Crispy AIR FRYER Pork Chops Recipe!

October 24, 2019 0 By William Morgan

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– Hey munchies, welcome to
the channel if you’re new.
And if you’re not new, I’m Alyssia,
and I am so glad you’re here either way.
I have had so many requests
for air fryer recipes.
I finally got an air fryer,
and I’m totally gonna show you how to make
crispy air fryer pork chops.
They’re a delicious addition
to your weeknight meals,
and also keto and low-carb friendly.
Thanks to National Pork Board
for sponsoring this video.
To prepare the chops, I start
by combing almond flour,
Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, paprika,
onion powder, and salt and pepper
in one shallow dish.
This is going to be our coating!
Now if you’re not going for
gluten free or low carb,
you can totally use Panko bread crumbs
instead of almond flour.
And if you are a low-carber
you could also consider using
pork rinds as a coating.
I also whisked up some eggs
which are going to help adhere
the coating to the chop.
I’m using boneless pork
chops which are center cut
from pork loin and also known as filets,
New York pork chops, or America’s chop,
but you could also use a bone
in cut for this recipe too.
Pork is actually an
excellent source of protein,
as well as nutrients such
as thiamine, vitamin B6,
phosphorus, and niacin.
It’s also a good source of
potassium, riboflavin, and zinc.
I coat the pork chops in the egg
followed by the coating mixture.
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I spray with a little bit of cooking spray
just before adding them into the fryer.
You don’t have to do this,
but I do think it helps
them crisp up just a bit.
I recommend not overcrowding
and frying in batches of
three to four chops at a time
for best crispy results
depending on your air fryer.
Cook at 400 degrees Fahrenheit
for about 10 minutes,
flipping the chops halfway.
It is that quick.
But it will depend on the
thickness of your chop.
Heads up, you can also
cook these in the oven
at 425 degrees Fahrenheit
for about 20 minutes
if you don’t have an air fryer.
A baking rack will help them crisp up.
While that cooks,
I throw together a crisp autumn salad.
It is a perfect side dish for this meal.
It’s simply mixed greens,
chopped apple and pear,
some blue cheese, pecans,
and dried cranberries.
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I serve it with a lime and
honey mustard dressing.
It’s just Dijon mustard,
honey, lime juice,
rice wine vinegar, garlic,
and salt and pepper
whisked together.
It’s ready to go!
But before we eat, we need those chops.
They’re done when the pork
reaches an internal temperature
of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.
For chops, it’s best to insert
the thermometer straight
into the side of the chop.
If you have been told that
juices must run clear with pork,
this is actually not true,
and cooking pork that long
probably means overcooking.
The USDA and FDA know that
145 degrees Fahrenheit
is the safe temperature
that will yield a blush pink center
and a more flavorable protein
that won’t be overcooked or dry.
These cuts are from the pork loin,
which is actually considered
a lean protein cut
by the USDA.
There’s only six grams of fat per serving
which can you believe is actually
less than chicken thighs.
Like any other animal protein,
certain cuts are higher
in fat than others.
So processed meats like
bacon and sausage are going
to be higher, but pork loin
chops are actually even leaner
than skinless chicken thighs, amazing!
These taste juicy and tender
and the breading is actually crispy.
It is so savory and rich
and it actually does taste deep fried
without being so heavy.
When pork is properly cooked,
it is actually extremely flavorful.
Pork is also great at taking on a variety
of flavor profiles,
so feel free to get
creative with the seasonings
that you add to your coating mixture.
The salad is also a hit.
Fall seasonal apples and
pears are a perfect match
with blue cheese, pecans,
and that lime honey mustard dressing.
Tangy, sweet, savory, and so satisfying.
Over all, this meal is a great option
for busy weeknights with
the family, at school,
or over the holidays.
I hope you can try it out.
And let me know if you want
more air fryer recipes,
I will be experimenting.
Once again, thanks to National Pork Board
for sponsoring this video.
It’s so easy to incorporate
pork in your healthy diet.
Visit to learn more.
I will be back next week
with a brand new video.
And remember, it’s all a
matter of Mind Over Munch.