Amazing Sounding Vocals with Waves Vitamin!

December 5, 2019 0 By William Morgan

hey you guys so about a year ago I made
a video on the vocal plug-in chain that I use in my sessions the way I get the
sound that I really like and one plug-in in the chain that really has a lot to do
with the sound that I get is a plug-in called dual filter which is native to
Cubase it’s a stock plug-in that has been with Cubase for many years so for many
of the people that have seen my video like the sound but weren’t using Cubase
it was frustrating because they didn’t know how to get beyond that plug-in but
one of the things I mentioned at the time was that there is a waves plugin
called vitamin and I played around with it one day and I’d gotten some really
great results with it that really paralleled what I was getting through
the dual filter so I want to talk about vitamin today I’ve gone back to the
session that I was using in the previous video and I pull up the vocal chain and
I started doing a side by side comparison between the dual filter and
tweaking vitamin to try to find that sound so I want to show you what I did I
want to show you why I think vitamin does a really amazing job of getting
what I get out of dual filter and how you can use that instead of the dual
filter if you’re running some other DAW here we go our so first I’ll play a section of the
verse that has the original vocal chain on it with the dual filter okay now let me play
the same plug-in chain but with vitamin alright so that’s almost spot-on
in fact vitamin might be even doing a better job than the dual filter let me
show you what I did to get there alright so this is my original vocal chain the
one that I showed in the video before running 1176 a dual filter audio track
by wave which is just a channel strip trans X by waves MV two ways some of the
compressor de-esser waves q6 just do a little role off on the end so I used
that exact same chain for the new chain the only difference is I’ve inserted
vitamin in place of the dual filter so here it is everything’s the same except
vitamin is sitting there in a second slot so let me turn everything else off
and you just want to do a side by side comparison so you can see the sound that
I’m getting out of the two and understand a little bit of the process Waves vitamin is a multiband harmonic
enhancer in tone shaping plug-in that can make any track sound powerful and
full of spark it delivers a warm vital result that is comparable to what you
would get from a parallel chain of EQ compression and saturation processors so
right there EQ compression saturation those are the things that I’m looking
for to duplicate what’s happening with the dual filter it filters into a
certain frequency where I really like these sort of mid-range tones that are
very radio friendly to me and it gives the sound a little saturation and
compression so let me play you the dual filter this is with all of the other
plugins out just the vocal dry through the dual filter here’s the vitamin all right so they’re very very close and
again it’s not just about hitting that frequency spot it really is about
getting that saturation which have over here on the right is a fader that
delivers the full dry direct signal I’ve got that completely out here over here
you have low low mid mid and high mid all the way to high so this is these are
different frequency bands the harder I push these faders the more it feels like
it’s compressing the sound giving it a little bit more of that grit so I’m
running I’m pretty hot so to approximate the sound I was getting off the dual
filter I found that it was really these two frequencies through the mid and the
high mid that I needed to target all I did was fine-tune these to get as close
to it as I could to the dual filter so let me run through all the plugins on
this chain so you can see what I’m doing to get the sound here it is once again okay so first thing in the chain is the
1176 by you ad next I’m running the vitamin you saw the settings on that
before next I’m running the audio track channel plug-in so this is where I’m
starting to make some EQ Corrections against what is happening with the
vitamin I’m also running a little bit of compression a little bit of gate here
after that I run a trans X now if you look what’s happening to it I’m just
using it to just kind of get back some of that low-end next I’m running the MV
two just using that to get my volume very consistent with the vocal and
running the Esser they’re just the classic waves de-esser the last thing
I’m doing here just running a high pass taking out some of that low-end that you
really can’t even perceive so that’s the chain again 1176 to the vitamin audio
track trans x MV2 de-esser and q6 now for some backup tracks I don’t run any
further EQ here but I do find that with my lead vocals I just find certain
places I like scoop or push a little harder right here
I’m running a low shelf at about two hundred thirty seven Hertz just ramping
a little the warmth again that I was losing from the vitamin right here at
about five ninety six I’m just pulling out some mids that were getting a little
ugly here and again to taste based on the vocalist and here I’m doing again
a little high shelf right around 33 K so there you have it alright so there you
go if you’ve been watching my other video and you liked the sound but you
were frustrated because you didn’t have access to that dual filter plugin this
is a solution alright there you go you guys hope that was worthwhile to you it
was please like please subscribe hit the notification bell and until next time