Dealing With Stressful Situations Without Turning to Food | GRWM hair and make-up  #ketoforthewin

Dealing With Stressful Situations Without Turning to Food | GRWM hair and make-up #ketoforthewin

August 13, 2019 14 By William Morgan

All that snow!
He’s down there scooping up the road so people can drive I guess
That’s a lot of snow there’s pretty mountains Wow
Hello my friends welcome back to Keto in the chaos, my name is Tammi and this is day four of vlogmas
So I’m sitting here trying to get some work done and I’m having a little bit of anxiety panic attack
over how much I have to get done and I’m starting to feel like maybe I have bitten off a little bit more than I
Could chew on top of getting vlog messed up this morning
I was unable to get up my Hyde and Seek video, which is fine. I can go a day without a hide-and-seek video
we’ll all survive, but I also have a video to edit for our Commonwealth school for a big party tonight
That is kind of a big pressure thing
I have to get it done today because it’s tonight and I am just sitting here and realizing that nobody sent me anything to put
in the video and because I wasn’t able to deal with it till today, I
Couldn’t ask him before the video again. And now I’m trying to ask them all and none of them are available
So yeah, I’m a little bit stressed out
But I realized part of this stress was because I felt like I wasn’t doing any video for you guys for vlogmas tomorrow
which you know I want to keep doing so I
Thought what better thing to do is just pull out the camera and show exactly what I’m doing
So I am sitting in front this computer for the next few hours. The kids are downstairs doing schoolwork
I’ve got them all working on their math and
Dave is cooking me breakfast because he knows I’m about to have a mental breakdown
He’s gonna bring me up my food here pretty quick. I think
He just sent Jasper up with this for me cause I think he knows I am about to have a literal breakdown
So we’re not gonna break down and that’s what I want to talk to you guys about
So sometimes in life we’re faced with
Big huge deadlines big huge stress and how do we cope?
It used to be that I would immediately turn to food
I’d be sitting here thinking what kind of chocolate can I get my hands on, you know?
What can what dessert what chips whatever can I send my husband to go get me so that I can cope with dealing with this?
Deadline that I am facing so it’s wonderful
I’ve been doing this so long that food is not always the first thing I turn to now caffeine
That’s another story. Sometimes caffeine can help. Kick me in the butt when I’m having a hard time
but this is just a lesson, you know like
My life is really complicated
I have made it that way. Yes, we all know that I have dug this grave
I want to be present on YouTube more than I’m physically capable or mentally capable of actually doing
that’s why I decided to do vlogmas just to see how it would go and
To give myself just a few weeks of trying it to see if I could actually survive. This is a challenge
It’s a big huge challenge for me
It’s a challenge I wanted to do and it’s a challenge
I put toward myself at four as I as a way to try and like spice this channel up a little bit
Really dig deep and try and find some more content, you know
Stop being I kind of feel like I’m getting a little lazy around here and I don’t want to be lazy on this channel
So I want to stretch and that is the point of doing this vlogmas
I’m not doing it for any other reason except for personal growth and just to see if I can accomplish it
No, it may fail. You know, you never know. I maybe break down in a couple days and say never mind just kidding blackness
It’s not happening if that happens. I apologize in advance. But for now I am pushing pushing through today is a tough day
literally am NOT gonna be able to feel much for you guys at all because I’m going to be sitting from this computer until it’s
Time for me to take my girls to their big huge Nutcracker tech rehearsal tonight
So yeah, I’m not even going to the party where I’m making this video for
Dave is going but I’m not going because the girls have a Nutcracker tech rehearsal
The snow outside is really beautiful
It keeps scaring me because the icicles keep crashing on my wall out here and scared the crap out of me
But you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay. They’re having a tilde it’s gonna happen. I’m trying to relax and
Talking to you guys really helps. It really does knowing that I’m making this clip for you is really helping me already
I’m already feeling a little bit more focused and you know what I need so late water
That was Dave’s first thing when I was breaking down. He’s like have you had your salt today? And I was like
No, so I’m heading over there grab me some Soleil water I’m gonna get this thing done Cheers
Two tablespoons down the hatch
All righty, everyone. Here’s my first meal. I bet you can’t guess what I’m having today
That’s right, two fried eggs
One ounce of cheese 44 grams a center cut bacon one cup of 0% by a Greek yogurt sweetened with orange vanilla meal
That’s pretty much what I eat every day, and that’s what I’m gonna eat for my first meal of the day
Wake up wake up
And open pure eyes
Wake up wake up
It’s time you realize
Time this rainbow run every dragon hot you break every handy 11 hope
Where you are is where you
Shyne tonight up in the star
Look up look down for speeding. Oh
This is what it’s all about
Road every dragon heart you break
Me the sky will shine tonight up in the star
Here we go
Lui that was stressful, okay, you guys I have not been that stressed out in a long time
I mean, I literally could feel it rising up inside of me and
Trying to eat me alive
My heart was beating I was like trying not to grit my teeth. Oh, man
Five hours that took me to put that video together for our Commonwealth party tonight five hours
I had to compile everybody’s videos and pictures and then like organize them and then put him into a story mode and then put the
Music in and make the music go outer and softer for different parts
Oh my gosh, you guys that was one of the hardest editing things I’ve done in a long time
And I was on a time crunch
It had to be done by tonight and I was so panicked that I wasn’t him finish in time
I cannot even tell you how worried I was
We were successful
It is done. Oh, man
I’ll tell you what guys whew, that was that was rough, but you know what I
pushed through I didn’t freak I
Didn’t eat anything I wasn’t supposed to do in order to cope with the stress. So that is
Awesome. All I have eaten today is my first meal just like I should have so I’m very very happy with how I handled that
stressful situation now
I did have to let the rest of the videos go so I didn’t finish the wet tweet Wednesday still and
I did not finish a video for hide and seek today
I hope that you guys who follow me over there can forgive me
but there’s a reason why I say only post five days a week and I don’t say which five days is so that if I
Need a day off I can take one and today is the day off. So
That is how it’s gonna be if I’m gonna keep going with blog must have to be able to be flexible
With some other things so I hope that’s okay with you guys. Anyway, I am going to go downstairs chef
Dave is cooking up some delicious
Hamburger soup that he’s going to take to the party tonight and I’m gonna grab me a bowl of that soup and a keto cake
Before I head out the door to Nutcracker tonight
I’m going to be at Nutcracker all night
And I am not allowed a videotape over there and it’s they’re not even getting me wearing makeup or anything
So I’m not even I’m not even vlogging but I didn’t seek today. So I’m not even going to videotape over there at all
So I just wanted to say goodbye to you guys right now
I’m gonna stick in the clip right here of my dinner right there. Here’s my meal
So Dave made me this delicious soup is just some stew beef
Green beans a little bit of zucchini some cabbage a couple of carrots and some onion at the end booth the bouillon base
one keto cake from keto cake sitcom and
one and a half ounces of provolone cheese and that’s gonna be my last meal of the day and
Then I am gonna go ahead and say goodbye
so the moral of today’s vlogmas video and the tip from Tammy is do not let
stressful situations waylay you from being successful on a ketogenic way of eating I was able to accomplish that today and I hope
For all of you guys that you can find ways that you can cope with your stress
You saw me I took a nice warm shower. I washed my hair. I did my makeup that always makes me feel better
I feel relaxed
I’m gonna hang out here in a little while for a little while and just relax and keep my eyes closed and
Just do some like is then meditation before I have to take off and do all of this Nutcracker stuff tonight
So there are other ways to deal with stress rather than eating and as that is the biggest thing
As you go along in a weight loss journey is trying to find new and healthy ways to deal with stressful situations
emotional situations difficult
Situations and for them. So I hope that all of you got something out of this video today, and if not well
Hey, it’s vlogmas day forward it’s done. So there you go, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow
I hope that you will be back and that you’re just gonna stick with me and
Hopefully I’ll have a little bit less stressful video for you tomorrow
Because it’s going to be a lovely live-chat day, which always perks me up and makes me happy
I can’t wait to talk to you guys and we’ll see you again soon