Best Keto Multi-Nut Butter – BETTER THAN NUTTZO – BlendTec

October 6, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Steve from and in this video we are
gonna make a better nutso than not so
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not so seven nut butter is some pretty
good stuff
it’s got cashews almonds Brazil nuts
flax seed chia seed hazelnut pumpkin
seeds and Celtic sea salt it has 5 grams
of net carbs
I really enjoy the texture from the chia
seeds and flax seeds it’s got a nice pop
to it this is tasty it’s not too sweet
in fact I think you could almost use
this as a significant ingredient if you
are making your own Mexican mole a sauce
the thing is nuts oh is not cheap we got
this at Costco $14 for this 26 ounce
bottle on Amazon it’s $20 that’s a lot
of coin to be thrown at your nut butter
I think I can do better I think I can
make a nut butter that tastes better
that has fewer net carbs and costs way
way less in terms of ingredients you
will need 1/2 cup of roasted unsalted
pecans 1/2 cup of roasted unsalted
almonds 1/2 cup of roasted shelled
pumpkin seeds 1/2 cup of macadamia nuts
1/4 cup sunflower seeds 1/4 cup dry
roasted peanuts 2 teaspoons of chia seed
2 teaspoons of flaxseed 1 teaspoon of
sesame seed a sweetener I chose to use
whole earth which is a blend of stevia
and monk fruit two packets 1/4 teaspoon
ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract you’ll
combine your pecans almonds pumpkin
seeds macadamia nuts sunflower seeds and
peanuts together in a bowl and mix them
I recommend using something with a pour
spout it just makes it a little bit
easier later on when we’re transferring
this to the blender the reason that I
mix them up is I want to make sure that
we don’t wind up with any big clumps of
one particular nut type when we’re
blending it for this video we’re going
to be using the Blendtec blender with
the optional twister jar I find this
works great for nut butters if you have
another brand of high-powered blender
like a high-end ninja or a Vitamix I’m
sure this is gonna work just as well you
may need to spatula down the sides
that’s one of the advantages to the
twister jar but let’s go ahead and start
whipping this up something
bear in mind this is an extremely noisy
process like where your protection sort
of noisy for the blendtec I usually take
the power up to level eight and go for
about forty seconds then I’ll add the
cinnamon salt my two packets of
sweetener and the vanilla I’m going to
scrape down the sides just so I can get
this chunky stuff from the top down
towards the creamy stuff in the bottom
and I’ll give it another 45 to 50
finally I’ll add the chia seed flax seed
and sesame seed we’re just gonna go at
low speed on this because I don’t want
to pulverize those seeds I want to keep
the texture if it doesn’t seem to be
mixing with low speed feel free to take
it up just don’t let it run too long
and now we’ll transfer it to an old not
so jar let’s give it a taste
I would say the taste on this is very
comparable to real nut so it’s not quite
as crunchy in terms of texture or at
least I didn’t get a bite that was that
crunchy compared to real nut so which
has five net grams of carbs this has two
net grams of carbs so it’s got that
going for it now I’m a little bit biased
I kind of think I like this more than
real nut so but I’m gonna put it to the
test with my daughter and one of our
family friends a little bit later on
today and we’ll see what they think I
have with me family friend Jaden hey
guys and between Jaden and my daughter
Courtney somehow we managed to make a
lot of nutso disappear that’s true
yeah Jaden Jaden kind of reads the nut
so whenever she’s over here she likes it
and that’s why I felt she would be the
perfect person to test out my not-so
versus original not so one of them is
sample a the other is sample B so Jaden
I’m gonna step off to the side a little
bit and let you try them out tell me
what you think
I like a I like a lot it’s very um it’s
thick it’s got a lot of flavor kind of
sticks to a roof of your mouth a little
bit I’m gonna take a little palate
cleanser here all right and going for be
here so bees a lot a lot sweeter not as
sticky to the roof of your mouth
definitely easier to swallow overall I
think it has a little bit more flavor
and I think my favorite is probably be
okay well I’m happy to hear that because
B is my version of nuts Oh
so one of the things I noticed after I
got done making them it seems that even
though regular not so kind of sticks to
the roof of your mouth and it’s thicker
it also seems a little bit oilier and I
was really pleased with the way my nut
so kind of got almost a little bit
fluffy I mean it looks like it’s gonna
be thicker than the regular nut so but
when you actually taste it it’s it’s
sort of lighter I’m not trying to put
words in your mouth would you no yeah I
would definitely agree all right so you
can make your own nut so following my
recipe for a fraction of the cost of
regular nuts oh and about half the net
carbs and it tastes even better thanks
for being on my video Jayden off to have
you on some more sometime soon yeah no
problem this is fun all right cool
thanks for watching