Cracker Barrel Fried Apples –

November 1, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi, this is Stephanie Manley with
Don’t you just love Cracker
Barrel’s fried apples? Well, guess what? I’m
going to show you how to make
Cracker Barrel’s famous fried apples, at home
and in your own kitchen. All
right, so I’m just finishing chopping up my
apples. You can make this
recipe with about five or six apples. My recipe
calls for either butter or
bacon drippings.
Now the Cracker Barrel doesn’t use bacon drippings
in theirs, but you know
what? This tastes really good with bacon drippings,
and that’s how my
grandma used to do it, so I can testify that
that makes them very, very
tasty. This recipe just has a few ingredients
in it. That’s about five or
six tart apples, some brown sugar, a little
bit of nutmeg, some cinnamon
and lemon juice.
So after you finish slicing up all of your
apples, you want to keep them a
nice pretty color, so we are going to add
just a little bit of lemon juice
to this, and give it a stir before we take
this over to the stove and start
cooking our fried apples. Okay, so we’re going
to get started on our
apples. We’re going to take our butter and
melt that in the bottom of our
Again, you can go ahead and use bacon drippings
if you happen to have bacon
drippings. It’ll taste just as good. I’m going
to let that butter get nice
and melted, and next I’m going to add my apples.
I’m just going to pour
them evenly on the bottom of my skillet. I’m
cooking these on a medium
heat, not too high, and not too low.
I am using an all-clad skillet here, but you
know what? I’ve seen many
chefs use far less expensive skillets, so
I think any skillet will really
do. In fact, an iron skillet will be great
for this as well. All right, so
my butter is all nice and melted right now,
and the apples are just
beginning to release some of their juices.
So now we are going to sprinkle in our brown
sugar, so we’ve added in our
brown sugar, it’s just beginning to melt.
I am going to add in my cinnamon,
and I am going to add in a little bit of nutmeg,
and I’m just going to stir
to incorporate. These smell just incredible.
Now this butter and brown sugar is going to
make a really, nice, thick
syrup, so these apples will fry in syrup,
and the butter. It’s going to
take about 15-20 minutes for these to finish
up. Then we’ll come back, when
they’re all nice and done. All right, so we’re
about halfway cooking these
apples, and you can see we have this wonderful
thick syrup right here.
So while these are cooking, just be sure to
stir them every couple minutes.
You’re going to have some fabulous fried apples,
so now you know how to
make Cracker Barrel fried apples, but you
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These are my apples, and you can see this
wonderfully, creamy, syrupy sauce
is all over these apples. They’re nice and
soft now and they’re going to
taste just great! We’re going to give this
one a try, so good. Hi, I’m
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