BEWARE of the Hidden Dangers of Keto

October 21, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey, everybody out there.
Coach Dan Long here with
the Over 40 Protocol.
And I got such a serious
face because I have 3 dangers
that you need to know.
And because you
stopped here today,
and you are so
important to me, I
have to let you know these
dangers about the Keto
diet, the Ketogenic diet.
I have 3 major dangers that
you need to know about.
And because you stopped
here today, at this link
below in a second, I do
have a solution for you
that will only take 1 day.
But before we go there, I
got to tell you this, OK?
Danger number 1, and
most of you have probably
even heard of this, or you’ve
probably even experienced it.
Danger number one
is the Keto flu.
You go on a Keto diet.
And if most likely
you’ve been on it
for over more than
14 days, you probably
have suffered from the Keto flu.
Now, before I even explain
anymore, let me tell you.
I have been coaching, training,
and nutritionally helping
people for over 20
plus years, moms, dads,
professional athletes, military,
Olympians, you name it.
Do you know how many
people that I’ve
known that goes on this
diet, the Keto diet,
and have had the Keto flu?
Umpteen, I can’t even
tell you how many.
The Keto flu, it sucks.
It’s exactly what
it sounds like.
It’s the flu.
Yes, you can suffer from nausea.
Yes, you can also
suffer from what?
Did you even know that
you can actually vomit?
Low libido, headache,
weakness, you can be fatigued,
these are just some of the
symptoms of the Keto flu.
Who in their right
mind would want
to do that if you’re
on a Keto diet?
Now, second is
going to be ketosis.
Now, ketosis doesn’t
sound bad because it’s
part of the process of
being in the Keto diet.
Danger number 2.
Danger number 2 with this is
you’re going to suffer possibly
from bad breath.
You’re going to suffer
from short-term fatigue.
Who wants to fatigue
because of a diet?
How about short-term decreased
energy with performance?
That’s another 1 that
you’re going to suffer from.
Digestive issues, diarrhea,
and possible even insomnia all
caused by ketosis, which is the
second danger of the Keto diet.
The third, oh my gosh, this
one’s the most important.
If you are borderline
diabetic, if you are Type 1,
Type 2 diabetes, if
you don’t even know,
let me just tell you.
Just because you
might be borderline
or you are diabetic,
even though so,
there are people that are
not diabetic and not even
borderline that get
affected by this also,
which is ketoacidosis.
Have you heard of that before?
I bet you probably have.
Well, if you haven’t,
let me just tell you.
Your blood can
become too acidic.
And if you’re diabetic
or borderline,
do not ever do the Keto diet
without going to your doctor
first and talking to
them to get a clearance.
And have them medically watch
you while you’re on the diet
because it’s that dangerous.
It’s danger number 3.
This could damage, listen,
this acid in your blood
can damage your liver, your
kidneys, and your brain.
It can damage those.
So it’s so important to
know that ketoacidosis,
and I’m sure you’ve probably
seen it on a commercial,
ketoacidosis is no joke.
Check with your doctor
right now if you’re
diabetic or borderline
or you don’t even know,
make sure you check
with a doctor.
Because the Keto
diet is extreme.
And it’s a fad diet.
And it has 3 dangers
that I just brought up.
And because you’re here
today, let me just tell you,
it doesn’t have to be that way.
So if you’re on it, or
you’re thinking about it,
or you’ve been on
it for over 14 days,
let me just say 1 thing to you.
It’s a good chance that you
are sabotaging your hormones.
And once you get
off the Keto diet,
you’re going to start
eating carbs again.
And it’s because you have to.
Your brain needs carbs.
It’s just part of the process.
And what’s going to happen?
You’re going to regain weight.
It’s going to happen.
I’m telling you right now.
Almost every single
person, like 1% not,
every single person that goes
off the Keto diet and then goes
back on to carbs, they
gain back a ton of weight.
It’s just the natural process.
And it’s a fad diet.
So for all you Keto lovers
out there, I’m sorry.
But I’m bringing these
three dangers to everyone
out there that’s thinking
about going on a Keto diet,
or been on the Keto diet
for more than 14 days.
And you might be suffering
from some of these symptoms
as we speak.
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