July 18, 2019 2 By William Morgan

well today we’re going to make some low
crab donuts sour cream doughnuts the
servings are six and the carbs are three
and let me take my blood sugar I
like to start before I eat at 100 or
lower typically I only go into the
nineties once in a while so I’m still
trying to get down there just stay where
I am I noticed I can eat
35 or less per day and not need any
medication My A1C has been steady
at 5.7 since I started 10 years ago I
was diagnosed at 6.8 but I couldn’t
handle the metformin although now they
say it’s good for you 111 that’s a
little high for the 2-hour but will keep
working at it so you need one of these well what I use is the Wilton
dessert decorator I’ll show you
dessert decorator plus this one has the
thicker larger tip with the thicker tube or
a bigger opening so it’ll
be just the right size for the doughnuts
and once you get your filling or not
you’re filling your dough into there you
squeeze it out into the donut pan I have
not tried it on a cookie sheet because
I’m scared they’re going to spread so I do
use this pan it has six round compartments
so here we go with the recipe 2/3 cup
coconut flour now if you’ve worked with
coconut flour you know that it gets very
dry and normally you have to add either
some water or whipping cream or egg your
preference to get it to be about the
consistency of pancake
batter so and then we’ve got the 1/2 cup
erythritol as well which you can’t find
everywhere but you know where I got it
at the Amish store up north but I think
it’s becoming more and more popular
because it’s a natural product or use
the stevia natural stevia all right half
a tablespoons baking powder if you use
the salted butter you don’t have to add
the salt but I always use the unsalted
butter so 3/4 cup melted butter 1/2 a
cup sour cream 3 extra large eggs and a
half a teaspoon vanilla and then your
ganache or frosting is just you melt
some dark chocolate squares Lintz is what I use
try to get to 85% and be sure to read
the labels because some say they are sweetened with
Stevie they still
are higher carbs than the dark dark
chocolate and then you mix the stuff a
couple of these squares of dark
chocolate with a small amount of
whipping cream and you stick it in the
microwave I would go 30 seconds at a
take it out and then stir it and if it
still needs to melt more put it back in
for another 30 seconds so let me just
write this down 111
again I will put the link to this recipe
on the blog and today I wanted to go
over something that I came up with as a
list of do’s and do nots okay it’s
called eat this not that if you want to
make a copy of this you can I’ll give
the link down in the comments again
this also eat but you know you can tell
that some of this needs to you need to
drink it so unsweetened coconut milk or
unsweetened almond milk and not cow’s
milk because regular milk has sugar in
it and that’s something I learned but
now that I haven’t had regular milk for
a couple of years I can taste the sugar
whereas before I never thought it
contained sugar so spaghetti squash not
pasta you can bake those in the oven and
then use your fork when it’s done and
shredded into pasta all right here we go
use coconut oil olive oil and butter not
vegetable oil which is high inflammation
so we’re trying to get rid of the
inflammation in our body one of the
causes and one of the after-effects of
diabetes we use the mashed cauliflower
not mashed potatoes and these are really
pretty good you can put garlic in it
well cheese I don’t know about the
cheese unless you add it yourself yeah
don’t get the processed cauliflower all
right you got almond meal or crushed
pork rinds not bread crumbs is that for
coating whatever you want to coat I use
it for coating eggplant sometimes meat
fish alright here we go with the stevia
not sugar
not honey but if you believe there is
such a thing as artificial honey
which is like an oxymoron
it’s called honey tree at Walmart it’s
artificial honey it tastes like honey it
vert sweetr that’s what I use or I use sugar freemaple
syrup alright with that I’m under
coconut flour not regular flour anything
not whole wheat flour not oatmeal flour
just these two because all other things
are grains and really stay away from
grains all right we use lettuce wraps
lettuce leaves as a wraps omitting the
bread or you can use jicama
that’s what I do sometimes instead of bread
and well we also use those portobello
mushrooms you know like for hamburgers
all right here’s that jicama cut into sticks or
radishes not hashbrowns
actually these radishes are pretty good
you can add a little bit of seasoning
that’s low carb l you cut them up and
you fry them in some coconut oil or
avocado oil, olive oil. eating chopped up nuts
with unsweetened coconut flakes you can
get the large flakes which will be more
like cereal that’s in the place of
cereal and oatmeal 1/4 cup of berries if
your diabetes is at a controlled
level like under 120 and not any other
kind of food specially watermelon and oranges
well they’ve got natural sugar but it’s
still a sugar riced cauliflower instead
of rice real whipping cream not cool
whip and then for cream cheese instead
of ice cream there’s homemade ice cream
recipes that I will post one day all
boiled turnips cut into quarters instead
of boiled potato
turnips are not that low in carbs so
watch your portion size pork rinds with
sour cream not chips with dip or if you
find a salsa that’s compliant you could
have that to spiralize zucchini on one
of those mandolins and then here’s a
Zuni zucchini you can cut into long
strips with a mandolin not lasagna
noodles so I will post that in the link
below and you can just print that out
and stick it on your refrigerator and as
a reminder when you open the fridge
what’s compliant and what’s not
so I think this will be a
help to you thanks for watching today
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for now