CRAZY BIG Costco Haul from FLORIDA 🛒  You Spent HOW much?!?

CRAZY BIG Costco Haul from FLORIDA 🛒 You Spent HOW much?!?

August 5, 2019 100 By William Morgan

– We’re going to Costco. – I no doing nothing. – [Jennifer] I no doing nothing (child giggles)
let’s go. You know what I see over there? – What? – [Jennifer] Halloween costumes. – Yes. ♪ The Family Fudge, The Family Fudge ♪ ♪ They are mostly sweet,
but full of nuts ♪ – [Jennifer] That’s right you
guys, we are headed to Costco for our first big grocery haul since we moved to Florida. We’ll give you a few updates on the house. Now if you guys missed it we did post a new house tour last week, so I’ll go ahead and
pop a card in right here if you want to check that video out, but I am hoping to show you what the house looks like when we’re finally finished moving in, and we have everything decorated. And I’m also gonna be doing
some baby shopping today which I’m so excited about cause my best-friend is having a baby, so come along with us. We are all headed to
Costco and that is because when we moved to Florida, we actually sold my husband’s cars, so we are down to one
vehicle for this family, which is not too bad, were mostly all together
all the time anyway, but we might look at getting
a new vehicle in the future. Okay guys we are almost to Costco, but we’re gonna take a quick detour. I’m gonna head into the Target, they’re gonna drop me off and
I’m gonna look for baby stuff, and they’re gonna head to IKEA
and look for some shelves, cause I’d like to have a place to store all of our
lunch stuff in one place. Into Target I go, now I’ve never actually
been to this Target but it says its a Super Target so I’m guessing they’re gonna
have a lot of cool stuff, hopefully, really cute baby stuff. Whoa you guys, this
really is a huge Target, it’s almost the size of a Costco. Now of course since this Target
is so close to Disney World there’s a ton of Disney merchandise here, but we’re not here for this today we’re looking for baby stuff. So today I’m shopping
for my bestie, Falon, she actually has a YouTube channel as well it’s called Moss Family TV, I know a lot of you are
probably already subscribed to her channel, if you’re not
definitely go check her out, I will link her channel down bellow. We actually became friends through YouTube and now we are real life besties, and I’m super excited for
her to have baby number five. Now I’m actually teaming up with another YouTuber, Jennifer Obert, the channel Cook Clean And Repeat, and we’re throwing Falon
a virtual baby shower, and you wanna check out her registry I’ll go ahead and link it down bellow. She is registered at Walmart, but I wanted to check out all
the cute baby things at Target cause I know right now they
have a ton of adorable items, and Target’s really great
because like this one has a lot of the items already on display, so you can see exactly what you’re buying. Check out these adorable
little toys you guys. Now I know she’s doing a
little fox and bear theme so this would be perfect, and there’s also this little rattle. I use to buy toys like this
for my kids all the time when they were babies. Oh yes, and you can’t forget the Sophie, this is a classic baby toy. I think I bought one of these
and all of my kids used it, it lasted a long time, and I think these are pretty
popular all over the world. Let me know in the comments down bellow if you’ve ever had a Sophie. Check this out you guys, this is definitely something
we need here in Florida, a stroller fan. And of course, it wouldn’t be baby shopping
without checking out all the cute outfits. Now I know people have said
that shopping for girls is a lot more fun, but I don’t know these boy outfits are pretty adorable too. Look at this one, I love the suspenders. Okay guys, so it was a hard decision but this is what I’m thinking. We got this really cool
portable baby soother, it makes sort of like a white noise, definitely soothing for little babies. I got some crib sheets, you know you always need lots of those. We have our little Sophie toy over here, such a cute little giraffe but
it does make a squeaky noise so hopefully Falon won’t
find that annoying. And then back here I have a
woodland themed Boppy pillow, it is so cute. Okay guys, I just finished up at Target and they guys finished up at IKEA, now we’re back together at Costco, but it’s already 7:40
and they close at 8:30, so we need to hurry up. What happened to your hair? – Headphones. – [Jennifer] Your headphones,
are you ready to go in do you know what the rules are? – No screaming, no
crying, no running away, no stealing stuff, no being
weird, no falling over, – and no doing nothing. – [Jennifer] And no doing nothing, (child giggle)
let’s go. – No listening to the other rules. – [Jennifer] No we must
listen to the rules. It looks like it might rain, it’s rained just about every
day since we’ve been here, that’s a lot of rain. And this is why we come to Costco at close to closing time cause
there’s not that many crowds it’s super nice. Can you find us some bananas? – Yeah This one. – [Jennifer] Yeah, are they yellow? – Uh-huh – [Jennifer] Looks good put them in. (children talking) Yeah (laughs) Can you get some Mickey Mouse apples? – Okay. – [Jennifer] The Mickey
Mouse ones, yup, those ones put them in, yeah (laughs) – What about these? – [Jennifer] We found
our regular tortellini and now we have our pesto, perfect put it in, let’s hurry
up they’re almost closed. You know what I see over there? – What? – [Jennifer] Halloween costumes. – Yes
(Jennifer laughs) – [Jennifer] Over there, over there. (children speaking and laughing) Lily, look what they have. – What? – [Jennifer] Captain Marvel. You found Dorothy? – Yeah – [Jennifer] Oh, I love
it, that is so cute. We have Captain Marvel,
Wonder Woman, Dorothy. No boy costumes yet, just
superhero girls, and Dorothy. It’s officially time to go
(child yelling) to head on home and see
everything that we picked up. Okay guys, we are back home now, and we brought I everything from the car, and I’ve got quite a
lot to share with you. This ended up being quite a large haul, we needed a lot of things for this house and we really wanted to
stock up on lunch supplies and things like that. Now if you saw the empty house tour, you probably know that this
kitchen is already looking a little bit different. We are gonna get a new
dishwasher put in today, so that’s why that is empty, and then this kitchen
is a pretty good size but there’s no like island or anything so we ended up ordering this
really nice one from Amazon so I have a work space in the center and then eventually we do
plan on painting the cabinets and maybe replacing the
countertop and the back splash, but anyway, back to the haul, I’ll go ahead and start with
the non-food items first, so we’ll go on back here. First I pick up this
set of three colanders. This colander set was only
12 dollars and it comes with three different sizes and these are really nice metal ones so I think they’re gonna last a long time, and then I also picked up
this four tier market basket. I have been eyeing this at
Costco for such a long time, but in my old kitchen I
really didn’t have space, so now that we’re here I
went ahead and picked it up and this could be used for
a kitchen or a bathroom but I’m hoping to put things
like apples and bananas, maybe oranges, onions and
potatoes and use it like that. I also picked up this,
I’m not sure if it’s O-X-O or if it’s OXO, if you know what it is let me know in the comments down below. Now these were definitely an investment a little bit pricey but they
were on sale so not too bad. Also for food storage, I picked up these Rubbermaid containers, and my absolute favorite glass containers. These are great for storing leftovers, and these are great for
meal prep type things. Now the O-X-O containers I
thinking are for dry goods, and for pantry staples. These Rubbermaid ones are gonna be perfect for storing things like
fruits and veggies, and these glass containers
are my favorite for leftovers cause I like to use glass
when I’m reheating things in the microwave. Also for the house we went
ahead and got a new vacuum. I almost bought the Dyson,
but this Shark version was about 100 dollars less, so I decided we could give it a try, and the great thing about Costco is if there’s any problem with it, I can go ahead and return
it, no problems at all. Over here we got some kitchen trash bags and then this guy right here, a new garbage disposal. Don’t ask me how I know we need a new one but I’m excited about this, hopefully my husband can install it in the next couple of days. And of course we have our
traditional paper towels and toilet paper. It’s really nice that the
Costco here has pretty much what we’re use to back in California. Although as we go through the food, you’ll notice a few different things that we didn’t have in California. Now moving on to the fruits and veggies. I got this big pack of
carrots and I was happy to see that this actually comes
in two separate pouches. Often times we have a
hard time going through the entire bag before they
start getting not so fresh, so this is great, we can
just open one at a time. And then these guys, they look like avocados but much bigger and they have a really smooth skin. Apparently these are Florida avocados, so I’m excited to give those a try. Back over here we got a big bag of celery, these are great for lunches, and we got a ton of grapes. Both purple grapes and green grapes. Moving over here we got
a big bunch of bananas, some cucumbers, our favorite
Mickey Mouse apples. I also picked up my
absolute favorite thing from Costco right now. This is a spinach salad
with poppy seed dressing and it is so good. This entire container will be
lunch for me and my husband for like a week, it is so good, and we like to put some of this
rotisserie chicken on there and it is excellent. This kit comes with spinach,
hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, which I don’t eat, my husband eats those. We have Craisins, cheese, bacon
crumbles, and purple onion, it is so good you guys. And then as far as meats go, I did pick up some fully cooked
bacon, we love this stuff, and then I also picked up a
bag of boneless chicken breast. So these will definitely
be going into some dinner’s this week, probably in the instant pot. Now moving over here, I was
happy to find a double pack of our Florida bread. We definitely didn’t get
this a lot in California, but it’s really good bread
for a good price at Costco. And then I also picked up these guys, these definitely caught my eye, never seen these before in California. These are moon cakes, so I
think that there’s four in here yeah I can’t wait to open
these up and give them a try. It looks like these are egg yolk and lotus seed paste moon cakes, so yeah that sounds really interesting. Back over here we picked
up some milk for the kids, and I really like that this has
three little cartons of milk instead of two big gallons, this will definitely
fit better in my fridge. Of course we got the almond milk for me. We got some of our favorite strawberry jam to go with the peanut butter, but you guys we normally
buy Skippy peanut butter, but Costco’s over here only have Jif so we’re gonna have to give that a try, I’m sure it’ll fine. Next to that we picked
up some maple syrup, some Kerrygold butter, some
of our favorite basil pesto and this is to go on the
five cheese tortelloni. We bought this all the time in California so I’m super glad to see it here too. Back behind here I picked
up some yogurt cups for me, I really like these ones because they don’t have
a ton of sugar in them, they’re really good for
breakfast in the morning. We also picked up some coconut oil, I was super excited to see this for $9.99 because I believe this was like
20 bucks a couple years ago, I use to buy it all the time and it was a lot more expensive. We also picked up a
package of string cheeses, now again this is a different brand that we don’t normally have in California, so hopefully it’ll be good
because we have 48 of them. Over here I picked up some granola, but this is actually a lemon
and blueberry flavor granola, so that sounds really good, maybe throw a little bit of
this on top of the yogurt it’d be a yummy easy breakfast. Back over here we got our sour
cream and our cottage cheese, and that’s pretty much everything for the table and the floor. I just have a few more things back there. We picked up this huge
bag of Boom Chicka Pop, in the Sweet and Salty Kettle
Corn flavor, it is so good, and we also got a big
thing of Veggie Straws. These will probably both go into lunches. Back over here we got a huge
tub of the animal crackers, it’s been a long time
since I’ve purchased those, way back in the day I use
to buy these all the time, and take them to the church
nursery where I volunteered, and so definitely bring
back some memories for me. Underneath the animal crackers
we got these big pretzels. We don’t normally buy these big rods but this whole entire container
was like four dollars, so at that for the price
we could give it a try. Of course I already told
you about tortelloni. I love this comes with two packs, so I’ll put both in the freezer, I’ll be a really quick dinner one night. And then I also picked up
the Jimmy Dean Delights, I like these for breakfast in the morning and so do two out of four of the kids. Okay guys that is everything
in our grocery haul, if you enjoy this video,
please give it a big thumbs up, and subscribe if you’re new. Thanks for watching, and we’ll
see you in tomorrow’s video. (upbeat pop music)