Chena Murki Recipe | छैना मुरकी । How to make Chenna Murki  Sweet

Chena Murki Recipe | छैना मुरकी । How to make Chenna Murki Sweet

August 1, 2019 100 By William Morgan

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Today we are making chena murki.
These can be prepared very easily.
Let’s start preparing chena murki.
To make chena murki first of all we cut the paneer.
We have taken 250 gms paneer.
Cut it into small pieces.
Cut it into small square pieces.
Paneer is cut and ready,
Let’s make sugar syrup for the chena murki.
Add 1 cup sugar to the pan.
It is better if you use non stick pan for making chena murki.
Add ½ cup water to it, turn on the flame.
Let the sugar melt, then make single thread sugar syrup.
To make chena murki we have taken 4 small cardamoms.
Peel and coarsely grind them.
Keep a check on the sugar syrup.
Keep stirring it at intervals.
Sugar has dissolved now.
We have cooked the sugar syrup for 2 more minutes.
Now check it.
Pour a few drops of syrup in a bowl and let it cool.
Reduce the flame.
Stick a little syrup on your fingers and check like this,
On cooling the syrup forms a single thread,
We don’t need a long thread.
Sugar syrup is ready,
now put the paneer pieces in the syrup.
Add cardamom powder too.
Cook it on low flame while stirring until the sugar syrup
reaches the setting consistency.
Keep stirring it regularly,
only then there will be even coating of sugar syrup on paneer.
The sugar syrup is clear because the sugar, was very clean.
If the sugar has impurities
then as the sugar syrup boils, add 1 to 2 tbsp milk,
the impurities will float over the sugar syrup,
you can then remove it with a spoon,
and get a clear sugar syrup.
But we didn’t need to do it, because the sugar syrup was clear.
We can see the froth floating over the paneer.
If you drop the sugar syrup like this
then you can see that the sugar syrup is not clear anymore.
Its transparency has gone, it has become white in color.
It has reached the setting consistency.
Turn off the flame.
Lift the pan and place on a jali stand.
Add 1 tsp rosewater in it and constantly stir it.
Because it will set once the sugar syrup cools.
It is important to continuously stir the sugar syrup,
so that the sugar syrup coats better over the paneer.
Cool it while stirring it.
Sugar has become dry,
and have coated well on the paneer pieces.
Chena Murki is ready, pick out the paneer pieces.
And keep the extra sugar in the pan itself.
Take out the chena murki and place out in a bowl.
Keep the sugar there itself.
We have placed the chena murki in a bow.
There is sugar left in the pan.
You can later use this sugar, in tea or halwa
or use wherever you used powdered sugar,
You can use it again to make chena murki as well.
Luscious Chena Murki is ready and it is mouth drooling.
Making it is really easy,
but make sure you cut the pices of paneer evenly.
Do not cut the pieces too big,
cut them small but not too small.
Make sugar syrup check it,
when there is single thread drop paneer pieces into it.
Take care of these things and you will make sumptuous Chena Murkis.
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