CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI!  Healthy Cauliflower Recipes Trader Joe’s!

CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI! Healthy Cauliflower Recipes Trader Joe’s!

August 1, 2019 30 By William Morgan

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel I know I’m tan I got a spray tan
because I’m going away which by the time
you see this video I think I’m either
leaving or I’ve left so make sure you
stay tuned for lots of blogs and follow
on instagram because i’m gonna be
sharing lots while I’m traveling today’s
video is super exciting because we are
making a cauliflower yaki yes new yorky
out of cauliflower I tried the one from
a Trader Joe’s back when I was in
Florida and I loved it it was delicious
it was grain free a gluten free and I
think that’s pretty much nothing that
cauliflower can’t do I mean let’s be
honest it can make pizza it can make
rice I put it in ice cream if you want
to see that video I will leave it down
below cauliflower is just so great so
I’m gonna make an at-home version for
those of you like me who aren’t near
Trader Joe’s or just want to make it
your own so let’s get into the video so
I’m starting off with just steaming some
cauliflower and while that’s going I’m
gonna get the flour ready so I’m using
some casts of the flour which is rich in
fiber minerals along with some potato
starch which I love because it helps
improve your insulin sensitivity and is
a great form of resistant starch which
is great for digestion
once your cauliflower is soft and you
can kind of stab it with a fork and it
kind of breaks apart you’re gonna put
that into a blender and blend it until
it’s smooth and then transfer that into
the bowl with your CASL flour and your
potato starch then you just need to fold
it together until everything is nice and
smooth and then I’m adding in one egg
you can use a vegan egg here if you’d
like I would suggest using a Chia egg
over a flax egg and then just mixing
that together once that’s all done I’m
putting a little bit more potato starch
just on my counter so that we can roll
it out and start to make our gnocchi
shapes so it rolls out quite easily as
long as you put some potato starch on
your counter it won’t stick then I’m
using a knife to cut little gnocchi
shapes and I’m using some avocado oil in
the saucepan along with some garlic and
I’m putting my gnocchi in there and
cooking it over a medium heat I would
highly suggest cooking them over a pan
as a
both to boiling them and then once
they’re golden brown they’re good to go
and it was super easy to make and they
taste delicious
all right guys once you are Dyna cooking
your cauliflower gnocchi it is time to
I’m so excited it smells delicious
especially with the garlic and I love
how they’re like crispy on the outside I
do suggest I’m cooking them this way in
the pan and then if you want to add a
sauce you can but instead of boiling
know I would cook them in the pan okay
let’s taste mmm oh my am so good they
are like little pillows of heaven
they’re crispy on the outside the
texture is perfect you don’t have to
really taste the cauliflower much and I
wouldn’t be able to tell that these
weren’t just normal gnocchi I think they
would taste great with either a rose a
sauce or a tomato sauce with pesto even
just pan-fried with garlic they are
delish you can have it as a side or you
can add some protein to it like some
ground meat or chicken sausage something
like that these are gonna be a staple
and what I love is that you can
definitely freeze them before you cook
them so if you want to make like a big
batch just cut up the log and before you
cook them you can freeze them in
individual baggies that’s what I did but
the rest of my dough I just cut it up
and then froze it in individual bags so
that I could just heat it up and like
have it ready to go in like portions but
these are delish I’m definitely gonna
just eat the rest of this for lunch
because why not okay guys I hope you
enjoyed this video let me know what your
favorite thing that you’ve made or
tasted with cauliflower is and if you
try these out and make sure you tag me
on instagram as well because i’d love to
see them and see you guys enjoying it
the cauliflower gnocchi i hope you guys
are all having a great day and i’ll see
you in my next video
bye guys