Can Keto Diets Raise The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Stroke?

October 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

It’s Eric Bakker.
Thanks for coming back.
We’re going going to talk about Keto Diets
or the high protein, high fat diets and the
risk of heart disease and stroke.
Now, there are people out there who advocate
healthy Keto, but still people who eat Keto
are looking at high fat consumption, high,
high animal protein consumption, low resistance
starch consumption.
They take out lots of different foods than
non Keto people eat.
Particularly starchy vegetables are taken
out, which really concerns me.
If you look at the European journal of nutrition,
a study was released not that long ago showing
a dramatic increase in TMAO, Trimethylamine
N-oxide, which is a toxic compound produced
in the gut by bacteria called Hungatella bacteria.
They produce TMAO, particularly with a high
protein load.
People who eat continually high amounts of
protein long term are much more likely to
have very high levels of TMAO.
Now, TMAO is associated with a very high risk
of heart disease.
What they did, they conducted a study with
Paleo diets, not Keto, but high protein diets
and I’m pretty sure that we’re going to find
the same with Keto long term, a high TMAO
This pushes a person to a 62% or greater increase
risk of heart disease just having this high
Long term restriction or resistant starches
starving the microbiome for example, but pushing
it into a high fat or high protein state alters
the microbiome state and that can induce different
diseases in people.
It’s not healthy.
It may be nice to look sexy on Instagram,
but you don’t look sexy lying in a coffin
prematurely because you went on some flash
Don’t maintain these diets longterm.
They’re okay short term, but longterm you
need to make the changes in your lifestyle
and diet if you want to keep this weight off
permanently, not follow some fancy diet that
pumps protein or fat levels up and takes a
lot of other food out.
That’s just part of the equation.
It’s a quick fix.
To me, it’s just like what’s happening in
the States now pushing up everything falsely
and what’s going to happen?
It’s all going to implode on itself.
It’s the same with these diets and your health
long term.
Following them long term is no sign of building
fantastic health long term.
All it’s doing is it’s allowing you to stabilize
some blood sugars, get some fat off your butt,
but I’d hate to see what the arteries are
going to be like in the brain and around the
heart after you’ve done a Keto or a Paleo
But remember, we’re talking not healthy Keto
or Paleo because there are healthy forms of
these diets and they include certain fruits
and resistant starches that in my opinion,
should have never been taken out in the first
That’s my take on it for what it’s worth.
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