Chicago’s Best Gluten Free: Open

November 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(upbeat instrumental music)
– [Marley] We’re going
against the grain tonight.
– Chicago’s Best gluten light.
– [Marley] For some
it’s a dietary choice.
– I love every aspect of it.
– [Marley] For others,
it’s a health necessity.
– I’m Celiac.
– My daughter is Celiac.
– I’m 100% gluten free
for Celiac disease.
– [Marley] For all, it’s some
of the most mouthwatering
bites we’ve ever featured.
– Even our family members
that aren’t gluten free
wanna eat our dessert.
– And you can’t tell
it’s gluten free.
– [Marley] Chicago’s Best
gluten free starts right now.
– I’m here all week!
(upbeat rock music)
– [Elliott] This
is Chicago’s best.
– [Marley] We’re on a mission
to discover the hidden gems.
– Juicy sweet!
– How you doin’ man?
I’ll take good care of
you brother, thank you!
– [Marley] And all time favs.
– You only get it
here in Chicago.
– That is incredible.
– [Elliott] You
can’t live without.
– Get out of downtown, get
into the neighborhoods.
– Your first time,
we like newbies.
– Mike on Facebook.
– Tessa sent us here.
– [Marley] This is your show.
– Yes, yes, yes!
– Got the best in town.
– [Elliott] Hope you’re hungry!
– Cheers!
– All right, cheers!
– [Marley] Chicago’s
Best starts right now.
(upbeat rock music)