Can Breaking a Fast be Dangerous? –  Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Can Breaking a Fast be Dangerous? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

August 2, 2019 3 By William Morgan

this video is going to be more of a
personal account of breaking a fast
because I want to talk about some of the
psychological things that I notice with
breaking my fast and just trying to help
people out there to consider some things
that maybe I didn’t consider when I
first fasted hello everyone welcome to
Mind-Blowing Health and Wellness with
Violet I’m Violet and I’m a psychologist
I work in Montreal which is in Canada
the reason I make these videos is
because I want to help people understand
that our physical bodies and our
psychological well-being are really
connected today we’re talking about
fasting because I didn’t realize how
important it was breaking your fast a
certain way I never even thought about
it we definitely know that when we don’t
eat like that’s a big deal
but it never occurred to me that
starting to eat again would be a big
deal so I went into it the first time
really blindly in the end it worked out
okay so I’ll tell you what happened so
when it comes to intermittent fasting
which I do regularly and let me just
clarify I do not starve myself so just
for clarity when I talked about
intermittent fasting what I’m saying is
when I get up in the morning I don’t
ingest anything until I feel hungry that
first time for some people they would
say that my fast only ends at 8 o’clock
at night
I don’t believe that I think my fast
ends the first time that I ingest any
calories I regularly intermittent fast
till around noon that’s the first time I
ingest calories do I ingest a large
enough amount of calories to get my
entire system flowing no I ingest just
fats and that would be in my coffee if I
feel hungry
but I do recognize that there’s calories
in that so to me I’ve broken my faster I
do not ingest solid food most days until
my suppertime this is my first thing I’m
saying is that I do one meal a day and
throughout my process of doing one meal
a day I never considered when into
reintroducing food what it would mean
and to me I still don’t it because I
feel like one meal a day you eat your
meal and you move on I don’t think your
your system has been empty long enough
for it to matter at least not my system
I know there’s some people that would
reintroduce food even in a one meal a
day scenario with apple cider vinegar
first and other I don’t do that but then
we go forward to okay what happens when
I past 24 hours the first time that I
did a 48 hour fast
now when I did a 48-hour fast again
let’s keep in mind I’m doing food fast
so I’m still allowing myself to drink
liquids and those liquids for the 48
hour fast in the beginning did include
fats in my coffee again on some level I
wasn’t considering it a full fledge fast
but I was giving my intestinal system my
you know I was getting myself a break
and when I did that 48 hour fast it
again it never occurred to me that I
should be carefully reintroducing solid
foods so I didn’t I just had my meal so
I’ve never experienced any negative
repercussion from fasting for more than
24-48 hours and then reintroducing a
meal and just eating so that being said
when I started to do a lot of research
on doing a longer fast because I wasn’t
gonna just to do that hop in and the
reason that I did the 48 hour fast just
for clarity is because the 20 the one
meal a day was going so simple I was
just curious could I do 48 again not
much research I just did it but when I
was gonna do a week long fast which was
my next idea could I make it a week then
I decided to do some research and find
out like how do you do this and that’s
when I started to notice people talking
about the idea that when you’re gonna
refeed there’s a way to do it so my
understanding of a refeed is a that your
ph and your stomach some will sometimes
diminish so you’ll be less acidic if you
haven’t been eating you would need to
replenish the acid in your stomach the
other thing that i understood from my
research is that your body would not be
used to processing foods so you would
want to slowly introduce very so first
liquids and then solids that are soft
and then solids that are solid well i
decided to heed the advice of the people
that were saying that you really should
do this cautiously because in my mind a
week is a long period of time and I also
decided to follow my body so those are
two things that I started to do for
myself so I already made a video on my
actual fast so I’m not gonna go over it
here in this video if you want to see
that video you can look in the link
above what I’m gonna say is how I
decided to do my fast and do my refeed
was such that I followed my body so in
because I knew I was gonna do that
I had to pre prepare what I would eat
when my fast was over I do believe the
first time that I did my fast
I had the belief that I would do the
apple cider vinegar in the end I didn’t
do the opposite vinegar I didn’t notice
any ill effects
of not skipping the apple cider vinegar
which if I would have done the apple
cider vinegar it would have meant that I
would have had my first meal be apple
cider vinegar so had been some apple
cider vinegar in water and then I would
have waited a little bit of time so my
next meal was planned to be bone broth
my plan was I would have one or two
meals of that depending on how I felt
and then my plan was I would have some
really finely chopped vegetables in bone
broth so as a kind of a soup and that I
would have for two to three meals and
then my plan was that I would have a
solid meal and go for it from there so
in my mind especially since typically I
do one meal a day I thought that this
would take somewhere around three days
because I imagined that since I wasn’t
having a real full meal I might have had
two meals a day now in the end it still
took three days but in actuality I still
had one meal ish a day so on the first
day I didn’t have the apple cider
vinegar but I did have bone broth twice
oh and by the way just for you to know
I’m gonna back up a little bit here on
the story what I decided to do was to
allow my body to tell me when I would
have what the same way that I allowed my
body to tell me when my fast would be
over I went home that so that day and I
had my bone broth when I drank my bone
broth I felt great and then I do believe
in that same evening I had a second cup
so I had one cup portions twice and then
the next day I went right away to the
vegetable soup bran broth meal and again
I had two of those and then by the third
day I was back to having food again I am
let myself decide when I was hungry I
let myself decide how much time were
between the two cups of bone broth how
much time was between the two bowls of
soup and the most important thing that
I’m trying to help you to understand
right now is that the way that I did it
even though I skipped the apple cider
vinegar physiologically I felt good and
I felt fine and I didn’t have any
negative tummy repercussions I didn’t
have any bathroom issues I didn’t so
when you’re doing this because we are
all different when you’re doing this I
also suggest do your research find out
what people suggest make sure that you
do the things that help you to feel
healthy so make sure that however you do
your fast first of all that you take
into account that when your body tells
you to stop you should stop
but the other thing is make sure that
when you do your refeed but you refeed
in a way that allows your body to
assimilate the food and have the least
possible repercussions on your digestive
tract because the whole point of giving
your digestive tract a chance to rest is
also the reparative and restorative part
of it right like the whole reason to do
fasting to begin with is that while your
body isn’t processing food it can heal a
bunch of metabolic issues and so we
don’t want to stress our bodies we want
to give them a break and then we want to
feed them properly so that there’s no
stress there I feel like that was
complicated for no reason but anyway I
really hope this video has been helpful
I want to thank you for watching Mind
Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet
I will talk to you in the next video