Breast Milk Donation Center

November 4, 2019 0 By William Morgan

(lively music)
– I’m Misty Nebeker.
I’m the lactation consultant
at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center,
and I’m here to talk to you
about being a breast milk
depository in partnership
with Mothers’ Milk Bank of Colorado.
We know breast milk is the
nutritional best for babies.
For our fragile, premature,
and very low birth weight babies,
it’s vitally important for
their ability to thrive.
It can mean the difference
between life and death.
For that reason, we use donated
breast milk in our NICU.
Sometimes moms have traumatic births,
and their milk takes a
little while to come in.
Sometimes they’re on a
medication that’s unsafe
for their baby to receive.
For most moms, it’s a temporary use
of the donated breast milk,
but for them, it gives them
tremendous peace of mind
to know that it’s available.
The process begins with you
calling the lactation department
where we will ask you
a few simple questions,
and then we’ll give you the phone number
for Mothers’ Milk Bank in Colorado.
There they will ask you
some more questions,
and if you’re eligible to
donate, they will send you a box
that contains some blood collection tubes
and some release forms for
both your doctor and your baby’s doctor.
The medical release forms
are just to say that you
are both healthy enough for
you to donate your milk.
After receiving the kit,
please call our lactation
department again,
and we will set up an
appointment for you to come in,
and we will draw your blood for free,
and we’ll accept the milk that
you’re donating at that time.
If you have more milk to
donate at a later time,
you can just bring it to our
receptionist in our NICU.
Where does the donated milk go?
The donated milk is sent to
Mothers’ Milk Bank in Colorado
where it is tested and processed,
and then sent across the nation
to hospitals that need it.
One ounce of breast
milk can feed a fragile,
premature baby for a day.
If you have a bonus of
breast milk in your freezer,
please consider donating,
so that you can join forces
with moms across the nation
to help this fragile population.