Cómo hacer PAN NUBE SIN HARINA y sin gluten (Cómo hacer PAN SIN HARINA)

October 3, 2019 0 By William Morgan

[Gabriel] Hello how are you. Welcome to Soy Celíaco, No Extraterrestre.
[Gabriel] Today we are going to show you a quick recipe with very few ingredients, here it is … [Points to poster]
[Gabriel] Cloud bread is called, it does not have flour. It has very few ingredients.
[Gabriel] Alejandra is already arranging everything there. Greet the camera haha [She greets smiling].
[Gabriel] Well, let’s see how Alejandra prepares this recipe. It’s the first time we prepared it.
[Gabriel] We found her last night watching videos on YouTube.
[Gabriel]So … Well, we will share with you the final result.
[Gabriel] And then we hope you show how this recipe turned out.
[Gabriel] Well, Alejandra, tell us what we need to prepare this …
[Gabriel] Famous and novel, for us, cloud bread.
[Alejandra] We need…
[Alejandra] 2 tablespoons cream cheese
[Alejandra] The cheese they buy at any supermarket. Of course note that it is gluten free.
[Alejandra]2 egg whites, 2 yolks and a half teaspoon of baking powder.
[Alejandra] To cook we need the preheated oven. Of course, we already have it on.
[Alejandra] And a fountain with greased paper or waxed paper.
[Alejandra] The first thing we have to do is mix the cream cheese with the yolks.
[Alejandra] Let’s go to one
[Alejandra] The idea is not to beat but simply to incorporate
[Alejandra] so that only one thing remains even and homogeneous.
[Alejandra] According to what we saw, there would have to be something more or less creamy.
[Alejandra] But let’s see…
[Alejandra] And if the video does not come
[Alejandra] out and if the bread does not come out we will eat something that will not look like a cloud
[Alejandra] but it is never wasted, it is always eaten.
[Gabriel] Everything is eaten.
[Alejandra] Well, there we have our cream cheese with both yolks. Not much more than this,
[Alejandra] we will not beat it or anything like that. We are going to separate it.
[Alejandra] Now we go with the clear ones. The recipe we saw says that you have to beat
[Alejandra] the two whites directly, adding the baking powder, without stirring the whites.
[Alejandra] Let’s see what comes up. It’s the first time I do it like this …
[Alejandra] Blender ready. And we have to get to the snow point.
[The deafening sound of this mixer, called “La Berta”]
[Gabriel] Well, we have the whites and the baking powder to snow point.
[Alejandra] Quite right!
[Gabriel] We have the yolks with the cream cheese, also mixed.
[Gabriel] Now comes the moment of truth.
[Gabriel] Cha chan cha chan
[Alejandra] We have clear mounted on snow,
[Alejandra] that is why we should not mix, we should make enveloping movements. So…
[Gabriel] Let’s see, let’s see how it is staying here.
[Gabriel] I’m very anxious because…
[Alejandra] You are anxious to eat!
[Gabriel] Obviously! Like many people who are watching this recipe
[Gabriel] and will surely prepare it.
[Alejandra] And as my mom would say: “Nothing is wasted”. So…
[Alejandra] To scrape, ma’am, sir, which is on the other side.
[Gabriel] The truth is that celiacs what we need is to economize so
[Gabriel] we are not going to waste a drop of each ingredient.
[Alejandra] Since we have snow point,
[Alejandra] we must integrate with enveloping movements
[Alejandra] so that they do not cut us and we do not get the clear ones that we beat. It’s okay?
[Alejandra] So far it’s a pretty preparation … Foamy?
[Gabriel] Foamy, exactly. There you are looking like a cloud.
[Alejandra] That would explain why it’s called like that, right?
[Gabriel] Yes.
[Alejandra] It is rare to cook a bread without flour.
[Alejandra] I need to see it…
[Gabriel] Honestly, I do not think this is a bread.
[Alejandra] It seems to me that it is ..
[Alejandra] As…
[Gabriel] I beaten egg!
[Alejandra laughs]
[Alejandra] It’s egg beaten with cheese…
[Alejandra] The texture…
[Alejandra] It is strange.
[Alejandra] It is not a hard paste.
[Alejandra] It is not liquid at all, but that’s what it was in the recipe we saw.
[Alejandra] So we will be faithful to the recipe.
[Alejandra] Now…
[Alejandra] We have a mold with wax paper or waxed paper.
[Alejandra] And what we will do is throw a little of this.
[Gabriel] We’ll see how many servings come out.
[Alejandra] Yes, it depends on the size. With these amounts, in the recipe we saw, they got 6.
[Alejandra] Of course they were slightly larger portions
[Gabriel] Big!
[Alejandra laughs]
[Alejandra] Big.
[Gabriel] Bigger.
[Alejandra]Let’s see, let’s go “yapando”.
[Gabriel] “Yapando” means “adding”. We are talking in “Basic Tucumano”.
[Alejandra] From time to time I speak in “tucumano”.
[Gabriel] Maybe there is someone in Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain
[Gabriel] who is watching us. And I translate live.
[Alejandra] Always scraping, as my mom would say.
[Gabriel and Alejandra laugh]
[Gabriel] They’ll be super loaves, huh? Super clouds!
[Alejandra] Super clouds!
[Alejandra] Well, now…
[Gabriel] Mmmmmm what is that shape haha
[Alejandra] Yes, ok. We will go in parts.
[Gabriel] In the video they were round
[Alejandra] Once we put our loaves
[Alejandra] we will try to give it a more neat form.
[Gabriel] Homogeneous
[Gabriel] Yes, this looks good …
[Alejandra] Excuse me if you do not see a circle, but …
[Gabriel] Well, that is deforming in a worrying way.
[Alejandra laughs]
[Gabriel] Leave it there, Ale, leave it there.
[Alejandra]Wait, wait. I can.
[Alejandra] Now, the oven is already hot.
[Alejandra] We must take it there
[Alejandra] It will be cooked in a medium oven (356°Fahrenheit?) for about 20 minutes.
[Alejandra]That’s what the recipe said.
[Alejandra] We have to wait until they are golden.
[Alejandra] It will not be a tall and fluffy bread.
[Alejandra] It will be somewhat flat and start to break slightly.
[Alejandra] We’ll see … I wish it went well haha
[Gabriel] You must not come forward, we do not know how it will come out. Maybe this explodes
[Alejandra] If we never publish anything again, you know why.
[Gabriel] And know that we loved them very much.
[Alejandra] We’re going to the oven.
[Gabriel]Let’s go. Do not! The loaves must go.
[Alejandra] Bye Bye.
[Gabriel] And after almost 20 minutes…
[Alejandra] Chachan chachan
[Gabriel] Ah good…
[Alejandra] Well, at least they’re golden.
[Alejandra] I have to make a recommendation…
[Alejandra] They stuck a little on the paper.
[Alejandra]If you do, you should add more butter or oil to the paper.
[Alejandra] So that the same thing happens to me.
[Alejandra] Look, they’re pretty fluffy.
[Alejandra] It looks?
[Gabriel] Yes, I see that they are spongy.
[Alejandra] We made two versions:
[Alejandra] A sweet version.
[Gabriel] Ah, ok…
[Alejandra] This has dulce de leche and banana.
[Alejandra] And a salty version
[Alejandra] that has salami and cheese.
[Gabriel] Well, this was the result.
[Gabriel] If you prepare it at home, send us the photos.
[Gabriel] Or videos of this bread cloud.
[Alejandra] Little clouds, with love… Our little clouds.
[Gabriel] The little clouds. Let’s taste what flavor they have.
[Gabriel]The truth is … They are spectacular.
[Gabriel] Well, once we finish with these salty little clouds,
[Gabriel] I’ll go for the sweet version. Hmm, I do not like to get my hands dirty.
[Gabriel] I will try to eat them with cutlery.
[Gabriel] This inside has…
[Gabriel] Banana and dulce leche.
[Gabriel] Really…
[Gabriel] I recommend it.
[Gabriel] They are exquisite.
[Gabriel] I hope you can make this recipe at home.
[Gabriel] Obviously we ask you to tell us
[Gabriel] how it went with these cloud breads.
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[Gabriel] Until the next video, Ale.
[Alejandra] Bye Bye!
[Gabriel] Bye Bye.
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