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November 8, 2019 0 By William Morgan

– This is nature’s multivitamin.
Like, right here.
(upbeat music)
Hi, I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman.
I’m a Registered
Dietitian in New York City
and it’s my job to help you figure out
what to eat and why.
Let’s talk eggs.
We know all about these
fried, scrambled, poached,
sunny side up friends
and today, I’m explaining to you
why exactly they’re good for you.
Bad egg, I don’t even know
how they got that saying
’cause all of you guys are great.
And, why ordering an egg white omelet
isn’t necessarily the
healthiest way to consume them.
It ain’t no yolk that this contains yolk.
Let’s get crackin’.
(upbeat music)
Eggs are cheap, satiating, easy to find
and they’re an excellent
source of high quality protein.
Eggs contain all the essential
amino acids your body needs,
plus, your body is able to
fully absorb all the protein
from the eggs to help
lower blood pressure,
optimize bone health and
help increase muscle mass.
I often refer to eggs as
nature’s multivitamin.
Eggs, nature’s vitamin. (laughs)
And why?
Well, they contain many
micro and macronutrients,
unique antioxidants,
and all the amino acids
and brain nutrients many
people are deficient in.
L’eggo through the list.
L’eggo my eggs-o. (chuckles)
Choline, helps to build cell membranes
and plays a role in nervous system health.
It’s also important for fetal development
during pregnancy, so eat those eggs, baby.
Iron, helps to eliminate fatigue
and boost your immune system stat.
Also, great for when
you’re feeling le’tired.
Eggs, you’re exactly what I need.
Vitamin D, helps regulate insulin
and keeps bones and
teeth healthy and strong.
B vitamins, positively
impacts energy levels,
brain function and general cell health.
I just want you to peel back a few layers
so I can get to know you.
Vitamin A, an antioxidant
that escorts damage
and inflammatory cells out the building.
It’s a fat soluble vitamin
that is good for healthy
bones, vision and skin.
That’s right, your omelet is
part of your skincare routine.
Weird, but true.
Alright, I know you may have a hard shell,
but you definitely have a heart of gold.
Of yolk. (laughs)
Don’t all of these nutrients sound
like exactly what you need?
I thought so.
(upbeat music)
But wait!
I thought eggs had cholesterol.
Everyone in America said. (chuckles)
It used to be said that egg
yolks raised cholesterol
and increased our chances
for heart disease,
stroke, etcetera, but the
current research shows
that eggs do not have a link
to increasing blood cholesterol
and can actually help raise
good cholesterol, aka HDL.
Here’s the thing.
Dietary cholesterol from food
has very little effect
on blood cholesterol.
Blood cholesterol is
actually formed in the liver
and is much more affected
by consumption of trans
and saturated fats than by the consumption
of dietary cholesterol.
Now, doesn’t that news
go over pretty easy?
Cholesterol in here, not in here.
There’s a shield.
In addition, we discovered
that the majority
of the nutrients coming from
an egg are lurking in the yolk,
meaning we should eat the whole egg.
So, if you aren’t eating the yolk,
you are missing out on some
excellent vitamins and minerals.
I’ve been waiting for
you to tell me a yolk
and you’re clearly blanking out.
(upbeat music)
In terms of cooking style,
poached and soft boiled
eggs are better options
than fried or scrambled eggs.
Fried egg, fried egg, gotta
get down with fried egg.
Cooking eggs at high, high, high temps
can remove some pretty awesome nutrients.
And my pick for egg pairings,
green leafy veggies,
like kale and spinach.
The vitamin D in eggs will help your body
absorb the calcium from the veggies.
Healthy fats such as oils and avocado.
The fats will help your
body absorb vitamin K,
a fat soluble vitamin.
Starches, such as
potatoes, are a great side.
Combining eggs with a carbohydrate,
like fruit, sweet potato or oats,
is great to regulate blood sugar.
What to avoid.
Eggs shouldn’t be consumed with sausage
and other fatty meats,
hash brown and cheese
on a regular basis.
I know, I know.
Bacon, egg and cheeses are tasty,
but try swapping your BEC for WGBESA.
That’s whole grain bread,
eggs, spinach and avocado.
No one knew what that is?
Should we get that trending?
You know, you make a pretty good WGBESA.
You don’t know what a WGBESA is?
Well, you’re going to.
(upbeat music)
Eggs can definitely be part
of a healthy overall balanced diet.
Protein, vitamins and nutrients
in such a convenient package.
Don’t leave the grocery
store next time without them.
I think they’re egg-ceptional.
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I’m a let you finish the video,
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Nope, nothin’s in there. (laughs)
Nope. (chuckles)