August 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

today’s recipe is keto chocolate cake
roll 4 carbs 12 servings let me take my
blood sugar reading now this will be the
two-hour reading after eating one slice
okay that’s 98 which is good and I know
the date on here is wrong because I
tried to reset it and it doesn’t go
forward it only goes back so I’m
thinking when I bought this thing I
should have set it to the right date
but anyways today is the 26th of July go
onto the recipe 1 cup almond flour 4
tablespoons melted butter and we’ve got
three large eggs 1/4 cup Psyllium husk powder which
is a powder like a laxative it’s added
for extra fiber and also for texture I
believe alright and then we’ve got 1/4
cup cocoa I get my at traders Joes Its
the dark cocoa 1/4 cup unsweetened
almond milk and 1/4 cup Daisy sour cream
I like the Daisy because it’s all-natural
1 teaspoon you can use vanilla or almond
I tend to go with almond and lemon
extract nowadays because it adds more
flavor where you don’t really taste the
vanilla that much and some of these
low-carb recipes you do need extra
flavor because they are sort of bland
but if you’re going to use the cocoa
that also helps with the flavoring
alright one teaspoon baking powder
alright now we’re going to go to the
filling 8 ounces cream cheese 8
tablespoons melted butter a 1/4 cup of
sour cream 1/4 cup erythritol
which is a natural
sugar-free sweetener and then
we’ve got here we go with the vanilla I
did use a vanilla what this is extract
so I just wanted to show you the recipe
will be in the comments below so you can
go there and copy it and here is the
finished product and it looks very yummy
it’s made in a cookie pan or a cookie
sheet and then you line that with
parchment paper and it gets rolled up
you got the filling and then after its
cooled you roll it up and that’s about
so let me know how you liked this recipe
if you ask how do I get down to a
hundred which is my goal before I eat
anything I would say the trick is not to
eat anything after 6:00 p.m. the night
before if you wake up and you’re over
100 eat something very light I’m using
it like 110 yet and I’m supposed to be
under 100 but I will eat eight ounces of
Greek unsweetened yogurt and then I wait to eat
again till I’m down to 100 and then at
the one hour that’s your spike and at
the 2:00 hour you should be back to
where you started from let me just write
the 98 on here
I know it’s not that easy it does take
some work and you might have your
cravings for a couple weeks but with
good dessert recipes and healthy main dish recipes
you can do it any won’t be starving so
just keep trying to stay on that
compliant food list and you’ll be fine
another thing is we don’t reward
cheating because it will set you back
and for our new members joining the
group it’s letting them know that you
can’t cheat and the group doesn’t
believe in cheating because you will get
your cravings back we stay away from the
cheating and you stick to the foods on
the complaint food list which you will
find in the recipe group well also in
our main group we also have a recipe
group so you’ll find that list in the
group I’m about to show you it’s a
Facebook group and I think who you went
over 30,000 members and all so seems
like everyday more and more people are
diagnosed diagnosed with type 2 so have
a look at this group and join and
there’s people on there that will help
you if you have any questions leave it
in the comments I’ll be putting the
recipe link where you can print it out
in the comments thanks for watching see
you next time bye