Best Ever Vegan Keto Bread  أروع خبز كيتو نباتي

Best Ever Vegan Keto Bread أروع خبز كيتو نباتي

August 30, 2019 72 By William Morgan

Vegan Keto Bread
Salam. Today I’m going to make another vegan bread inspired by my lupin bread but will use almond flour instead for those who can eat nuts
Yesterday I made buns and today flat bread and made a poll on Instagram for which recipe to upload first and the flat bread won
So today I’ll make the bread and tomorrow will make the buns
This will have similar ingredients as the lupin bread with some minor tweeks
I’ll swap the lupin for almond flour, salt, baking powder and psyllium husk powder

I’m using this type
The difference from the lupin bread is that this one will have oil in it
Any type of oil you want. I’m using this olive oil and since it is a second pressed olive oil it has no flavour. But you can use whatever you like

We also need boiling water
In the processor I”m adding …
1/2 cup of almond flour.
1/2 tsp of baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

This batter needs lots of salt

Add 1 full but not heaped tsp of psyllium husk powder

1 tbsp of oil

Now add boiling water one and a half the amount of flour
So it’s going to be 3/4 cup of boiling water

Now we blitz the mixter
Since we are using boiling water, to prevent splashing, we will staft with the lowest speed then increase it

This is enough for the batter
Look at it
this batter will make two pieces of bread. If you have a big wide oven us e a big tray just leave a good space between them just in case so they won’t stick together
I have a small tray so will bake one bread ta a time

The batter tends to stick, so you either use parchment paper or a non stick tray and even with that you will need to grease it
I greased the pan in my trials and it stuck slightly and ppl told me that my tray is bad and should use parchment paper
I wasn’t keen on using parchment paper coz I have some viewers who are not able to find it where they live, so just wanted to make it easier for all

So I’ll bake the first bread on parchment paper and the second one on a greased pan

This amount will make 2 bread
Take half of it and shape it in the tray with a spoon

Just make a round shape. Not too thick and not too thin
I forgot to mention in the beginning that you do need to boil water for the batter and to preheat the oven
So from the beginning do preheat the oven at 250C top and bottom
We need a hot hot oven to get a nice soft bread
Now will put this in the oven on the middle shelf
Here is the bread. It took 6 minutes to cook

As for the parchment, I think it’s just as good as greasing the pan

Will leave it to cool on the rack and bake the next one

If you’re using a big oven and tray and baking both bread same time, that is perfect
Since my big oven doesn’t have a well controlled temperature and not reliable, I prefer using my small oven

So, because I can only bake my bread one at a time, the sitting batter might get too thick and rubbery

See how thicker the batter became and kind of rubbery
So, if you face this situation what you’ll need to do is to just add a small splash of boiling water and blitz it again

See how very little of boiling water that I added!
Now blitz it to mix and soften it again
Just mix for few seconds, just enough to mix it
See how the batter is soft again

Whenever you face this problem, this is your solution

Grease the tray

See this bread with parchment paper did not stick. But it didn’t differ much from the greased tray result
Just look at how beautiful and soft this bread is

So for those who don’t have parchment paper
Grease the pan just slightly. Over greasing will make it hard to spread the batter

Now add the rest of the batter and shape

If I didn’t fix the batter with extra boiling water, I wouldn’t been able to spread it

Shape and bake

This is the second bread just out from the oven

There is not a huge difference from baking with parchment or with a greast tray
So the parchment isn’t a must here
See how little it stuck. Not a big deal and didn’t ruin the bread
So it’s not about the parchment paper or my cheap tray, the batter itself has the tendency to stick and needs help in either parchment or grease
It came out nice and soft and hardly stuck

So you can use either methods for it

The bread does rise up and will have a pocket inside but it is not thick enough to open and stuff
It is a very thin layer
So use it for wraps, or small tears for dipping in your carry and stews or hummus

It is so nice and soft even when it cools

So just use your weekends to bake a bunch, let cool then wrap in a freezer bag and freeze and it should keep nicely

This way you’ll have ready bread on hands for your keto diet
So, here is my vegan keto bread
Just like tandoori bread
Hope you try it and like it
Ingredients ….
1/2 cup almond flour. 3/4 cup boiling water. 1 tbsp oil. 1 tsp psyllium husk. 1/2 tsp baking powder. 1/2 tsp salt
Macros for 2 bread
480 cal / 12g protein / 44g fat/ 4 net carb