Crab Stuffed Mushrooms | Keto Recipe | Old Bay Seasoning

October 16, 2019 0 By William Morgan

what’s up everybody this is liable no
hippie BBQ some of you guys that have
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while know that I just made the
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so my content hasn’t been quite as
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I’m gonna leave a link to that channel
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doing what I’m be doing in this video is
I’m gonna be making some keto friendly
stuffed or crab stuffed mushrooms we’re
going to be keeping this keto friendly
by not adding any breadcrumbs or
anything like that that I would
typically be adding to my stuffed
mushrooms let’s come on in take a look
at these ingredients and we’ll give a
rockin before we get into these
ingredients I want to let you know that
I’m making more than the recipe that’s
gonna be in the description because I
plan on using this stuffing to go in
some maybe some jalapeno poppers or
something like that down the road so I’m
cooking a little bit more than what’s
going to be in the description the
ingredients are gonna be pretty simple
we’re gonna be using some crab claw meat
you can find this typically near your
meat section in your grocery store cream
cheese I’m using some old bay rub and
that you can find that in a container
that looks like this there is going to
be a little bit of carbs in there but
not a lot because the rub is a little
bit different than your typical OB
seasoning it has just a tad bit of brown
sugar in it we’re going with a little
bit of pepper and paprika just to pump
it up a little bit more I’m using some
fresh oregano you can use dried oregano
as well and I have that rough chopped as
well as my garlic and the reason I have
that rough chopped as opposed to minced
as I kind of want it to be almost like a
little flavor bomb coming up when you
bite into this and we also have some
finely grated Parmesan cheese the
mushrooms I’m going to be using these
are shiitake mushrooms you can use
regular button mushrooms or
cremini mushrooms as well I like the
shiitake mushrooms they’re not quite as
deep but they’re usually a little bit
rounder so that’s we’re rocking with and
I have a little bit of salt to it now
just to drought as much moisture as
possible before we get them in the oven
so whipping up this recipe you can get
is kind of creative as you want add
things that you like one suggestion I
would make is to have equal parts our
cream to your crab mixture I was also
thinking about doing with this with
salmon so you could do this with a
number of different types of fish as
well it’s like I mentioned earlier we’re
just going to be throwing everything in
so we got our crab meat will be rubbed
seasoning our pepper or paprika a rough
chopped garlic and our riff chopped
oregano like I said earlier dried
oregano would be just as fine this I
would use my hands with this but I don’t
want a bunch of this stuff stuck on my
gloves so we’re just going to work this
in with a spoon
now that we have this mixed in well I’m
going to grab my mushrooms and we’re
going to start filling up our mushrooms
now when it comes to stuff in these
mushrooms you can add as much or as
little as you’d like I’m going to have
them just so they kind of crest about
like that so you have a little bit
popping up over the top but it’s not an
extreme amount of the stuffing in it so
guys that is a wrap like I said I use 16
ounces of crabmeat
and 16 ounces of cream cheese and I have
about 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 about 16 of these
mushrooms it looks like I have about
enough crabmeat to knock out about 8
jalapeno poppers so I’ll let you know
how those tastes possibly in a future
now we’re gonna hit it with our jalapeno
peppers slices these are just thinly
sliced jalapeno peppers all right we got
these stuffed
we’re hitting them with their jalapeno
pepper slices and now we’re gonna get
them in the oven 400 degrees for 30
minutes now if they start getting overly
Brown just throw a little bit of foil
over it and keep it pushing anyway I’ll
see you back in 30 minutes here’s what
they look like coming out of the oven I
did plate him up hit him with a little
bit of that Parmesan cheese I’m gonna
let them cool down for about 15 minutes
before we get into them chance to let
these cool down a little bit sorry if
you hear a little football in the
background but I got some people over
there watching that let’s get into these
mushrooms see what’s up now I’m not
gonna cut them or do anything like that
we’re going gangster on it
so simple so good if you’re looking for
a simple Quito stuffed mushroom give
this one a try like I said I used the
crab meat in it
I think this would go well with any
white fish even a salmon or shrimp
knock it out I’d like to thank you guys
for stopping by no hippie BBQ I do
appreciate it
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