Bacon Wrapped Sausage Fatty – Keto / Carnivore

October 12, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey there it’s Steve from Serious Keto
and in this video we are gonna make a
bacon wrapped sausage fatty but before
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had a bacon wrapped sausage fatty boy
are you in for a treat imagine a burrito
but the burrito shell is sausage the
filling is pretty much whatever you want
I’m gonna do this sort of like a
meatlovers pizza and then wrap the whole
thing in a bacon weave do I have your
attention usually when I make this
recipe I do it in a smoker but I know
that a lot more people have ovens and
have smokers so I’m going to do it in
the oven this time if you want and you
have a smoker do it in the smoker
roughly three hours at 250 degrees or
til you hit an internal temperature of
170 degrees Fahrenheit but for this
video like I said we’re gonna do it in
the stove to start we’ll squeeze out a 1
pound package of breakfast sausage into
a 1 gallon ziplock bag
initially flatten this out by hand
making sure you work down into those
corners then we’ll use a rolling pin to
get a nice uniform thickness square
looking good next we’ll slice the bag
open along the two side seams and then
gently peel back the top now we’ll start
filling our fatty you can use whatever
ingredients you want we’re going to
start with some provolone make sure to
leave a certain amount of space on the
end because that’s going to be our seam
next we’ll throw it on some pepperoni
some ham
some pizza sauce or marinara sauce some
Italian beef some pepper rings some
black olives some onion and some
mozzarella just for good measure I
always fill these things way too full so
hopefully we can get it closed
next I’m going to transfer this on to
some plastic wrap kind of pinch the ends
just a little bit and we’ll wrap this
give it a spin to tighten up the ends
and this will go into the fridge while
we create our bacon weave for our bacon
weave again we have laid down a couple
of pieces of plastic wrap this just
makes the whole folding and rolling a
lot easier you’re then going to lay down
seven strips of bacon
if you find you have some that are
fatter on one end than the other
alternate fat and thin ends once you
have your seven strips out and lined up
remove the even-numbered strips so strip
to strip for and strip six which we’re
going to put on the end right here then
lay back down your even-numbered strips
and now to make the weave we just
alternate odd and even we fold back the
odd one three five seven laid on a strip
and put our odd-numbered strips back
now the even
and continue until you have made your
complete weave now we’ll place our Fatih
onto the bacon weave
and roll that up
tuck in the ends
wrap it back up and then we’re gonna
leave this in the fridge for about an
hour to tighten up finally we’ll hit our
fatty with a little bit of my sugar-free
barbecue rub which I’ll link to in the
upper right corner of the screen and
then we’ll transfer this seam side down
to a cookie sheet with a wire rack on it
and into an oven set to 300 degrees
Fahrenheit now this is probably going to
take in the area of two hours but
because the time to cook can vary
depending on how much and what you’re
putting inside of it we’re gonna start
checking it probably at about an hour
and a half with a probe thermometer to
see if the internal temperature is 170
degrees it’s been about two hours
and our instructor mama tur is at 178
well slide this back in and turn on the
broiler to crisp up the bacon all right
let’s carve it up and serve it up
how many pieces do you want Connor to
you want an end piece or no
what about good stuff not drying all
really moist tastes like meat lovers
Pizza yeah so Connor actually said that
he liked the baked sausage fatty more
than the smoked sausage fatty because
this one we really kind of made to be
like a meatlovers pizza and he said this
is a meatlovers pizza just without the
crust so you can put whatever you want
in one of these you can smoke it you can
bake it it is a keto and carnivore dream
come true so make yourself a fatty and
thanks for watching