Carb Free Konjac Miracle Noodles! Keto Shirataki Pasta!

September 23, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi my name is George Giannaris. I’m a chef and a restaurateur of 43 years and if
you’re new to this channel I want to
tell you a little bit about why I’m here.
I want to show you how to purchase bulk
organic ingredients either at Club
warehouses or online and use those
ingredients so that the cost comes out
just about as much as if you were to purchase non-organic and also I want to show you
each week how to use those ingredients
efficiently so that you don’t waste them.
One of the things I came across, which is
really interesting is this product
called konjac shirataki pasta and I’m
glad I tried it before I read the Amazon
reviews online because it got terrible
reviews, but let me tell you something
this product here is truly a miracle
noodle. There’s a couple of reasons why
it got bad reviews on Amazon. When you
open this stuff it reeks of fish. It’s
horrible so you need to rinse it
extremely well
and once it’s rinsed it smells like
nothing. I believe the reason why this
thing got terrible reviews on Amazon is
because people were expecting it to
taste like spaghetti or have the texture
of spaghetti and it doesn’t. Not even
remotely close it’s more like a glass
noodle or a bean thread noodle.
What’s great about this stuff is that it
has only 20 calories and almost no
carbohydrates now even though I’m on a
keto diet I really don’t miss carbs but
you know what I do miss? Texture. I miss
flaky phyllo dough and sometimes I miss
pasta so when I need to fill that void
this stuff does a great great job. So,
today we’re gonna make a super filling
super delicious super awesome Thai style
konjac noodle using coconut oil and
peanut butter.
I just want to give a quick shout out to
my buddy Harvey Passes who is a dentist
in Great Neck and he’s the best dentist
around. I don’t know if you’re ever in
that area. He’s been doing it for 40
years but for my 50th birthday he gave
me this amazing Miyabi knife which is
just spectacular made of Mr 6-3
stainless steel and I’m gonna make a
knife like this you know like 25 years
from now when I have the free time.
This is such an easy dish you have to
give it a try so go to my website and download the
full recipe. I give this a 2 out of 10 on
the P.I.T.A scale. Please continue to watch
my videos and don’t forget to subscribe
thank you so much for watching!