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November 1, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with crispy bloomed onion that’s
right i’ve received so many food wishes
over the years for me to do a bloomin
onion video which for the home cook is
very challenging and even if we somehow
pulled it off
we probably would have been better off
just making onion rings which is why
i’ve come up with this oven based no fry
version which was not only as good as
the version you might enjoy out back but
was actually better and by the way the
reason I’m calling it bloomed onion is
because of my culinary fantasy world
this is what would happen if you let a
bloomin onion actually bloom so with
that let’s go ahead and get started by
prepping our onions and for this the
bigger the better but don’t worry if all
your onions aren’t the exact same size
okay it’s still gonna work
since flower petals aren’t all the same
size anyway and what we’ll do here is
cut a little bit off the top so that it
will sit nice and flat on the cutting
board and then we’re going to quarter
this by cutting directly through the
center of the root okay so cut very
carefully and the reason that’s sort of
a big deal is that root end is gonna
hold this all together when we boil them
in salted water which is going to be the
next step and by the way of course any
large onion will work here so if you
wanted to use like a yellow onion go
ahead I mean you are after all the
Crocodile Dundee of which onion this
should be but I think visually the red
onion does work the best and then once
those are cut the only other prep we
could do is maybe peel off the skin
although I guess that’s optional you
could probably pull that off once these
are cooked but I did it before and then
once those are prepped we will head to
the stove where we’re gonna boil these
in some generously salted water okay
we’re not talking a pinch here we’re
talking like a quarter cup right just
like when we make pasta this water
should taste like the ocean and then
once we have that up to a rolling boil
on high heat we’ll go ahead and
carefully transfer in our onions and
we’re gonna want to cook these for just
about eight to 10 minutes or until they
just start to soften up okay so
basically we’re just taking off the raw
edge here and not really cooking them
all the way through all right we just
sort of want them to soften and sweeten
a little and as you might expect we will
pull out the smaller ones first
and after about eight to ten minutes or
so they should start to soften up and
the layers should separate fairly easily
and has that happens we’ll go ahead and
pull them out pulling those larger
pieces out last and as we’re fishing
those out we’re gonna want to transfer
those onto a paper towel line pan with
the cut side down so they can drain
properly and what we’ll do is simply let
those sit there until they cool down to
room temp and thanks to the residual
heat in those quarters they will
continue to soften and sweeten as they
cool and while we’re waiting for those
we can move on to make our bread crumb
mixture which is going to happen by
adding some bread crumbs to a pan over
medium heat along with a generous
drizzle of olive oil and what we’ll do
is toast these to a light golden brown
and while we’re doing that we’re gonna
want to stir fairly constantly with
possibly a freakishly small wooden spoon
or if you want to show off a little bit
you could toss them in the pan but if
you do that try to make sure most of
them stay in the pan and then what we’ll
do once those do reach a nice golden
brown and look a little something like
this is immediately turn off the heat
and add the following ingredients which
will include some finely crushed or
minced garlic a nice big pinch of kosher
salt some freshly ground black pepper as
well as a few shakes of cayenne and then
last but not least some finely and
freshly grated Parmesan cheese and of
course we’re using the real
all right accept no substitutes and then
what we’ll do is go ahead and stir mix
and match that all in and once we feel
like it’s all been perfectly
incorporated we’ll simply set that aside
until needed and by the time that’s done
hopefully our names are now cool and we
can go ahead and cut off that root end
which will allow us to separate these
quarters into our onion flower petals
and then what we’ll do once that’s been
accomplished is go ahead and oil up
whatever pan we’re going to use which
for me is going to be this round pizza
pan because there’s no square flowers
but of course any shape oven-safe pan
will work and then once that’s been
lubricated we can start placing on our
petals starting with the largest ones
and we’ll go ahead and arrange those
around the outside around the outside
around the outside
and once that first ring is complete we
will continue on until we reach the
center and while you can definitely
overlap these a little bit we don’t want
to do it too much because we want to
make sure there is plenty of room for
our breadcrumbs so we do want to arrange
these fairly tight together
but we don’t want them on top of each
other and once that’s done if you wanted
to you could take some of the smaller
pointy or pieces from the middle it sort
of places in the center of your larger
pedals otherwise maybe save those for
soup or a potato salad or an omelet or
whatever and that’s it once we have our
onions arranged into a beautiful flower
pattern we’ll go ahead and cover that
extremely generously with our crumbs
making sure every single petal has at
least a teaspoon or two oh and in case
you’re keeping score at home roughly two
large onions will make enough petals for
one of these round pizza pans and then
once our bloomed onion has been
copiously chromed we’ll finish up with a
very generous dusting of parmesan as
well as a little drizzle of olive oil
which is going to help the top Brown
speaking of which
once that set we’re going to finish this
and either a very hot oven or placed
under the broiler set on high which is
how I’m doing it for roughly 5 to 10
minutes or until everything’s
beautifully browned and crispy and if
everything’s gone according to plan it
should look something like this and then
because this is finger food we’re gonna
want to let it cool down a little bit
before we serve it which is not only a
burn prevention issue but this bloomed
onion is much better room temperature
than it is hot and if you don’t believe
me test it for yourself so I did let
mine cool down before serving
at which point I finished up with a
little freshly chopped to tell you
parsley which I have growing out back
and that’s it our crispy bloomed onion
is ready to enjoy and not only was this
way easier and way less messy than
trying to deep-fry a blooming onion but
when you curl up one of these beautiful
sweet tender onion petals with all those
super crispy slightly garlicky crumbs
we’ve created virtually the exact same
experience is that iconic chain
restaurant appetizer plus besides all
that other stuff I said every single one
of these bites is perfect which is not
necessarily the case with the bloomin
onion and if you’re thinking these are
kind of like onion nachos well I like
how you’re thinking because that’s what
I thought too when I first made him it’s
almost as if French onion soup and
nachos had a lovechild
and I probably should have used a
different analogy because now people are
trying to picture how soup and nachos
would mate but anyway the point is if
you like French onion soup and you like
nachos you are gonna really love these
but anyway that’s it where we’re calling
crispy bloomed onion whether you’re
looking for a new creative and beautiful
veggie based appetizer or you’re simply
trying to avoid a trip to the strip mall
to get your bloomin onion fix either way
I really do hope you give this a try
soon so head over to food wishes calm
for all the ingredient amounts in more
info as usual and as always enjoy