Atlas Bar – The Next Generation Protein Bar Has Arrived.

October 17, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hi, I’m James Oliver, Atlas Bar founder, and Certified Sports Nutritionist.
When I set out to create the world’s best-tasting high-performance protein bar, everyone told me it was going to be impossible.

You’ll never be able to compete against those big brands and all their multi-million dollar ad campaigns.
Plus, you’re just too young.
Not to mention you don’t have any experience.
Instead of stopping me, their doubts only
fueled my determination to succeed.

I launched the company in 2017 using seed money that I earned from driving Uber.

I even started selling Atlas Bars door-to-door. And today, thanks to thousands of loyal customers and friendly neighbors,

Atlas Bars are a #1 top-selling keto-friendly protein bar but don’t take my word for it.
Atlas Bar is the next generation protein bar.
It has everything you need
and nothing that you don’t.

Naturally sweetened with monk fruit

making it the perfect on-the-go breakfast,
meal replacement,

post-workout recovery snack,

or guilt-free dessert.

Did I mention that every Atlas Bar is Keto
gluten-free, soy-free,

and of course has no GMOs.
Not only that, but Atlas Bar is one of the
first and only protein bars to feature an
innovative blend of adaptogen superfoods that help the body
at the cellular level.

These science-backed superfoods have been
revered for centuries around the world as
“natures gift to mankind”
for their immune-boosting
and hormone-balancing properties
that promote strength,

vitality, and vigor.
I’ve been in the test kitchen working day
and night on three new flavor recipes that
will rock your world.
Introducing Atlas Bar’s new…

Your support will help bring
these flavors to life by funding our first
full production run.
The test batch was very well received and
word on the street has me thinking we hit
a home run.
Ooooh, that’s really good, it’s very chocolatey,
yeah. It’s just good that everything in here
is recognizable and healthy.
Wow man, I’ve never had a protein bar that
tastes like cookie dough.
Are these available yet? For real, these are
so good. Oh my God!
Like where can I buy these? Are these going
to be in Whole Foods or Sprouts, or what?
Atlas, I love it. I’m on board.
When I set out to create the world’s best
tasting high-performance protein bar, I embarked
on a journey everyone said was going to be
More importantly, what I’ve learned is that
through hard work and dedication, the unconquerable
human spirit is capable of achieving extraordinary things.
I knew you could do it honey!
Yeah right, and I’m Jeff Bezos.
Alexa, shut up and order me another box of
Atlas Bars!
The Atlas Bar Kickstarter
rewards structure offers tons of perks, and
of course, early access to our new flavors.
You can even build your own custom 30-ct Value
Pack, so go ahead, mix and match whatever
flavors your heart desires.
So, lend me your support by sharing this video with friends and family

and back our Kickstarter today.
Together we can hold each other up and #fueltheimpossible.