Best Calorie Burning Workout (PERFECT POST HOLIDAY ROUTINE!!)

November 19, 2019 0 By William Morgan

All right, everybody! Did we all over indulge during the holidays? This is my post-holiday workout. Okay, you guys. We’re really going to push it with this workout
because we probably all put in a few extra calories during the holiday season. So we’re just going to push it with some metabolic
moves and try to keep this pace up for this workout. We have five exercises. We’re going to start with 100 jumps with our
jump rope. So remember, we’re just going to stay on the
balls of our feet, jump nice and light. This is a great little warmup. This kind of gets the body moving. This warms up our ankles and legs. Okay, so once you’ve finished your 100 jumps
we’re going to go into side kick out pushups. I’m going to show you what those look like. I won’t make you endure my 100 jumps. Okay, these are a little bit tougher than
they look. So what you’re going to do is you’re just
going to start on the ground here, you’re going to put your hands on the ground, you’re
just going to kick your leg out, lower down, pop up, kick your other leg out, bring your
feet together, back, and pushup. Come back to start. We’re going to kick our leg out, out really
lowered down, here, and pushup. One more time. Out, out, back, and pushup. Great for shoulders and back. Double time squats. With those, I would start anywhere from five
to eight rounds. Those are pretty tough. Okay, double time squats. We’re just going to start with a jump out,
back to center, two split jumps, back to center. So once again, with these, you can do 12-15
jumps, or more, or you could do timed. Whatever you can do to keep that pace going. Once you finish those you’re just going to
grab your mat, a light dumbbell, and we’re going to go into V-up flutter scissor kicks. We’re just going to hold this, we’re just
going to v-up, back down, up, we’re going to flutter 10. Keep that back high. You’re going to be tired. Then we’re going to go right into scissor
kicks. When we’re done we’re going to go back down,
we’re going to try to V-up. This weight’s a little heavy. You don’t have to use this much weight. You’re going to hold, we’re going to flutter
for 10, and then we’re going to scissor kick for 10. You don’t even have to use weight. If it’s easier to just go there to here, that’s
okay, too. Right into your scissors. All right, finishers. There’s multiple movements in these finishers. With each round I want you to add another
round. So let me tell you what I mean by that. One round, okay, is going to be this. You’re going to overhead press, jump, pushup,
row, back to start is one. Jump, pushup, row, is two. So when you do one round, you’re going to
do five rounds of this. Two rounds you’re going to do six. Three rounds you’re going to do seven. So the number is always going to go up, not
down. It’s a great finisher because you’re hitting
everything. Okay, you guys. This workout is all about pace. Not necessarily weight. Keep it moving. Like I said, if you want to do timed, 30-45
seconds off, 30 seconds rest, 20 seconds rest; whatever it takes to keep that body moving
and burning those calories. All right, you guys. Hey, check out ATHLEANXX. I’m sure we all need to get back on track
after the holidays on a good nutrition plan. Check it out. It’ll get us all going in the right direction. Hey, hit the like button, subscribe, and leave
me comments. Let me know how your holidays were. See you guys, soon!