AMAZING Vegan sweets in Shinjuku – Wired Bonbon | VCT

AMAZING Vegan sweets in Shinjuku – Wired Bonbon | VCT

July 18, 2019 3 By William Morgan

Special guest

This is like, two [whole] bananas!
This is so cute!
Instagramming everything
You gotta do that.
It’s so good. The caramel looks amazing

It’s sweet!
It has a almond taste to it
It is probably made out of almond milk
The cream is good too!
Woah! There is cream in there.
Berry berry, very berry
Very berry berry
It’s huge
This is amazing!!
Oh my god!
The sweetness of the cream and the sourness of the strawberries
And that kind of burnt taste of sugar on the top
Texture of the cream, the… oh my god!
Oh my god, this is amaaazing!
Damn this is good. It’s disappearing already? That’s so sad…
I’m quite full already.. I’m scared of that one
Well this is just coffee jelly
Yeah I guess
Chocolate mocha
Banana mocha?
It’s good!
Oh my god is that..?
Ice cream
It is ice cream! It is still cold because it’s been protected by the cream
Nutty, nutty
Go for it!
So sweet…
That cream is way too much!
Someone died
That face!! xD
What did you like most?
Hm… French toast!
I don’t know lol
The caramel of the french toast
Well I guess the french toast.
Because I love berries, I like the crepe as well
The consistency was really good
Yeah. The bread was really good

We ate all, we only ate sweets, so it was way too sweet
If you just eat one thing each, it’s really good.
I can recommend the other things more than the parafait
Even thought the parafait is the fanciest, the other stuff is almost better
It is.
Because it is too sweet. And too much
It is sadly not too balanced