Calories Don’t Count: This Wicked Bleu Burger brings the ‘wow’ factor.

November 17, 2019 0 By William Morgan

We’re here at Urban Burger in Cranford. So we’re here with Alfredo, he’s the sous-chef and the master behind the wicked blue burger. It’s brisket, rib and chuck blend. Makes it nice and juicy You know we have a flat top grill so that the sear is great Fresh roll, hard roll from across the street cuz here in Cranford we’re like a family. Give it a quick coat. Put in on the bun, toasted. Then the Bleu cheese I had everything on this menu, trust me You can tell right here. There is a wow factor I mean there is a lot that goes in this. You don’t have a umm Alka-Seltzer on you do you? Oh thank you. Mmm! that is really good Look, I’m eating something that is probably 800,000 calories. Calories don’t always count. I’ll see you next time.