Coronavirus – Defense with Vitamin D? – answered by MD von Helden

February 27, 2020 0 By William Morgan

hello this is Raimund von Helden speaking
from Germany I will give you the English text to a German series of medical
analytics to the coronavirus so can we make the defense with vitamin D against
the corona virus this question we will have in this lesson from Wuhan China
their ships are going around the world and like bombs in the water
the virus is a danger for China this is a comic like scene but there is a way
out and I will tell you how it works this lesson is free of making panic no
biological drama it’s not a financial crash I want
to advertise its simply medical information so is vitamin D good or bad
for the patient with the corona of virus this is the question of Henry Laura he
has the English speaking a website vitamin D will increase vitamin
D the corona virus this is me I’m at Van Helden
I have the Drummond speaking vitamin D service so hello to Henry in USA this is
my home page you see the top articles and this some traffic on this side we
must clear this question which power has of the corona virus so you see that
about 40,000 patients nowadays are ill and two of them will all have been dying
and this means that 89% have a good defense and they will survive so what is
the mistake which we doctors made that we don’t save all hundred percents
what’s going wrong wrong in these two percent this is a statistical approach
you know these from the World Health Organization and if we follow this line
it is fitted by a logarithmic value but and nobody knows how it will walk and
also we don’t know whether the data so clear I wonder whether they have a
hundred a thousand of test systems with the PCR this is rather expensive and not
yet produced it’s erm not so easy the corona virus is not overpowered and
we have still some work with this coat Corona means the envelope proteins and
blocked virus and this is very essential and in the medical approach you know the
corona is the crown of the king and queen and also this virus has a crown
but the Sun also has a crown a corona and this will be the setting of the
discussion we will have now is the the item new that vitamin D is offensive and
helps us to defend virus so William grant from San Francisco made this work
this review and all every green hook shows us there has been confirmation
against viruses like influenza helpers human immunodeficiency virus and
mononucleosis if you are living in the cellar that’s not healthy if you go to
holidays that will be healthy and this is the vitamin D message
and German Ministry says there is no specific therapy all word health this
but realize from the beginning of mankind of men has been fighting against
virus you see here these violet circles around the vitamin D and you see that
all virus attacks are heavy defense and the vitamin D system and this could be
an approach can we save the world from the corona virus twenty milligrams of
vitamin D makes this jump from 10 to 90 in a normal patient and this will
possibly risk you and make him like vaccinations fit to to defend the virus
if we look on the Google Website trust these are the only one seen in Germany
so nobody knows but science knows the use of vitamin D the good news is known
and can save your life this is the start of this what what is coming now the
items of the corona virus first the differed deficiency the second the use
the third point and what I recommend its point number four so some logical logic minutes will follow the items of the
coronavirus we start with the question why do people die from the virus so the
severe acute respiratory syndrome you know you see here a normal lung which is
transparent and the green circle but the red ones with a ill patient shows the
x-rays don’t go through you have some water in the in the race and this means
of a flooding of the lungs and this is also in the acute respiratory distress
syndrome I know this for 30 years every doctor who has been working on the
intensive care unit knows what it is awfully the patient dies when this
situation is reached the the shock lung also it is called and here you have
three acronyms all with respiratory and also the Middle East respiratory
syndrome is this also a corona virus caused disease even the mission
respiration in the intensive care or will not help in some cases respiratory
that is what the corona virus makes and they set the lungs and the water how
does the virus get into the body so normally there is no entrance and here
the corona virus here in green logo has a key to got the the door key to turn it
around and this model fits to the signs the corona virus uses a key which is
already there on your sells and what do you know about this so
Jesus gives the answer that’s to say and in Garcia diocese she
tells and the science news that is the same Salalah lock which is used to
infect cells and we have this AC e to a protein and this will afterwards open
your eyes why this is so dangerous that the virus uses this and this is the
publication paper which is behind the thesis article because the Chinese
colleague use wrote it already the AC e to receptor is the name of the position
where the virus goes and he uses a spike protein and this AC e receptor is also
in these animals to be seen bats and pigs and this means also these these
animals can have the virus and transmitted or to the people and so
that’s me this means they will reserve eight for new infection all the time so
corona virus cannot be may distinguish Sasson Corolla get our
apartment key and the key code is AC e2 and so let’s make the question is there
any other key for the apartment so this is the question or which is made in
Worchester Massachusetts and they started some laboratory tests with the
spiked protein going to the AC e and they inhibited it with the a B that
means a monoclonal antibody which covered the AC e and so the S protein
could not connect and this right photo shows normal cells without any harm but
on the left side you see the bubbles showing that the virus has get into and
makes deformations the scars are for comic so AC e2 is the place where the
identify the infection starts and they also made the test on the AC one
receptor and this does not work so only the AC tube is the place all coronavirus
use this AC e2 key of the cells with a spike protein so would this be a good
idea to get rid of all a c2 receptors and the virus kit I cannot enter the
body this will not a good idea because we use
this and we need it every minute of our day here you see the anger tends in one
that is for blood pressure and this is a molecule with 8 amino acids and
the first and the last are cut off like the the hotdog you see the this hotdog
right side has only six amino acids and it’s cut it so it’s activated it makes a
better smell so to say and this is what the ace-1 receptor does with the
angiotensin which is needed to get blood pressure and the AC 2 which is the
corona virus adapter this makes it a further step are the six amino acids
anger turns in to is cut once more into some other group of anger ten scenes
which are called as three to seven so it’s a it makes some confetti of this
and so you have different molecules so here you see what I see – does it makes
from the highly active anger turns in to inactive confetti and the anger 10 zine
one makes some activation you need also rename to make the first step from the
anger turns into a mutant in one and to the fingers you see here show the name
this is a attend zine one shun one finger a Newton’s in to two fingers and
some more and this is the way it works so it’s also useful for medical students
going to the exam it’s like in in your sport card the first you get from first
gear to the second you need it the a ace-1
and to slow down and the to go back what you need a c2 and so a c1 makes the
blood pressure rise and a c2 makes it go down
so it’s icy down to is essentially needed for the limitation of the blood
pressure and so why will it kill by limb lung injury as we have seen in our
collec in wuhan who in who died from this terrible disease so this is the the
normal physiology showing the blood pressure with a red balloon and so I’m
you attending to two fingers is set up and also a attends in two takes it away
so it’s a steady state and then the massive invasion of the aliens
coronavirus get to this receptor and block it and so 81 with one finger up
cannot adapt it’s like you get too late to the parking places and all are blocked and you don’t get your parking
place and nothing can be done you cannot open your doors you have to circle
around and this situation is also here you see the virus has captured the AC 2
and so the the production of AC one goes on and the blood blood pressure rises
and this high pressure in the lung will also cause some water and the water
flowing out and is this the respiratory syndrome and in this situation you have
a devil Circle Circle of its users so if you get not enough of oxygen in your
lung you get stress and the blood pressure
easily rises to 240 and higher and this additional blood pressure made by anga
teens in one can not be stopped so very dramatically you get the lung
edema and the only what the body knows to react is to rise the blood pressure
and this cause of the the sudden death in time of maybe one hour and these
cannot get get out because AC e2 is very essential to slow down the blood
pressure this is the way all this lungs and
dramas make this fatal outcome and so the question is isn’t there another
alternative regulation of the blood pressure why is it so essential this and
it ends in one so it must be some others systems is the question so we have a
kind of laughs connection the anger tends in one enzyme laughs the
Angleton’s in one they are a fin to nod to each other and they want to meet and
to react and this fingers remember to this Michelangelo picture in Rome they
try to come near but don’t have reached yet the snake goes between it’s like a
devil and bites into the finger and this is what I mean with the virus going on
this receptor and the the snake also has a similar method it uses AC e blocking
and protein and this is the ECE blocker and this ice Angleton’s een enzyme
blocking this is a very good known or the medicine captopril enalapril or
always ending and pre they block it and so the snake kills the mouse because the
blood pressure goes down to zero on the mouse is dead and this means a complete
blocking of the ace-1 remember the model makes it impossible to rise
the blood pressure and this means death so a medical advice if you have patient
taking some AC e blocker go go ahead if they are not in a toxic dose you will
have a profit from this at the rather good biological medicine and go on using
it so the question is could there be some medicine protect the AC to so that
the the lung edema will not occur so this is the question the collegia is in
the Columbia University had already so here they have the the same model this
is the AC to protein and the spike from the virus they hand-to-hand want to
should make shake hands like here in my key model and they had a substance with
a cryptic name SS double a and this was given into the vital examination and
really for some hours the cellular activity driven by the receptor was
blocked so there are some substances which can block the AC – that could be have some use but only for three hours
so after the connecting of the key what does the coronavirus make so answer
comes from Cracow Paul Paul polska and we have the latrine mechanism this is
well known Wikipedia like a bowl this protein
forms the endocytosis and after this the virus can enter into it so after the
connection this is not all the virus enters the cell chlidren
helps the cordilla virus to go in the cells so it’s not catch Katherine but
clattering you see this L letter so take home from the first part the damage of
the corona virus is because the AC e blocking makes the the degradation of
angiotensin impossible the blood pressure rises in the lungs and this
reads to edema and death second part of for what has a vitamin D deficiency to
do with virus so we have a study from Tasmania some patient with 69 grams of
vitamin D have a high level of respiratory infections and then I got
20,000 units a week and the rate of infections was half so less infections
with vitamin D this is empirical data data from Norway drawn one he showed the
vitamin D level rises in the summer you know this and in wintertime influence I
goes up and 24 nano grams this is the level you need not to die from influenza
and this is also advise that respiratory disease even with influenza it’s also in
enveloped virus is dependent on the vitamin D system Chinese children with an age of one or
two years have vitamin D deficiency the level below 12 was seen in 65 percent so
it’s dramatical situation and imagine all the towns and the factories they are
very busy and this means also the vitamin D levels take home about vitamin
D deficiency the deficiency is responsible for influenza and
respiratory disease and this widespread in China in Germany we have more than
50% in this dangerous zone in the winter time 0.3 the use of vitamin D against
coronavirus so what have coronavirus to do with AC e system so that means
ingredients in converting enzyme see the paper which mr. Zhang Jun Li from
Chicago yes I wrote in the vitamin D of David Feldman it’s a thick book of
22,500 pictures and you see the situation without vitamin D green so
much reading propylene is synthesized so their blood pressure rises in the
wintertime then summer comes and with activity sports and others vitamin D
gets active you see this a 125 hydroxy vitamin D and this active vitamin D is
able to connect to the vitamin d receptor and this way it blocks the
ponen synthesis and that means the blood pressure lowers if you are in holidays
if you have a three-day can lower your blood pressure that is the the message
and here the cycle that is a result of the years of scientific work so the
block is set from the ringing gene to the ringing protection with vitamin D
analog so not a high pressure blood pressure needed if you are a natural guy
and have your sunshine so also the ringing in blood rises in this case and
this are mice without receptor so you can you know the knock-out mice and and
they have the Vita vitamin D receptor not are they
living without the possibility to to have a affect on active vitamin D and so
they have a hiren in production so that shows there is a relationship between
vitamin D and the AC e and the regulation also more vitamin D active
means less blood pressure and vice-versa it comes down it alleviates the pressure
can vitamin D help lung in the respiratory stress or shot lungs in Rome
so the collegia Xin China did a very good work active vitamin D alleviates
really acute lung injury by a regulation of the ringing and guillotine system so
you know this you have seen just before that has an effect on the the vitamin D
on the angiotensin system and this is has a good effect on the patient at risk
and in at problems so this is the setting of mouse experiment you see the
production of the blood rising proteins and this is without a placebo effect
here a coulis poison is given liya hai a treat from again from Raja Huli and this
is only given vitamin D and if you give the the toxin from factories together
with some vitamin D that means 5 nano mores you have even an alleviation
effect and if you give more and more the effect of the truck scene is reduced so
active vitamin D can help the lung to survive this attack yes there is a
causal therapy against this a RDS so vitamin D is shown to be effective and
this small picture puts it together so yes a c1 with one finger a c2 and the
ends the one enzyme sets it up and they are other sets it down go ahead and you
go back and all these proteins needed are regulated by vitamin D so it the big
help and vitamin vitamin D can have an effect
on the fluid lung and the transparency of the lung and injury and you can read
it in English also you get also the PDF from my home page so vitamin D helps in
many positions this the English text the German a good help in acute situation
and also in the chronicle situation you see if you processed this is also thing
which can be altered with a vitamin D so IC e 2 can be helped by vitamin D
do you have less risk with a higher vitamin vitamin D level yes it is
Egypt children were examine ated and the healthy children had a vitamin D level
of thirty five nanograms per milliliter and the ill have only 15 and synchronous
the Catholic sedin a helping system was much better in in the healthy children
than in the ill ones and other further advice for the use how good is this
jealousy Dean so this Changsha China’s study shows
that the blue muniya was six times higher if the vitamin D level was below
30 so that is the the risk factor and every one should have a vitamin D level
about this and I even say route 66 get it to 66 and more and British paper from
Martino shows also that he ll 37 has a good antiviral activity and this is a
Sunnah numerous from for the cat cat ELISA Dean and also from Scotland we
have the paper of guar Finlay that defends in that’s a sister substance
from Kathy Lisa Dean works against purrs of influenza corona virus HIV and
all the enveloped virus are attacked from the body by defending and eliciting
here you see them left-side catalase hidden and right side the proteins
defends een these are virus blockers and also are able to kill bacteria because
they go into their membranes and scratch them and they they can not defense they
have no special specific defense and they are stronger than antibiotics
because there’s no resistance known at all from Harvard University Boston is a
you have this papers they gave vitamin D four hundred thousand units and the
vitamin D level rises plus fifteen points so before you have ten and
afterwards you have twenty five for example and synchronous the Catholics
adenine rises and they make also significance test and show this was a
significant relation and this is only a simple photo because there’s no photo in
the paper itself so you know what it means that the vitamin D and capsule is
Dean rising is synchronous and this works and also Scottie has
shown this from New York USA that defends in even eight hours after the
virus entering these substances can be helped and can stop the infection so
there are very efficient therapy of the body itself so this paper
it’s a model with a mouse infection and so they were protected by human
differences here you see the take-home message of
part three about the use of vitamin D that you have the own virus blocker C
and D but it only works when you have a level about 30 let’s say batteries to
have a 66 200 go your route 66 and you will be happy and this works against the
anger teens in one which rises the blood pressure and causes lung edema and so
you have two different working mechanisms one is directly against virus
and the other is against lung edema this is the the message and this is
protection this is not pro with we’ve become accompanied by problems because
tropical normal failures in the are in this range so people living in nature in
these tropical countries simple awfully have these various and stay healthy and
the way to this how to find your personal dose
use the vitamin D simulator and let’s have a look back the vitamin D is working in all the
cells you
the spiked protein goes absolutely specific about the AC to receptor and
this makes the virus so bad it this damage from on this AC to receptor
causes of the lung edema what you see here because the blood
pressure is rising if you have lung problems and buddy is not able to lower
it and the AC e inhibitors show how strong these systems are Chinese
children are at risk vitamin D helps in several ways and the catalyst adine and
defens een will help you to have to win your struggle against the virus and C
98% of the infect people survive because they have some vitamin D who helps and
if you want to be on this 98% take your vitamin D level on the high value take
home what the four lessons showed you and this is my last book
about the vitamin D activation so vitamin D simply taken from a pill is
the first step you have to activate it for example with sports with cold water
with the right diet and this is the lifestyle which causes more or less
activation this book will be in on the kindle Amazon shop and also with the
paperback starting in some days the 18th of
February so I have a good luck and be healthy stay
healthy this is Raimond von Helden from the vitamin D service dot de from
Germany goodbye