Cooking on a semi truck  –  Low Carb Chicken

Cooking on a semi truck – Low Carb Chicken

November 13, 2019 3 By William Morgan

all right people I have been
commissioned by the girl to cook her some chicken I’m gonna get paid guys
trust in me all right so I’m gonna cook her some chicken I know when to be a
good boy and I know when to be a bad boy anyway I said what kind of chicken she
left it up to me I’m so damn tired of the same damn chicken that cook all the
time I’m just fed up with it and I’ve got an upset stomach today so I don’t
even feel like cooking chicken really it’s a pepto-bismol or something but
anyway here’s what’s gonna be I have said chicken boobies and I’ll show you
what I’m gonna do with them boobies and I have some almond flour I’m gonna
try to use two tablespoons of almond flour which is one carbohydrate that may
or may not use this spaghetti sauce in the place of marinara so I can do what I
want to do I’m gonna use a little bit of ghee for my cooking oil and I might
intermingle it what’s a little olive oil because I can I’m gonna bring garlic and
salt to the table because why not and I’m gonna put cheese inside of my
chicken probably let me get right back with you somebody’s negative okay so we
are going to start out with two tablespoons of the almond flyer see I’m
fancy I actually have a tablespoon measure we’re here all right
now I may I may change this all right look I’m looking at it that I don’t know
if that looks like enough so here what let’s go with another
carbohydrate and put four tablespoons in it and then later we can measure how
much we do not use and see what we ended up with okay that’s pretty smart right
so there is two carbs so far with keto compliant and like I said I’m bringing
this I’m bringing garlic to the table alright let’s bring some garlic to the
table here let me measure a – yeah that’s probably a – – you there – of
that oh it smells like the pea soup potato soup something I can’t have how
about some salt so so it’s good for you I don’t care what they say all right now I’m gonna move you guys
back over here Julia Child’s or who some of them food people Rachael Rachael Ray
we have four girls going on a lot of weight somebody’s send her an email and
tell her to give them a Cheetos I love Rachael Ray but I’m worried about her
having a heart issue so now we’ll just mix that up a little bit I even washed
my hands for this occasion I know you appreciated it all right all right now
so that’s this stage of the operation we’re gonna set the seasoning aside and
we’re going to turn to the chicken here’s the chicken guys I even washed
the chicken off how much you’re supposed to or not I mean but anyway now this is
kind of I would think it would kind of be like a chicken parmesan but I don’t
have any parmesan so we’re gonna wing it chicken wing it funny oh I kind of
messed that up I went I went all the way through the chicken all right you see
what I’m doing here I’m what’s this called butterfly on the chicken I don’t
know if that’s possible bless you’re a little hard all right so
we’re butterfly on the chicken right in the middle
neither awful big chicken bread breast the onliest chicken died for our
solution let’s say a prayer for chicken I’m gonna ask him Dobby this and all
that good stuff right all right so we got the chicken cut up and pretty good now the nicest nobody anymore
worship now we’re going to turn over here and get some cheese yes I said
cheese look at it I will get a liberal amount
of cheese out here dealing with food is probably the only time you’re ever going
to hear me use the word liberal in any kind of good work just say it
alright now I don’t want to make too much of a mess I just throw this cheese
aside BAM done with the cheese all right now
we need to get that cheese inside there a little bit see looks like I over
cheesy ated it don’t hold it against me guys I take four cheese alright now
looky here we’re pushing the chicken breast down might be might want to slow
it together or something if you’re making this let me know how it turns out
all right and then we’re going to move on to the next phase of operation in
this phase of the operation we need the essence of the where Bo that we’re about
guys but we only really need one wave oh sorry Zack in the tail so now I am left
with one where Bo over breakfast maybe the dogs will end up with it but yeah we
got the way bro let’s mix up where we don’t hear that doing now I really don’t know about this next
phase in operation because part of me part of me would like to dip the chicken
in the where bow and then in the flour mixture but part of me says no no that’s
exactly what I’m gonna do okay here’s what I have decided to do I’m gonna I’m
gonna add a little cream to my egg to stretch hey feel free to do that it
won’t hurt anything matter of fact if you like scrambled eggs put a little
heavy cream in your egg it will stretch your eggs and make them more creamier
and better mo better I know that Marge we talked about before give me a give me
a mo better girl mo better okay that’s right
Oh have a head have a swig of the heavy cream all right I decided what I’m gonna
do are you ready bring it on all right let’s go ahead and throw some
of the ghee in here just for fun and and some of the olive oil if you’re cooking
with olive oil you have to watch your temperature a little bit because it will
burn be careful with the olive oil all right now let’s do this all right here is sad chicken licken
guys chicken a dick in for dinner yeah I’m gonna pick it up member allieross my
hands and I am gonna put it into the egg mixture yay
and then I hey I’m gonna put it over here and I’m gonna get my hands on a ste
alright I hate getting nasty hands it’s disgusting
I’m just gonna roll it around a little bit remember this ain’t gonna be perfect
because I’m cooking it it ain’t gonna be perfect and then I’m gonna place it in
the fire trial by fire all right good come on get you a GaN there more
time yeah we want to use all this that we can get so this is the closest we’re
gonna come for food we had a piece of ice cream yesterday guys y’all even hear
that for me it was justit was one little tiny bit of ice cream are you even a
month not to member alright so there it looks terrible
it’s as good as it’s gonna get but now it’s in the fire it’s some stuff on it
now this is gonna end up going in the oven
shortly yeah I should have used a little bit more than flowery stuff alright so
I’m cooking this on a medium heat it’s yeah time to medium and a not
three-quarters I hate or whatever I don’t know the work the right setting
for it so I’m just I’m winging it alright now we’re going to flip the
chicken probably not just like mama night the
hell your mama might have only made Fox food so I don’t know it’ll be what it’ll
be it’s chicken let’s let it brown on this
side and then we will pop it in the oven at five million degrees okay okay
everyone I have put I’ve had to put a little olive oil in my him on my finger
casserole dish if that’s what it is now smoosh that around just because we
don’t want any thickened about bet I’m doing dishes too and I think that this
has been Brown’s good enough you want to have a look at it there you go
take her out throw over in here now this is a sad day
in the truck guys a very sad day in the truck I just checked my spaghetti sauce
because I couldn’t find any mare in there I got no Italian blood in me so I
can’t snoop out marinara so but I can find spaghetti sauce and I had purchased
the wrong spaghetti sauce spaghetti sauce that I have has 11 carbohydrates
in it 11 carbohydrates plus it to a piece on on each one of these will make
for 13 carbohydrates in this meal you can give spaghetti sauce or marinara
that only has five carbohydrates you have to watch the sugar content all
right so let’s put the spaghetti sauce on the
chicken all right so we use two servings out of there that’s what we get guys a throating oven round and round what comes around goes
around I’ll tell you why okay guys it looks like it may be done I poked it and
clear juices came out of it that don’t mean nothing I’m a idiot I cooked it for
half an hour actually which that’s I’ll be fine right it looks pretty good it
smells delicious it really does so all of that for 13 carbs I’m pretty happy
with now the proof is in the pudding right well we don’t have any please but
the taste tester and you know who the taste tester is that thing holding the
camera right there she’s the taste tester at least she’s not she’s not she
doesn’t judge my food too harshly cause she got my cup so let’s trip let’s sit down and give it
a try okay the girl is gonna cut into it let’s see what happens well okay
let’s see it inside here it’s just chicken I ain’t cutting far enough in to
get to your goodies okay alright guys that’s it that’s dinner
dinner is served eat up