Best Fats To Eat For Optimal Health & Weight

October 2, 2019 0 By William Morgan

What are the best fats to eat? The idea
of low carb and high fat diets called
ketogenic diet are sweeping the nations and
thousands of people are having great
great results in losing weight and
getting healthy, but we also have to
understand why the fats are healthy and
why they’re not healthy and that way we
can not only lose weight but we can
sustain health in the long run because
it’s very possible to eat the wrong kind
of fats lose the weight and appear to be
healthy in the short term but we all
want that health for the long term
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so that you don’t miss anything the best
fats to eat are the ones that are
naturally occurring in food already and
then we’re talking about meat fish
avocado nuts and seeds but of course
these have to live and grow in a way
that’s natural and normal and healthy so
if we eat meat there’s nothing wrong
with that and yet the fattiest piece of
meat you can as long as it is grass-fed
and organic the same thing with the fish
eat the good fish the tasty fatty fish
but make sure that it is a healthy that
they raised it healthy that it’s not
farm raised that it it is wild caught
and that it is one of the species that
doesn’t have a whole lot of mercury so
you want to find something kind of low
on the food chain so most small fish and
salmon are generally totally fine the
larger predatory fish like tuna and
swordfish etc. They often have tons and
tons of mercury because they’re high on
the food chain and they accumulate these
things over time
avocado is a great great food eat as
much as you can
nuts and seeds are also great but you
want to try to eat them raw and it also
shouldn’t be the majority of your
your food it shouldn’t be like its own
food group because it has a lot of Omega
6s and you can throw off the balance a
little bit but in general as long as you
eat things that are healthy and natural
then the fats occurring in these foods
are protected as long as they’re in the
food and as long as they’re uncooked so
you cook them minimally or you eat them
raw and that’s how you get the good fats
out of them so these fats could be
saturated or polyunsaturated or
monounsaturated and the more saturated
fat is the more stable it is because
it’s saturated it doesn’t get oxidized
but the main key is they should be
unprocessed so the other category of
fats besides naturally occurring are the
added fat so sometimes it’s hard to get
enough calories to get enough fat to
sustain a ketogenic diet especially if
you’re very insulin resistance and you
have to cut your carbs way way way back
by only eating naturally-occurring fats
and this is where you can go to some
added fats and when people ask me what
fats to add I’ll tell them three things
above all others because they’re
inexpensive they’re generally good
quality available and I’m talking about
butter extra virgin olive oil and extra
virgin coconut oil because you can find
these in lots and lots of places you can
find grass-fed organic butter you can
find extra virgin organic olive oil and
same thing with coconut oil then if you
like you can also if you find good
quality you can also use lard or bacon
fat so why are these the good ones
because they are saturated and therefore
they are stable and the worst thing
about a fat is when it gets rancid
because now it’s toxic and it doesn’t
matter how healthy it used to be a week
ago or a couple of days ago once it’s
rancid now it’s poison to your body so
these are essentially the things that
stay fresh without needing
even refrigeration you can prolong it
with refrigeration but they really don’t
need a whole lot of refrigeration and in
the fridge or freezer they’ll keep for
for months and years
the only other fat that we want to talk
about are cold-pressed oils so there are
certain things that you can get
cold-pressed and we’re talking about
things like flaxseed and walnuts and
macadamia and think and avocado so if
these things are truly processed
cold-pressed and they haven’t done
anything else to them they haven’t
filtered them they haven’t heated them
they haven’t refined them in any way
then this is still a healthy food but it
is very very very sensitive to heat and
oxygen and it has a terrible shelf-life
and the other thing that people don’t
like or don’t know about these that is
if if they’re healthy then they’re also
gonna have a very strong flavor so a
truly unrefined cold-pressed avocado oil
is gonna have a very very strong flavor
same thing with with walnuts or
macadamia it’s gonna have a strong
flavor of the food it’s made from so
therefore if you use it for salad
dressings then it’ll pretty much take
over so if you like that that’s still
perfectly fine just keep in mind that
they have a short shelf life and they
need to be kept in the fridge or even
freezer to last for any amount of time
what makes these good again is that
they’re minimally processed and for the
top five here they are saturated and
that’s why they’re stable the
cold-pressed is very unstable because it
is made from plant material and there’s
gonna be a lot of unsaturated Poly-unsaturated oils in there to react with the
oxygen so it’s healthy as long as you
keep it cold so that’s the main thing to
understand about fats that these we use
for fuel primarily and these have some
other more detailed purposes but
saturated fat is not bad as long as you
keep your carbs down because in the
absence of insulin you’re going to burn
these fats for fuel and they’re going to
be very satisfying you’re going to eat
less often you’re gonna eat less total
amount of food because they satiate you
very well so eat unprocessed minimally
processed and the butter extra virgin
olive oil and the extra virgin coconut
oil are the ones that are widely
available they’re inexpensive and they
have a stable long shelf life you know
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