Coated Peanuts, Peanut Burger, Peanuts | All Nigerian Recipes

October 13, 2019 0 By William Morgan

I’m a firm believer that some things are better
bought from the shops.
You know, in the original form as it comes
in the tin.
One of those things is this.
Some Nigerians call it Peanut.
Some call it Peanut Burger, some call it battered
groundnut …
Whatever you call it, it’s this snack here
and it has been at the top of my request list
for a long time.
And since I’m someone that never says no to
such challenges,
let’s try and make this snack.
At least I can tick it off my request list.
Let’s go!
Here are the ingredients you will need.
The first one is roasted peanuts.
Make sure that the 2 halves of each peanut
are still together.
Infact, they should be hugging each other
very tight.
So before measuring the roasted peanuts,
I select only the ones that are still together.
I do not use any peanut that has even the
lightest movement between the two halves.
You will see why later.
You need rice flour, plain flour and corn
that’s corn starch, all in equal amounts.
Icing sugar that’s powdered sugar or confectioners’
Baking powder
Dry ground cayenne pepper because I like mine
That’s optional.
You need baking soda.
If you don’t have cinammon use nutmeg but
cinammon tastes better.
There are so many flavours you can add to
Coconut flavour is another popular one.
And last, vegetable oil for frying.
Mix all the dry ingredients: plain flour,
icing sugar,
rice flour,
corn flour,
baking soda,
and baking powder.
Sift with a sieve.
And set aside.
Whisk the egg very well.
Add some of the dry ingredients mixture to
it and whisk again till you get a creamy consistency.
At most I added 1 heaped tablespoon of the
dry ingredients mixture.
Place the roasted peanuts in another bowl.
Add a small quantity of the egg batter.
And shake it … shake it … shake it baby
… using a circular motion.
Till every single peanut is coated with the
Then add a bit of the dry ingredients mixture.
Again, shake using a circular motion.
This is why you need to use roasted peanuts
or groundnuts
that are still very much stuck together.
Because the shaking can scatter it!
Keep adding the dry ingredients mixture till
it’s no longer liquidy.
Yes, when you notice that it’s very thristy,
you add more egg batter.
At this point, some of the peanuts will be
trying to stick together.
Watch out for that and separate them as soon
as you see that happening.
And once you separate any, pour some dry ingredients
on that particular wet area and continue shaking.
That’s how smooth it should look when you
are done.
Next, pour some vegetable oil into a deep
You will know that it is hot enough when one
coated peanut thrown
into the hot oil comes to the surface like
Add the first batch of coated peanuts.
It’s important that you do not overcrowd them.
Also, stir gently so you do not dent the coated
I fry the first batch for a maximum of 3 minutes,
stirring all the time.
The subsequent batches may take less time,
so keep an eye on it.
Once it browns, take it off.
Put in a sieve lined with a paper towel.
When it has cooled down, store in a glass
jar and close tight.
Can I get a thumbs up for that?
Bah-byeee see you soon!