Broccoli & Chicken Stir Fry Recipe | Low Carb, Keto & Paleo Recipes

October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

tTday I’m going to show you how to make
this low-carb keto diet friendly chicken
and broccoli stir-fry full of yummy
flavors. The recipe will be down below
for you to check out and print off to
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subscribe to my channel if you’re not
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community so let’s just get straight
into the recipe. I’m heating a large
frying pan and then we’re going to add a
big generous tablespoon of sesame oil,
sesame oil into a frying pan and once
that’s nice and hot we’re going to add
our chicken.
I’ve got 500 grams it’s about a pound
of chicken thighs going in
I like using chicken thighs not chicken
breasts, look at that fat on it, oh so
good. Adding a bit of salt, give it a nice
stir to get the sesame flavor onto the
chicken just kind of, sesame love smell
of it, kind of starting to seal it on one
side you see all the juices and now I’m
going to add a couple of roughly chopped
garlic cloves for some extra flavour. I’ve got
three cloves going in you could grate it
in, you could do however you want, use as little or
as much, now that we’ve gotten a bit of
color on our chicken, we’re going to just move it to the
side and add in our broccoli, I’ve got a
whole head of broccoli going in so just
chop it into little thin slice
so now I’m going to add in some tamari I
like useing tamari instead of soy sauce is a
little bit better for you, it’s a
fermented soy sauce
that’s one, two tablespoons going on and
I found that is more than enough to add
flavor and now we’re just going to
mix everything all in together and
cook it until the broccoli and the
chicken is all cooked through, get all that
lovely sauces absorbed, if you like you can
put more sauce
go ahead if you want less sauce you can add
in flavors of ginger or any other
seasoning of choice, now you could I
just enjoy this by the bowlful but if
you could, if you don’t follow a
low-carb diet you can cook rice or
noodles to go with this, if you follow a
low-carb diet like me you could use cabbage,
shredded cabbage mixed into this almost
have a noodle like quality or of course
you could use zucchini noodles but as I
said I’m very happy just having this by
the bowl full, I’m one happy low-carber, smells
so good, can’t wait to
tuck into this, is going to be my lunch
today but you could definitely have it
for lunch or dinner, I’m making this
enough portions for me to have lunch
today and tomorrow and maybe a little
bit more as well and you go it’s kind of
almost done you can see it’s got a
little sauce forming underneath you can
really just make this recipe
your own, add any veggies you like,
mushrooms would go great in it too but
chicken and broccoli is just a classic
combination so good so simple as you
know if you followed my channel for a while
I like to keep recipes easy simple as
few ingredients and the fewer steps
and if you can do it in one pan even
better, so there you go that’s the recipe
for this yummy, look at all those
flavors, the chicken is nice and browned
and it’s full of that yummy sauce and the
broccoli is just tender and this is just
one yummy dish, so thanks so much for
watching this video for low carb chicken
and broccoli stir-fry, such a mouthful isn’t
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your stir fry? I look forward to reading
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