Costco Keto Snacks Haul  – Easy Keto Snacks On the Go

Costco Keto Snacks Haul – Easy Keto Snacks On the Go

October 30, 2019 3 By William Morgan

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Welcome to the tribe.
I tried to share tips and tricks, recipes,
things that will help you
feel better in your skin.
So that’s really been my
mission for the last five years.
I’ve helped tons of women, um, you know,
feel better in their skin, lose weight,
eat healthier, make healthier choices,
just believe in themselves.
I’m after my own personal
60 pound transformation.
So I know for a fact that you have
the power to change your own life.
So that’s what I try to,
that’s what I try to share every
day on this page. So, okay,
let’s get to it.
I have a flight to catch and I should
probably be on my way to the airport right
now instead of making this video.
So it’s going to be short. Um,
but I just wanted to share what
I found yesterday at Costco.
I actually found some brand new things
there, um, that I’m really excited about.
These are some travel snacks that I
am going to be packing in my luggage.
I’m going to be out of town for
the weekend. And so this is,
this is a way for me to make sure
that I always have a good option.
I don’t know about you guys,
but if I put myself in a
position where I’m super hungry,
I will have a tendency to
make bad choices, right?
So if you let yourself get to the
point where you’re hangry and you’re,
you know, you just want to eat anything,
then it’s much easier to
reach for something that is
maybe not going to get you
closer to your goals.
So making sure that I always travel with
snacks helps me make better choices.
Alright, let’s go through this real quick.
I also, if you saw my post yesterday,
I posted and asked people to
comment and guests my Costco total.
So I’m going to reveal that
at the end of this video.
All right, let’s get to it.
So number one, macadamia nuts.
These, okay, so these are Kirkland brand.
This is one of our favorite things.
The Kirkland brand,
macadamia nuts are the best.
These alone are worth getting a Costco
membership. If you don’t have one,
sometimes you can find these.
They’re not always there.
Sometimes they sell out because they
are that good. They don’t taste like,
I didn’t even know that I liked macadamia
nuts. Basically like growing up.
This is not something that
at eight I have bought
the Milana Lula or Milana Lola ones and
the small Cannes in the grocery store on
the occasions that I haven’t been able
to find these and they’re just not the
same. These are delicious. They’re
so good. They’re like creamy. Um,
the macros for these are so good.
So one ounce of macadamia
nuts has two net carbs.
So it’s four grams total carbs
minus fiber, which is two grams.
So this is two net carbs for
these and the 24 grams of fat.
So they’re perfect for Quito, that
fat. Don’t be afraid of that. Okay?
That fat is just going to help fill
you up and keep you full for longer.
All right, so these are good. And
then they have not very much protein,
a little bit of protein.
All right, so number two,
this is actually something
that that has is new to me.
I’ve never seen this
before. So this is, um,
singles of the Palmetto
come into cheese. Now,
I don’t know if you guys are
aware of this, but I am Southern.
I grew up in the South. I still live
in the South. I love it here. Um,
this is something that I grew
up eating is pimento cheese,
but this permanent cheese
is the good stuff. Okay?
You can tell that it’s
like freshly ground. Um,
it’s delicious and I love that it comes
in these little single servings because
this one, this is a great snack.
If you have some celery or
um, maybe zucchini would
even be good with this.
I would probably just do salary in
this and that would be a good snack.
And you could even put a little
bit of hot sauce on this on top.
Just a few drops. Um, to give it
like a, like a little spicy flavor.
But I love these. Oh peppers, Oh,
this would be so good on peppers.
So slice up some peppers,
slice up some salary,
make sure that the carbs that you are
getting are coming from good sources.
Okay, so don’t be afraid of carbs,
but your carbs should
really come from vegetables.
If you are on a weight loss journey,
you’re trying to really make some
progress in the right direction.
That’s really where you should
get your carbs. All right,
so next is this, and this is also new.
I have never seen this at Costco before.
It’s actually called Kito snack mix,
which is crazy because when I started
doing Quito two and a half years ago,
there was nothing in a
grocery store that said Quito.
There were no books or magazines
in the bookstore that said Quito.
So every time I see something new that
is marketed towards the keto diet,
I get excited because I,
it makes me feel like it’s catching on
and people are realizing just how bad
sugar is for you. So, um, I’m excited.
So I’m excited to try this.
This is going to go straight in my
luggage and it has macadamia nuts,
pecans, pepitas, which
is just pumpkin seeds,
almonds and probiotic cheese balls.
It has one gram of sugar,
seven grams of protein,
15 grams of fat. And
you can see right there,
it’s just sort of like a, like a
trail mix is what it looks like.
So, so good for traveling. Okay,
next I’ve got [inaudible].
Okay, well that looks ideal.
So these are just these little
individual servings of protein powder,
not protein powder. It’s
a protein shake. Um,
and these are really good if
you’re trying to cut carbs,
you can add this into your
coffee, this on, you know,
if you’re busy and you’re
traveling and you’re on the road,
sometimes this is a really good option
just for breakfast. Just grab this,
keep it moving.
I’m probably gonna drink one of these
right now for lunch just because, um,
protein is really filling.
These have two net
carbs per serving. Okay.
So this is a premade. I,
I buy these for my kids a lot too actually
because my kids don’t really like to
eat breakfast. So sometimes you know,
I just want them to get a little bit
extra instead of just drinking a glass of
milk, I’ll give them one of
these. So these are good,
these are good for traveling. They
travel well in these little Tetra Paks.
And like I said before,
you can also order an ice coffee
from somewhere like Starbucks.
Pull this out of there. This is probably
what I’m about to do in airport.
I’ll order a venti iced
coffee from Starbucks.
I’ll drink a little bit of that and
then I’ll pour this into it. Okay,
so now I’ve got my protein and
I’m going to be like re-energized,
ready to go for when I,
when my plane lands and I’ll probably
take a couple of these for breakfast
tomorrow and Sunday so
that’s a good option.
I have heard people talk
about how they’re too,
they’re afraid that they’re going
to go over on their protein.
For me personally, I have the
opposite problem so it’s very,
very easy for me to not get
enough protein in a day.
If you feel like you are going to get
too much protein and you’re worried that
it’s going to turn into glucose in your,
I would say that an easy resolution
for that is just to start tracking your
meals and an app like carb manager and
I have a tutorial on how to set up carb
manager so that you can
start tracking your macros.
You can set your macros and track
your macros through that app.
And that tutorial is on
my phone channel. Um,
okay, so we’ve got those. We’ve got
those. I also have some pistachios.
Nuts are a really good snack. So
if you’re trying to cut carbs,
if you’re trying to go Quito,
you’re not sure what snacks are.
Nuts are a good snack because they
are filling, they are very portable.
You can throw, you
could keep this in your,
the dash of your car. Okay.
This is not going to go bad.
It doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
So keep this in your dash
or in your middle console.
And then whenever you get hungry,
instead of whipping through windies and
ordering some French fries so you can
grab a handful of these
fat. The calories in.
A small portion is gonna fill you up
and help you get to your next meal.
All right, last thing is the
Kirkland brand protein bars.
So this one is pink chocolate peanut
butter chunks and cookies and cream.
And actually I think I meant
to get the other ones. I think,
I don’t like these as much,
but the Kirkland brand protein bars are
the lowest net carb protein bar that I
have been able to find period.
There are some flavors that I like better
than others and I have noticed over
the past year and a half that
sometimes they swap out flavors.
So sometimes you’ll go in to Costco and
they’ll have one option with two flavors
and then the next time you go they’ll
have one option with two different.
So I can’t remember if I’ve
tried the cookies and cream,
but it looks like it used
to be called M cookie dough.
That’s what it looks like
to me. So anyway, these are,
these are definitely something that
you want to avoid on a daily basis.
I would not recommend that you eat these
protein bars every single day if your
goal is weight loss, because here’s why.
There’s 23 grams of
carbs in one protein bar.
Okay? So if you think about volume
and what you’re eating in a day,
the more volume that you can
eat, if your goal is weight loss,
the more full you’re going to feel.
So these bars are like not very
big. They’re about this big.
So you’re going to get 23 grams of
carbs just in this little few bites.
So I would say stay away from that
on a daily basis. Like I said before,
this is for travel.
This is for a good,
better, best option, right?
So is it better me to eat one of these
while I’m in a hotel room or is it better
for me to order, you know, a burger and
fries for room service? Probably these,
in that scenario,
it does have 15 grams of dietary
fiber and it has four grams of your
resveratrol. So if you add those together,
that’s 19 grams that we’re
going to subtract from the
23 so these have four net
carbs per bar. But I’m
just going to tell you,
I’m just gonna let you know that if
you’re overdoing it on these net carbs and
you’re not seeing the results that
you want, it’s because of that.
That’s what’s holding you back.
So you need to make sure that you’re
eating lots of whole real foods if your
goal is weight loss. So that’s
it. Oh my God. It’s one o’clock.
I really have to go. I have to get to
the airport so I don’t miss my flight.
So I’m follow along on YouTube,
not on YouTube, on Instagram.
I’m going to be sharing
little bits and pieces of my
trip. It’s going to be super fun.
I’m excited to see all my friends and
here’s my total or my Costco trick last
$256 and 73 cents
and this is not all I got. I got,
I got doubles of most of this stuff
and then I also got some snacks for the
kids. So that’s, that’s the deal.
I can’t walk into Costco without
spending at least $200. I’ve, I’ve tried.
It’s the same with target. I can’t go and
target without spending at least $200.
So anyway. Um, thanks for
tuning in and like I said,
stay tuned. I’m going to
be sharing fun things.
I know for a fact that we have
some announcements coming out,
some things that are going to
help you reach your goals faster.
And I’m excited about those. I’m
excited to share those with you. So, um,
that’s all I will talk to you soon.