CARNE EN SU JUGO – Muy Facil y Riquisima! Easy Mexican recipe with Beef and bacon! Keto friendly!

CARNE EN SU JUGO – Muy Facil y Riquisima! Easy Mexican recipe with Beef and bacon! Keto friendly!

August 7, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey everybody, welcome to Recetas Brendisimas, I’m Brenda and I’m going to teach you how to make
Carne en su jugo! The English translation doesn’t really make sense! 😉 This recipe
is super easy to make and it’s delicious!
I’m sure you’re going to love it! Please stay
and learn how to make this recipe!
We will need the following ingredients:
12 oz of regular bacon (a package)

1 lb of thin cut beef
These were previously cut into 1 inch pieces.

The bacon is just a package I bought at my local grocery store.

Sorry I talk too much I’m still explaining the bacon packaging.

We will also need 9 tomatillos
I have various sizes medium and small ones.
1 jalapeño pepper
1 garlic clove
and will will also need
2 bunches of small bulb onions
we will need 1 tsp. of salt
1 1/2 tsp of chicken bouillon
a small chunk of onion
and one liter of water
The first thing we’re going to do is
add our bacon to a
pre-heated medium sized pan
set at a medium heat level
and we’re just going to stir it a bit
as you can see I didn’t add any cooking oil

the bacon will cook in it’s own fat that it releases
there is no need to add any additional cooking oils
We’re going to let it cook for about 3 minutes
and once the 3 minutes have passed
you can see that the bacon is starting to change in color
and it released lots of fat

what I’m going to do here is remove as much fat as I can
this is optional, if you like the fatty favor feel free to leave it 🙂
but I like to remove it and
I will do so with a spoon

This bacon released a lot of fat, it depends
on the bacon but this one was fatty!

once you remove the fat
we are going to add the meat
lets slowly add the meat
and once we add all the meat
we’re going to add 1/2 tsp of salt

then we will mix with a spoon

and we’ll place the lid on the pan. It’s very important
that you don’t forget to place the lid because this is how the meat
releases it’s juices and that’s how it’ll cook. (Hence, the name “Meat in it’s juice”)
So we’ll go to the next step
I have all my vegetables prepared to make the broth
they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. This recipe is super easy
You don’t have to cook the vegetables at all, you’ll put them
in the blender raw. We’re going to add all the vegetables.
Except for the 2 bundles of onions. We’ll add those later.
But we’ll add everything else. The tomatillos,
we’ll also add the jalapeño (without the stem),
the roma tomato,
the small chunk of onion and garlic clove
and we will also add the cilantro.

As you can see I am cutting off a chunk of the green stems.
I giggled because I wasn’t sure how to say stem in Spanish :O

And we’re going to add 1 1/2 tspn of chicken bouillon
and the liter of water
Then we’re going to blend on high.
Making sure it’s well blended. I leave the blender on for about 3 minutes.
As soon as it’s well blended
We’re going to add it to our bacon and meat mixture.
This is where we’re going to add this broth we’ve made.
As you can see the meat changed in color
it’s not completely cooked but it will continue
to cook in the green broth
we are adding.
We’ll carefully add the broth and we’ll mix it well.

Make sure it’s mixed well.
We’re going to let it cook on medium heat
and we’re going to place the lid on the pan.
Now we’re going to continue
with the bunches of onions, we’re going to prepare
them, they’ve been washed thoroughly and were going to cut off most
of the green part and we’re going
to set them aside until the broth begins to boil.
About 10 minutes have passed
as you can see the broth is boiling.
At this moment we are going to mix it well
and we are going to add
the onions to the broth.
Be very careful so you don’t splatter this on yourself,
it’s very hot (boiling hot!!)
Once you add the onions, mix again
and we are going to carefully taste the broth
to see if more salt is needed because bacon is usually salty. This will be optional and to taste.
Instead of salt I am going to add a teaspoon of chicken bouillon for my liking.

Mix it well
and we will once again cover the pan with a lid.
We’re going to allow it to boil for another 15 minutes on medium heat.
While that continues to cook we are going to
prepare the vegetables that we’re going to use
to garnish our plate once served.
This part is completely optional
but I like to do it because it gives it that special touch.
As you can see I removed the cilantro leaves
from the stems and I am chopping it finely.
I used about 5 stems of cilantro
you won’t need very much because
it’s just to garnish the plate.
We’re also going to dice a jalapeño pepper
this part is also optional
because we’re also going
to add some hot sauce to make it spicier (if desired).

We’re also going to chop up a little bit of onion

I’m only doing about 3 half slices since once again, a lot isn’t needed.

Once all that is chopped we’re going to
cut a lime into 4 pieces.
Believe me that lime juice is going to
give it sooo
much flavor.
15 minutes have passed,
I came to check on our food to see how it’s come along.
As you can see it looks like it’s ready.
The onions are soft and fully cooked. It’s all done!
Gosh look at that! It looks so delicious!
Let me tell you that carne en su jugo comes from
the state of Jalisco but it’s not cooked in
many parts of Jalisco.
My husband his from the Los Altos region in Jalisco
and he had never had carne en su jugo before until he met me! 🙂
Lucky man! 😉
Ok, I am preparing my plate!
I paired it with some beans
that I had cooked earlier in the day.
I am also adding all the vegetables
that we had chopped up to garnish.
Honestly, I highly recommend this dish.
You are going to love it! Well, I hope you do!
Look at this!! With the bacon,
the tender meat, the delicious broth and look at those beans!
It’s delicious!!!
I hope you guys loved this recipe
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