Asian Vinaigrette – Cucumber Salad  – Low Carb Keto Salad Dressing Recipe │ Saucy Sunday

Asian Vinaigrette – Cucumber Salad – Low Carb Keto Salad Dressing Recipe │ Saucy Sunday

July 30, 2019 11 By William Morgan

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today is Saucy
Sunday! It’s where we focus primarily on
low carb recipes for sauces condiments
and dressings. Most of the videos will be
short and to the point. Just something to
help add a little flavor to your low
carb diet. Let’s get started. For this
week’s episode, I present my Asian
Vinaigrette. This recipe uses sesame oil
and ginger to bring out a nutty and
zesty flavor to complement any salad. I
especially like it with my cucumber
salad. Let me show you how to make it.
Begin with some rice vinegar; add some
soy sauce; peanut oil; sesame oil; and to
counter the acidity, will sweeten it a
bit with a liquid sugar substitute equal
to 3 tablespoons of regular sugar. Add a
little lemon juice; some mince garlic;
ground ginger; ground black pepper; and
just a little red pepper flakes. Give a
quick mix to combine and now add just a
bit of xanthan gum. This will help
bind the oil and vinegar,
as well as slightly thicken our dressing.
Give a good mix for about 2 minutes.
You’ll know you’re done when our
dressing doesn’t separate and is
slightly thickened. Cover and place in the
refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to
an hour to allow all the flavors to come
together. Like I said in the beginning,
this dressing is delicious on any salad.
but I especially like it on my simple
cucumber salad. To make this simple and
easy salad all you need is two
ingredients. The first is 2 large
cucumbers peel and slice them long ways
and remove the seeds using a spoon. Doing
this will help remove some of the
moisture and keep the cucumbers nice and
crunchy. Slice them in quarter-inch
pieces and place them in a bowl.
Cut one half of a red onion into thin
slivers and place in the bowl with the
cucumbers. Give a toss to mix. Serve in a
bowl or plate. Top with my Asian
Vinaigrette and enjoy a very easy to
make dressing and salad combo. There you
have it folks! My Asian Vinaigrette – plus
an easy to make salad. I hope you
enjoyed this video. If you did, please
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watching and I’ll see you next time!