Complete Shoulder Workout:  No Pain No Gain + Keto Diet Results

Complete Shoulder Workout: No Pain No Gain + Keto Diet Results

July 31, 2019 2 By William Morgan

Hi everyone. It’s Esther here. I hope you’re
having a great day. I have this amazing shoulder
workout that I’m going to share with you in
this video. It really kicked my butt. Um,
but I also wanted to talk to you guys about
the diet that I’ve been on and update you
on that. I’ve been on the ketogenic diet.
I’ve been on it for roughly 3 weeks or so.
I don’t know the exact date that I started.
I wanted to kind of share my experience so
far as I’m still really early in the game
and some of you may be thinking of doing the
ketogenic diet so I wanted to share my experience.
Um, the first 10 days I felt really really
really crappy. I mean really crappy. I was
having low energy. I was having brain fog.
So, I would like be at work in the middle
of a task and I would completely forget what
I was doing or why I was in a certain spot
in the office. It was really really weird.
And, I was just so tired. But, then when it
got to like the 10th, maybe 12th day, it took
me a little while, suddenly I just got all
this energy. Like I don’t know where it came
from, but I went from being really tired to
having all this energy. And for those that
have known me in various stages of my life
and that know me well, they will know that
this is absolutely amazing. Because I’ve been
dealing with chronic fatigue since I was a
teenager. And by that I mean i can literally
sleep my whole life away if I let myself.
Ever since I’ve been a teenager I never can
wake up without an alarm. On the weekends
I sleep in regardless of how much sleep I
got during the weekdays. I’ll sleep 10, 12,
sometimes 14 hours. I’ll wake up, I’ll still
feel tired, and I’ll be wanting to take naps
throughout the day. Um, so this has been an
issue for me for quite a while. It’s been
really bothering me and I’ve really been cleaning
up my diet over the years. I’ve tried many
things. Um, my degree is in nutrition, so
it’s what I studied. The high carb, low fat
diet was really shoved down my throat throughout
my schooling. Throughout time, I kind of like
transitioned into a lower carb diet. But it
wasn’t up until a little over a week now that
I’ve actually been feeling the energy that
I felt that I should be feeling. I’m just
now feeling it! So, I’ve been waking up without
an alarm. I’ve been waking up at around 6:00
in the morning. Um, matter of fact this morning
I woke up at 5 AM without an alarm. That’s
incredible for me! Like, I can’t even begin
to tell you how incredible and amazing that
is. So, I just wanted to share that with you
guys. It’s still early in the game. So, I
don’t want to get my hopes up. Um, I’m not
saying this is a miracle fix. Because it could
just be placebo effect at this point. I don’t
really know. I won’t know until I test this
out for a really long time. Going into this
I was planning on just doing it for like,
a few weeks, maybe a month until I get this
photo shoot out of the way that I have coming
up. But, now that I’m seeing these results
and feeling this energy, I want to continue
to do it for longer. I want to really see
if this is going to fix my problem for the
long term. And I want to share with you guys
what I’m experiencing. If it does work. If
I decide, you know, later on that it’s not
for me. I want to give you guys my honest
opinion and my honest experience with it.
So, I”m still learning. I’m reading a lot
about it. I’m trying to consult the most credible
sources that I can find. So I’m not just,
you know, getting this information from some
fitness guru off the internet. I’m consulting
the most credible medical resources that I
can find that have actually done research
with this particular diet. So, I can’t wait
to share more with you guys. That’s it for
now. I would love to share more as far as
any hiccups along the way that I’ve had. Because
I have had some things that I discovered I
was doing a little wrong in the first week
or so. So, I want to share that with you.
And I’ll continue to keep you guys updated
on this. But, for now, that’s it. So enjoy
this shoulder workout. If you have questions
on my diet, on my workout, on anything at
all, please let me know in the comments below.
As you ask questions hopefully I’ll continue
to learn more about the ketogenic diet and
share my knowledge with you guys. Without
further ado, here’s my shoulder workout. Thank
you guys so much for watching and I will talk
to you next time. Bye everyone! Hey everyone.
So I started this shoulder workout with a
big giant set of shoulder presses, side lateral
raises, and bent over lateral raises. And
this just means that I performed all three
of these exercises back to back before taking
a rest. I had a few friends join me for this
workout so the giant sets were perfect. Because
it forced everyone to not take rests. Which
is what you want when you’re working out with
um, more than a couple of people. And I chose
these three exercises in particular because
they target the front, the top, and the back
of the delts. Performing giant sets are also
an amazing way to shock the muscles if you’re
not used to doing them. And an added benefit
is you’ll complete your workout way way faster
than you normally would. And next I did another
giant set and for this one I did front plate
raises, one-arm lateral raises at an angle,
and then I did face pulls with the cable.
I went with an 8-10 rep range for the front
plate raises and then with the um, side lateral
raises and the face pulls I went higher rep
range. Um, so I did about 15-20 reps with
those. I’ve really just been trying to play
around with different rep ranges to try to
shock my muscles and keep my body guessing
all the time. Face pulls have become one of
my favorite exercises to incorporate in my
shoulder workouts, um because they really
target the back of the delts, which is so
often neglected with a lot of shoulder workouts
that I see. I decided to throw in just a little
bit of ab work at the end of this workout.
So, I did 4 sets of 10 hanging leg raises.
If you can’t do hanging leg raises you can
just do them on the Roman Chair like my buddy
Ian is doing here. That’s it for this workout.
Thank you guys so much for watching! Don’t
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@noexcusegirl. Bye everyone!