above 46 degrees celsius then called the hole fold down to 26 degrees Celsius do that in a larger bowl of ice cold water cover things to watch for don’t let the water get into the chocolate the whole thing will seize up make sure your utensils are dry and although it’s in a bowl of ice cold water don’t let the ice cold water get in through it and then finally when you pick to any sip they get back up so sir so systems milk chocolate and that we tempered and ready to use the chakra has gone up it come back down it’s gone back up again and now it’s tempered and ready to use so you’re going to make our Twix fingers we’re going to do it in moulds now everyone knows the left finger and the right finger remain different Factory so you have one for the left and one for the right line them closed with milk chocolate and let the excess dribble out now the shortbread that was chilling in the fridge can come out and the chocolate shells can go back in your set shortbread now needs to be cut into fingers fingers still fit inside of your mold even when you’ve got chocolate up both sides place those onto a baking tray lined of greaseproof paper and bake a 160 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes they shouldn’t game too much color after baking and cooling your shortbread fingers might need a little bit of trimming do that on a flat surface with a serrated knife and those crumbs in the candy shop we use those and sprinkle ice cream all the pepper do is construct our fingers we have the shows the chocolate is set next up caramel then shortbread then a layer of more tempered chocolate seal all in they don’t need to chill up before your pasta [Music] [Music] once they’re all set up your tempo should give it a beautiful shine leave it at that if you like if you want the authentic ripple you get from a switch singer then fill a piping bag with a little bit of milk chocolate give it a squiggle then they’re good to taste [Music] should I get my favorite Oompa Loompa in to try them that’s the twist goo so lightweight very short short head salty strongly gooey caramel and little chocolate that’s it you made these for a friend and I am impressed so you should make for your friends and they will be impressed the only thing with homemade Twix is it does take a while to temper the chocolate and to get it right a few stages it’s pretty simple but if you want to give them go the full recipe Poisson sorted food calm and if you want an easier chocolate recipe come back tomorrow I’ll take off the hat and we’ll do chocolate fondant in 15 minutes oh I thought you were going to say it’s under here this is what we’re making tomorrow do you tell are you can fix that in post right click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right video for one of our favorites [Music]