Air Fryer Beef Jerky | Delicious and FAST beef jerky recipe!

September 15, 2019 0 By William Morgan

Hey everybody! welcome to extreme food
reviews my name is Daniel and today
we’re gonna be showing you how to make
some air fryer beef jerky June 12th is
national jerky day and Jonas and I are
gonna be doing a whole lot to celebrate
that in the upcoming weeks but today we
wanted to show you how you can make
amazing beef jerky right in your own
now some people use a food dehydrator to
make jerky some people do it in their
oven but another way that you may not
have thought of that can make fantastic
jerky is in your air fryer and we’re
gonna show you how to do it right now
are you ready let’s go in a bowl combine
1/2 cup of tamari soy sauce with 1/4 cup
of Worcestershire sauce add 1 tablespoon
of Hickory flavored liquid smoke then
add 1 TSP of onion powder add 1 TSP of
garlic powder 1 teaspoon of ground black
pepper add 1 TSP of red cayenne pepper 1
teaspoon of smoked paprika and add 1
tablespoon of Trader Joe’s chili pepper
sauce we tried this on ice cream the
other week and it wasn’t bad but I knew
immediately this would be a sauce that
would be great for a jerky recipe now
finally add 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar
whisk all of this together and you’ll
end up with a murky Brown marinade
that’s what we should call this murky
jerky now for our meat we want to lean
cut a bottom round now you can get this
whole or slice it yourself or have your
butcher slice it up but we were able to
find a package of already sliced beef
for today’s jerky recipe which will lean
about 1 pound of beef some of these
pieces are larger than we want for our
jerky so we’re gonna cut them down a bit
place them into our murky jerky marinade
making sure that each piece is well
we want to refrigerate this overnight
we’re using an air fryer to dehydrate
our jerky today but you could use either
a food dehydrator or you can even use
your oven the trick is to have a very
low heat setting some air fryers come
with racks our power air fryer has just
a basket we could dehydrate our jerky
just by using the basket but we’re
trying something a little different
today the basket sits just below the lip
of the pan so we’re gonna use that space
to put shish kabob skewers in and hang
our jerky in our air fryer we want to
use scissors to cut these skewers down
to length let’s grab our murky jerky
marinade from the refrigerator and use
paper towels to remove the excess
marinade next let’s skewer our meat
slices near one end make sure to leave
room in between the slices for proper
airflow hang the skewers on the lip of
the air fryer basket
carefully insert the basket into the
airfryer making sure not to knock the
skewers off then set the airfryer for a
hundred and eighty degrees and set the
timer for 45 minutes let’s check on our
jerky after the first half hour the beef
looks very evenly dehydrated and it’s
coming along great let’s put the basket
back in for the remaining time when the
time is up let’s remove the basket and
check on our jerky again we can see that
the jerky is looking really great let’s
rearrange the placement a bit and put it
back in for another 15 minutes at the
end of that 15 minutes let’s remove our
jerky the color and the feel is amazing
very even and tender a quick taste yep
that is some fine murky jerky right
there see how tender the meat is we
don’t want to over dry the jerky and
make it to papery this is right where we
wanted so let’s get a Tupperware
container and line it with a paper towel
we’ll layer our jerky in between the
paper towels to help remove the excess
surface oils from the beef cover and let
the jerky cool for an hour or so after
an hour remove and blot the jerky to get
that last bit of excess oil off and look
what we have an amazing plate of
homemade beef jerky now we are ready to
either enjoy this or package our jerky
I’m going to use another one of my
favorite kitchen items the vacuum food
sealer to package up a few ounces we’re
going to be sending this package of
jerky out to one of our subscribers so
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well there you go
one perfect package of murky jerky so
there you have it an amazing beef jerky
recipe that you can make right in your
own kitchen
murky jerky and we’ve got a package of
it right here that we’re gonna send out
to one of our subscribers so stay tuned
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