CAMPING FOOD โ›บ What to eat when camping in KAMOURASKA, Quรฉbec (Canada)  ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

CAMPING FOOD โ›บ What to eat when camping in KAMOURASKA, Quรฉbec (Canada) ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

July 27, 2019 11 By William Morgan

(women speaking French)
♪ Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo where are you ♪
– Mwaaa. (laughing)
Cooking with An Tran.
(upbeat music)
I feel this is somewhat successful.
It’s cooked, it’s just very burnt.
And also it looks like
it has a lot of pimples.
These are like pimple sausages.
Welcome to owww, that hurt.
Welcome to Kamouraska.
An, why did you exile yourself
four hours and a half
up north of Montreal?
(inhaling sharply) That’s
a really good question.
Well it’s because it’s Claire’s birthday.
Let’s remind ourself, who’s Claire?
She is the wonderful friend
who bought us tickets
to go see Celine Dion in Vegas
I know.
So yes, wonderful friend who
also happens to love camping.
So every year I kind of secretly hope
that she’ll book a cottage
where we can all go and
celebrate her wonderfulness.
But then every year
she reminds me how I actually
don’t mind camping that much,
and learn to love it
just a little bit more
every single year.
– [An] Whoa.
(group cheering)
(upbeat music)
Eventually, you know, incrementally,
I will love camping.
So I’ll bring you along a
48 hours of peacefulness,
most likely food, and hopefully,
you’ll feel rested
at the end of this vlog too.
Bon café, man, coffee.
(upbeat music)
And this is my team, easy peasy.
Coffee series in camping,
this is Marie’s favorite.
– Yeah.
– Moka from Eric.
– Okay.
– how do you look so fabulous in camping,
I look like I just died and resurrected
– (chuckling) No, it’s perfect.
(people speaking French)
(upbeat music)
– [Woman] We all love ketchup.
– [Man] Oh my God.
(people speaking faintly)
(wind blowing)
(man speaking French)
– [An] It’s also your birthday.
– Yes.
– Good job.
Meanwhile, we’re simply
sitting and commenting.
(upbeat music)
(An speaking French)

(birds singing faintly)
– There’s nothing like a Sunday
being surrounded by nail clippers.
(upbeat music)
(Claire speaking French)
There seems to be nail
grooming theme this weekend.
– Un jus.
– Merci.
– Le Pogo.
– Merci.
– [Waiter] Et voilà.
(women speaking French)
– Mm, is Pogo a Quebecois thing?
– [Woman] I don’t know.
– You probably call this
what, a sausage corn?
– [Man] A corn dog.
– A corn dog, oh, I always
thought it was a Quebec thing.
Well I love corn dogs.
It’s like a hot dog dipped in corn meal.
– [Woman] Corn meal batter.
– Oh, mmm delicious.
Mmm, num num num num num mmmmm.
Oh, look interesting sausage choice.
I feel like it’s a quality sausage
compared to the industrial sausage
we usually find in frozen Pogos, look.
– Oh, it’s good.
– Passable?
– Mm.
The white sausage, visually,
doesn’t it do it for me though.
Visually the color of that is
kind of like, a little creepy.
– So I guess we could
need to dye this red,
so that it feels like a
true, industrial Pogo.
(upbeat music)
– Merci beaucoup.
– Wow.
– [An] You can have some of mine.
– Bon appétit.
– Merci
– [An] Did you get the
lobster, that looks amazing.
Bon app.
– Merci.
(French pop music playing)
– The secret they don’t tell you in Quebec
is you’ve got to put the
fries on top of the cheese
so that the cheese goes all melty.
– Yes, I agree.
– There it goes.
– [Woman] It always bothered
me that they were super cold.
– [An] There we go.
(upbeat music)
– Whoa!
(women speaking French)
(child speaking French “yum, that’s very good”)
(An speaking French)
– [An] That’s pure salt?
– Yep.
– Oh.
Yep, salty.
(cork popping)
– [An] Oui!
(children laughing)
(woman speaking French)
– [An] Oui.
Bubbles and chicken, yum.
What are your expectations
for this chicken?
– To be the best chicken
that has ever been cooked
on a camp site, ever.
– [An] What kind of chicken is it?
– It’s a rustic kitchen.
I guess the internet just
said salt-pile chicken.
But it’s a normal farm
raised, Quebec chicken.
Free range.
I have no idea, I am
lying to you, I think.
– [An] Thankfully you’re “contre-soleil” (against daylight)
so we don’t see your face.
(Duc laughing)
– I feel like we see me
enough in some of your videos
that people will piece it together.
– It’s Claire’s birthday.
This is the boyfriend.
We’re gonna make this
amazing cake out of donuts,
and just like make it go wonkas.
(upbeat music)
– It’ll evaporate.
– [Man] Might it not be easier to handle?
– [Man] I don’t know,
whatever you want to do.
– Oh, just a, yeah.
– [An] Camping cook-off.
– This area. (laughing)
– The men are ready to
take out the chicken.
– [Duc] I feel like we should move these.
(women speaking French)
This thing is heavy as hell though.
– [Woman] Yeah.
– It’s heavy and it’s frigging hot.
Let’s just take this out.
– Yeah, that’s not budging.
Could we put wood underneath,
and like crank it up?
– Slide it down here, oh no.
– I think you have it.
– Wait, wait, wait.
We’ve gotta get this out first.
Okay, everybody good?
– Yeah.
– Hot.
– That’s it.
– It’s gonna drop, wait, wait, wait.
– Whoa, your hand, watch your hands.
– Ahhhhh.
– There we go.
– [All] Nice!
– [Woman] Good job, guys.
– [An] Bravo.
– [Duc] Nice.
– [An] Any last words
before you open this baby?
– Let’s eat, or something.
C’est pret?
Oh shit.
– [Woman] Wow.
– [Duc] Ahh.
(upbeat music)
– It’s so tender.
– It’s super tender.
– Oh my God.
– Oh God,
wow, Duc.
– Wow.
– Yeah, that’s really good.
– Wow.
– Dope.
– Congrats, guys.
– [Duc] That’s awesome.
We just need to transfer
the bird to a plate.
– [Woman] No, but just be careful
not to take up too much salt.
– [Woman] Oh my God, so pretty.
Oh wow.
– Did you get it?
– There you go.
– Nice, man.
– Whoa hoah hoah ho.
– There’s a lot of chicken left in there.
– [Woman] Look at this,
oh my God, look at this.
– Okay, the vultures can pick at that.
– [Woman] Whoa, part of that, oh yeah.
– Holy (swearing)
– Right!
– Oof wah, it’s hot.
– [Man] Wow.
(upbeat music)