BEST PUMPKIN CHAFFLE RECIPE | How to Make a Pumpkin Spice Keto Waffle

October 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

since it’s pumpkin season and it’s been
a while since I posted a chaffle video
today I’m going to show you guys how to
make my recipe for Keto pumpkin spice
chaffles. now onto the chaffles. for this
chaffle recipe, I’m going to be using this
mini dash waffle maker and this don’t worry
this video is not sponsored I just
happen to pick this one up because it’s
so cute it’s in the shape of a pumpkin
but you can use whatever waffle maker
you have as you saw in my last video I
used a Belgian waffle maker I’ve also
used the mini dash before as well so you
could use that if you have that and if
you don’t even have a waffle maker you
can still make this recipe you just pour
all of the batter onto a nonstick
skillet and cook it over the stove first
we’re gonna be preheating our waffle
maker you want to plug it in so it’s
nice and hot when you go to pour in your
batter now let’s take a look at the
rundown of our ingredients I’m gonna be
using an egg I have one ounce of cream
cheese here that softened 2 tablespoons
of a hundred percent pumpkin puree 1
tablespoon of coconut flour 2 teaspoons
of monk fruit a half a teaspoon of
vanilla some baking powder some pumpkin
pie spice and a pinch of salt and don’t
worry if you didn’t catch all that I’m
going to have all the ingredients and
the instructions listed down below in
the description box
we’re gonna start by whisking together
all of our ingredients so in a small
bowl just whisk it together you can also
use an electric mixer that just really
helps to get all that cream cheese
incorporated into the batter once your
batter is all mixed now we’re gonna pour
it into our waffle maker and you just
want to pour it into the center this
recipe makes around 2 to 3 mini waffles
then we’re gonna close the waffle maker
and let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes or
until your desired level have done this
if you like a crispier waffle let it go
longer if you like a soggy waffle
probably just let it go for 3 minutes
then you can repeat these steps with our
remaining batter I like to top my
pumpkin spice chaffles with a dollop of
whipped cream and a dash of pumpkin pie
spice it’s also delicious with some
sugar-free syrup my favorite is by choc
zero I’ll have it linked down below on
where you can purchase it you can use
ketofocus at checkout and save 10%
off your order
I hope you guys found this video helpful
I’m gonna be coming out with some more
chaffle recipe videos so make sure you
subscribe to my channel have a good one