Delicious Chicken Wrap Recipe  – healthy recipe channel

Delicious Chicken Wrap Recipe – healthy recipe channel

August 1, 2019 62 By William Morgan

what’s up guys welcome back I’m gonna be
making a recipe today that I did a while
back it’s a chicken wrap really simple
this one is different the one that I did
before had different ingredients but it
was really popular I had almost 200,000
views so I figured I’d give you guys a
different variation of it and she liked
the video so much this is the
ingredients you will need for this
recipe I will be using chicken breasts
the amount depends on how many wraps
you’re gonna make I usually just do
minimum two 8-ounce chicken breasts per
recipe and I just marinate them and I
use whatever I have left over for other
recipes or different wraps I’m going to
using diced tomatoes onions shredded
cheese lettuce and bean sprouts for the
toppings once the the wrap is being put
together for my marinade I’m gonna be
using North African harissa dry spice
also be using a little bit of crushed
pepper Italian dip this is actually like
sun-dried tomato pesto also I want to
use a sesame seed oil both as a marinade
and in the end I will add a little bit
to add some extra flavor the juice from
half a lime soy sauce and the tortillas
I’m using these tortilla Fresca’s which
they’re on cooked tortillas that they
sell at sam’s you guys can use whatever
you like I particularly like these
because it only has like five
ingredients it has wheat flour water
canola oil salt and sugar
so that’s all the ingredients that it
has so does it have a whole bunch of
chemicals like most of the other
tortillas out there and they taste great
you just got to cook them for about 30
seconds on each side and they’re done
first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna make our marinade when they use
1/2 a lime and make sure you use fresh
lime don’t use the bottle stuff it
tastes awful it won’t be the same trust
gonna use about a tablespoon of sesame
oil TSP of this African dry rub and if
you guys don’t have that you can add
curry or you know any other spice you
like I just have happen to have that and
it’s really good to have cumin it tastes
kind of like the like a curry but
without the turmeric I’m also adding a
tablespoon of the sun-dried tomato pesto
tablespoon of soy sauce and sprinkle
some crushed pepper fresh red pepper and
a little bit of salt
mix all that together and I’m gonna go
ahead and trim the chicken breast and
basically these chicken breasts already
don’t have a lot of fat on them I just
take little pieces off so basically now
with us butterflied I’m gonna go ahead
and put it in our marinade
then we’re gonna set it aside in the
fridge for about an hour and we’re gonna
come back and put it on the grill
okay guys so now that the chicken breast
cooked thoroughly I’m gonna go ahead and
slice them so now I turkey is cooked
we’re going to go ahead and assemble it
I’m gonna take some of our tomato
sun-dried tomato pesto and spread it on
the tortilla to give it some of that
nice roasted tomato flavor
and this goes really good with chicken
like if you want to make a pasta and add
this in it it’ll complement it really
really nice it’s actually a really big
container for the price it’s called
italiano dip and it’s available at sam’s
i should be getting paid by sam’s as
much as i promote them after that we’re
gonna add our chicken do about four
ounces of chicken or so we’re gonna put
quite a few ingredients in it we don’t
want to overload it and then we can’t
close we’re gonna add a little bit of
the sesame oil then we’re gonna add our
lettuce a couple of bean sprouts this is
gonna add some nice crunch and a little
bit of a nutty flavor to it a little bit
of red onion a little diced tomato and
some cheese i’m gonna fold it on one end
fold it over pull I find it to be pretty
easy to hold and keep it from falling
apart like that I’ll show you guys how
to also hold it on both sides and cut it
down the middle usually that works
better with a bigger tortilla these are
kind of small
came out really nice actually so I hope
you guys enjoyed it and if you guys make
it please let me know how it turns out
and remember to subscribe and share the
channels we continue to grow and bring
you more healthy recipes can I’ll see
you guys in the next one