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so today I have a meal prep Queen in my
Oprah voice hello everyone my name is
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welcome! So today I have a meal prep
queen in my Oprah voice here with us by
the name of Ashley Kitchens. Ashley and I
are both Registered Dietitian
Nutritionists who adhere to a plant-based
diet and we decided to collaborate to
bring to you a video on back-to-school
meal prepping like a queen so before we
get into these specifications of the
video I want Ashley to go ahead and
introduce herself to you. Hey everyone
like Kim said my name is Ashley I’m
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I’m
originally from Indiana, but I came down
to North Carolina to go to school to be
a dietitian and I haven’t left. So I
currently live in Durham, North Carolina
I started working out as a dietitian in
clinical and now work as a consultant in
long-term care facilities primarily
nursing homes. I am also the owner of
Plant Centered Nutrition where I promote
eating more plants and also meal
prepping. I love working out, I love doing
Crossfit I love walking my dogs on these
beautiful sunny days when it’s not too
hot. So Ashely meal preps
on a weekly basis and has this thing
down to a science. So Ashley do you mind
explaining to us how you originally got
into meal planning and meal prepping?
Thanks Kim! I started meal prepping in
2016 it took me a little while to find
my rhythm, but once I did I didn’t look
back it was recommended to me by someone just
as a way to reduce my stress and anxiety
throughout the week I was having a lot
of trouble you know just being
overwhelmed with having to cook every
day and going the grocery store all
the time so when someone recommended it
to me and I tried it it was
life-changing so once I found my groove
my rhythm I just can’t believe I
survived a week without it. Thank you for
sharing that with us because meal
planning and meal prepping has been
something that I have been personally
trying to solidify and I’m pretty sure
others have been trying to solidify this
process as well especially seeing school
has just started. So Ashley do you mind
sharing with us the topics that you’ll
be addressing today? Absolutely, so we’ll
be discussing three main topics the
first one being meal planning so the
whole planning process,
the second is grocery shopping and how
we’re gonna save money not spend more
money, and the third is meal prepping
itself and how you will end up saving
time in the kitchen not spending more
time in the kitchen which is really
important. Great! So let’s just jump right
into it so go ahead and tell us how far
in advance do you meal plan and prep? I’m
really always on the lookout for recipes
or anything that catches my eye all week
long so whether I’m scrolling through
Instagram or flipping through a
magazine and I’m kind of
always on the lookout for something, but
typically I like to have an idea of what
my menu looks like two to three days in
so personally I meal prep on Mondays I
like to have an idea of what my menu
looks like on Fridays that way I can go
grocery shopping and get it all done and
enjoy my weekend and get ready to go
prep. Okay so a few days ahead I got it
so what are the benefits Ashley of
planning a few days ahead. That’s a great
question because I’ve definitely learned
this the hard way
planning ahead really takes the stress
out of having to figure out what I’m
going have for the week I found that
when I wasn’t planning ahead I was
grabbing a lot of convenient foods and
spending more money on like impulse buys
at the grocery store not only that I
would end up going to the grocery store
several times a week because I really
didn’t have a plan in place with
planning out a menu in advance I’m able
to eat a lot healthier because I’m not
grabbing those convenient
foods I’m saving money because I’m
preparing foods from scratch as opposed
to buying them already pre-made. I’m able
to save so much time because I’m not going
to the grocery stores level times a week
which I used to do way too often.
Overall, it’s great because I already
have a plan in place and that’s one less
decision that I have to worry about from
day to day and meal to meal. So I’m just
going to put myself out there and I’ll
admit I’m one of the biggest minimalist
that you’ll meet – I like to keep it simple
so what advice would you give to someone
who’s also a minimalist and likes to
keep things simple? Yes, this is great
because you really want to keep the
process simple you don’t want to over
complicate it because when you do it
gets overwhelming and you’re not going
want to stick with it if it’s over
complicated so one of the first things I
recommend is finding recipes that
contain the minimal obscure ingredients
so you don’t want to use recipes that
contain these crazy ingredients that
you’re really going to use once and
it’s just going to waste away in your
fridge. Find ingredients that you’re
going use over and over again and
recipes that you’re familiar with and
that are pretty easy to make. Secondly,
you want to try and eat a variety of
color so when you’re planning at your
meals like just try and make sure that
you’re getting a variety of different
fruits and vegetables and whole grains
legumes all that sort of stuff into your
meal prep. One of the most important ones
is make sure it’s going to be delicious
so don’t choose meals just because
they’re really healthy like make sure
they’re going to be healthy and delicious
at the same time because you’re going
want to eat these meals you’re going to
want to want to eat these meals for
several days in a row and not get sick
of it. Also you really want to choose
time-sensitive recipes so don’t choose
recipes that are going to take a really
long time in the kitchen because
honestly the less time you can spend in
the kitchen the more time you can sit
with your family your friends your dogs.
Find recipes that are going to be fairly
quick and easy and not take
a lot of time and always have a budget
in mind so stick to your grocery list if
you can it’s really hard when you go to
the grocery store and it’s all these
amazing new items that you see if you
can stick to your grocery list that’ll
help you stick to your budget as well
also buying in bulk can help you save
money too.
That’s great information because as
summer is ending and we’re moving on so
fall and winter it’s no fun to spend all
of your days in the kitchen so where do
we go from here? I agree so first you
really want to figure out what meals it
is you’re going to plan for the upcoming
week are you just going to plan
breakfast? Are you just going to plan lunch?
Are you going to do all three meals? so it’s
up to you and whatever fits your
lifestyle best everybody is different so
you don’t have to do you know what your
neighbor is doing or anything like that.
It really helps to start by taking an
inventory of what ingredients you
already have on hand so what’s in your
pantry, what’s in your fridge or freezer
what’s going to expire?
What do you need to use
sooner than later? That will kind of help
you formulate your grocery lists later
so in the meantime you can do kind of what
I said earlier where you can flag
recipes as you go throughout the week
or you can sit down with your cookbooks
or your favorite recipe finding platform
and figure out what recipes you want to
make for the upcoming week and don’t
forget to pick recipes that look
delicious because that’s important so
once you pick your recipes make sure you
figure out how much you need to make
because some recipe is only making a
couple servings and you’re going to prep
for five days make sure you multiply
everything out right and then you’re
ready to make your grocery list and you
already know what ingredients you have
on hand so this grocery list is gonna
come to you so quickly it’s amazing. I’m
eager about the grocery shopping part
grocery shopping is actually one of
my favorite things to do so
what advice would you give to someone to
prevent impulse buying? For this upcoming
meal prep that I’m gonna show you I
already had a lot of ingredients on hand
really nice so my grocery list was a bit
lighter so I ended up having to buy a
lot of fresh produce and some odds
and ends I’m just to kind of fill the gaps
for the week. I avoided impulse buying
this week by sticking to my grocery list.
Alright so show us what you make with
these items? Alright let’s go to my
kitchen. Alright welcome to my kitchen!
so this week I planned a baked oatmeal
for breakfast
a veggie soba noodle salad for lunches
and a rice and bean burrito bowl for dinner. These are
my go-to recipes that there’s really
quick and easy for me to do so let’s
jump right into it. This is my big
oatmeal from my 5 day meal plan. So first
we’re going to do some oats,
coconut sugar, baking powder, plant milk
cinnamon, vanilla, applesauce, quick mix
So for lunches we’re going to do that
veggie soba noodle salad but this week
I’m feeling quinoa so I have it going
behind me in the meantime I’m going to
prep some of my vegetables. I’m going
make the dressing really quick while the
quinoa finished up : Peanut butter, ginger, tamari, maple syrup, garlic
powder, sriracha, squeeze of lime, hot water to thin
Perfect! and that lunches
For dinners we’re gonna do the rice and bean burrito bowls. I have the rice cooking in
my instant pot, I have the beans which
I’m going to use can this week just to
make it easy and real quick I’m going to
sauté up some chopped spinach and
corn with spices. So those items will
be prepped them in advance and then every
day what we’ll do is we’ll crack open
an avocado and dice up some tomatoes or you can
use pico or salsa and then we can add
some hot sauce if you’d like along with
cilantro and green onion left over from
lunch if you would like as well. We’ll
prepare the beans by putting them in a
bowl that you can store in the
refrigerator we will add a bunch of taco
seasoning and mix it up and these are good to go for
the week. We’ll compile everything each
night in our bowl and you can add cheese
if you’d like or tortilla chips whatever
suits your fancy and that’s dinners.
Alright would you guys think those
recipes are pretty easy right it took me
about 90 minutes to prep breakfast, lunch,
and dinner for the entire week so I’m
super pumped about that. Alright, right
from the milk prep Queen herself this is
amazing information thank you for
sharing that with us Ashley so if you
guys are interested in Ashley’s free
meal prep guide there’s going to be a
link of it in my description box below
so make sure that you check it out. Thank
you so much Kim for having me and thank
you everybody for watching you can
follow me on instagram at plantcenteredprep
or you can go to my website and you can
even download a free 5 day meal plan
which contains all the recipes I just
made. Thanks guys
thanks Kim